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Chubby Bunny at “Harajuku Holiday!”

23 Feb

I love vending at Tune In Tokyo‘s monthly events whenever possible! The crowd there is super sweet, fun, and passionate about music and fashion, and I always end up leaving with new ideas and new friends 🙂 Last night’s “Harajuku Holiday” themed event was no different, with lots of fun guests in attendance, plus a rad Lolita Fashion show, organized by my buddies Mandie and Oli ❤

The night also boasted performances from May J. and Joe Inoue, the hosts of NHK World’s “J-MELO”, who both performed songs from their latest albums! I was also excited to be invited in as one of the judges for the “Fashion Forward Lolita” contest, which I judged with both May and Joe ❤ Pics of the night below!

The Chubby Bunny booth! I've been marathon-ing "The Last Airbender" for the past 2 weeks while working and just finished the series yesterday, so I was inspired to do some hair loopies for the night! I'm also wearing my Rainbow Sparkle dress that I made for my fashion show at Sweet Streets last year ❤

At the judging table! Myself, May J. and Joe Inoue (making a really hilarious face).

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Bunny Bites: Valentine’s Edition!

14 Feb

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day naysayers out there, it seems, but I am definitely one of those people who loves, loves, LOVES the holiday of love! Throughout the years, whether I was single or not, I’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day with my friends or current beau. The real key is to celebrate it your own way, not the HallmarkKayJewler’s Advertised Way!

This year, I celebrated my 6th Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend Will, and we spent the day basically.. being fatties, haha. Take a peek at the food we ate, adorable sweets we scouted out, some outfits I wore, and more ideas to make V-Day your own!

Quick and casual Valentine’s Day Coordinate

Skirt: H&M, Puff sleeve shirt: F21, Boots: Thrifted, Kiss necklace: Gift

Classy Brunch: Gjelina Restaurant, Venice
We started out our lazy day by heading out to Gjelina, a pretty popular brunch place over on Abbot Kinney in Venice. It had pretty good reviews online so we gave it a short. The ambiance is super cool industrial, with a lot of reclaimed wood, old bulbs, metal work, and lovely details. The food, while good, felt a tad overpriced for the portions, and the service was middling.

Cool design work on the menu, but the ALL CAPS BODY TEXT ON THE MENU made it super hard to read.

Awesome old light bulb fixture above the bar area.

A side of bacon! Delish and thick!

Moroccan Baked Eggs with chili, tomato Sauce, cilantro & spiced yogurt. SUPER yummy!

Sunny Duck Eggs, with prosciutto, Romesco, arugula & lemon.

A Sweet Treat: N’Ice Cream, Venice
After that big breakfast, we strolled around Abbot Kinney for a bit checking out the fun vintage shops in the area. Being the eternal glutton that I am, I was craving something sweet as we neared the end of our walk, so we stopped in at N’Ice Cream and split a deeelicious gelato!

$3 for a good portion of salted caramel gelato! Super yummy.

Korean Spa Relax Time: Wi Spa, Koreatown
Will and I often go to this super huge Korean spa. They have a separate male and female area for bathing, then a co-ed area (where you get to wear dorky “Wi Spa” shirts they hand you) with dry heat rooms like the mud clay room, jade room, and salt room.

Sleepin on the jade floor. Luxuriously lazy.

Potato tornado! They sell these on street carts in Korea, but here it was all ready for me to eat inside the spa's restaurant! There's a kind of cheddar cheese powder poured on this fried potato delight. It's DELICIOUS. Tastes like a fresh baked Dorito.

The top of the spa has a little lounge area where you can look out over the city, too! It's a little chilly usually though.

Treats too cute to eat: Galleria Market, Koreatown
On our way to dinner we popped over to the Galleria so I could buy some gifts for my gal pals for V-Day. They had so many cute cakes and cupcakes, all totally overpriced, unfortunately!

Valentine's Cupcakes!! There was a minimum order of 25 cupcakes and it was $80 :/ BOO! I just wanted 12! You know... a dozen as bakers do...

Heart shaped cake! Come to me, my love... nomnomnom

Romance = Beer. City Tavern, Culver City
The easy way to my heart? Beer and sweets. My boyfriend is of a similar disposition, so we picked this little restaurant that we often frequent in Culver City, since it’s  a short walk from our home.

We ordered 2 flights of beer, the dark and light, to start off our meal. YUM.

IT seems like they've improved upon their Cheesy Poofs! There's a bigger portion and the poofs themselves are bigger, too! Yum. This is my favorite thing on the menu. FRIED CHEESE.

A nice fresh plate of oysters! These had a nice kick to it with some jalapeno oil and vinegar.

Crisp Pork Belly. They've made the portion larger since last time, too!

And for dessert, we got a peanut butter brownie! It was... SO. GOOD. I was definitely naysaying this item but Will talked me into it. NO REGRETS. SO GOOD.

Take a Spin!: Shibuya Lovers Night at the Grand Suite Hotel
Our friends from Tune In Tokyo were spinning at this event and invited us to stop by. The event was small in a well-designed romantic space, but unfortunately the bar manager didn’t really know what he was doing which caused a lot of harumph-ing during drink ordering time. They’re still new, though so hopefully they iron that all out eventually.

I changed into a dressier outfit for the event! Dress: Zac Posen for Target, Heart Bow: Chubby Bunny, Shoes: Alice + Olivia for Payless.

It was one of the most luxurious hangout days I’ve had in a while! I hope you all have a kickass Valentine’s Day and that you celebrate it in your own unique way, too!

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Event Report: Tune in Tokyo’s: Akihabara Winter Wonderland w/Chubby Bunny!

23 Dec

2 days ago I was excited to be invited back to Tune in Tokyo‘s monthly event they host at Royal/T Cafe. This time, the theme was “Akihabara Winter Wonderland,” which included having guests dress up in Cosplay costumes from anime, manga, video games, or just winter-themed!

The Chubby Bunny booth at the event

I had a blast dressing up as Santa’s little helper and hanging out with the great people who work and visited the event!There were about 300 guests in attendance that night partying in the holiday spirit! It was great!

OH MY GOD IT'S SANTAAAAAAAA! This couple was so cute, and passed out little toys to everyone who took photos with them! Best costume ever!

Thanks to LA Weekly for this pic of my outfit 🙂 (And the new Chubby Bunny stickers!)

I didn’t take too many photos but you can see lots more here!

LA Weekly
Tune In Tokyo Photoset

Event Report: GAL-O-WEEN party at Royal/T!

27 Oct

Yesterday, October 27, 2011, Chubby Bunny was invited to participate as a sponsor and vendor at the Halloween-themed Gal-O-Ween fashion show and party at Royal/T!

The event was put on by Tune In Tokyo, who hold monthly events at Royal/T featuring their DJs and lots of Japan-inspired content. This time, the  KIMIMELA GALS circle teamed up to create a fun fashion show and party night! Also, Japanese pop artist MOOMA was present for a special performance! Below are some pics and thoughts from the night!

Chubby Bunny recently ramped up our booth setup for this event, and we were excited to take our new display fixtures on a test run!

Items for sale from Chubby Bunny! You can spot the new Chubby Polka dot bows in mint and pink to the right!Photo by Argot & Ochre.

Our new Clearly Cute bows, featuring a dazzling mix of rhinestones, pom poms, and pink and blue soldiers inside of this vinyl bow headband! Photo by Argot & Ochre.

I made this witch hat in 10 minutes and threw on some other clothes I had laying around to be a Pink Witch! Outfit totally inspired by Sugar Sugar Rune!

My awesome friend Callie popped by to help me run the booth for the night! Check out her badass buzz lightyear costume!

Chubby Bunny sponsored one of the raffle prizes for the party! This lucky sailor won a neon orange Chubby Bunny tank top.. that we are hoping he ended up giving to his girlfriend afterwards ❤

Japanese recording artist Mooma showed up for a special performance and autograph session.

Models from the fashion show line up for a photo op after the show! The clothing they are wearing is from ShibuyaLA.

It was a super fun show with lots of friends & fans stopping by the booth!  And, it really got me in the mood for HALLOWEEN, which is totally one of my favorite holidays that I almost never get to celebrate because I get so busy in the fall! But not this year! I am doing my best to make time for Halloween! ❤

You can see more photos from the night on our Flickr!

Also, you can see more pics and event report on our buddy Argot & Ochre’s website!

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Hair History: Fizzy the human My Little Pony

15 Oct

I am totally into gradient EVERYTHING these days. Can you tell?

I finally got around to fixing my hair color yesterday and this is how it turned out! It’s the first time I’ve tried top to bottom gradient by myself, so I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! When I retouch I might make the blue a little darker, though!

After I did it, I was trying so hard to remember what the color combo reminded me of… and then I remembered! A My Little Pony! This isn’t the first time this ahs happened with my hair dying, haha. My MLP expert friend Caro reminded me that these are the main colors for Fizzy!

Does the color combo remind anyone else of anything?

I’m such an 80’s Baby at heart…!

I’ll be really busy these next few months ramping up new stuff for the events I’l be vending/hosting! If you’re in the LA area, you can check some of them out!

Bunny Booths: Tune in Tokyo’s “Back to School” night at Royal/T

30 Aug

On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, I was excited to bring Chubby Bunny products to the Tune in Tokyo “Back to School” event at Royal/T cafe, in Culver City.

It was a great chance to motivate me to finish up some new products I had been thinking about for a while, and to debut my new shirts!

The Chubby Bunny booth! My awesome friend and on-call assistant Jenny was there to help, too! Thank you Jenny!

A quick look at some of the Dinosaur shirts! These are just samples that were for sale. The real deal will be available online in just a few weeks!

Modeling the dino shirts! The Tune In Tokyo crew were taking "class photos" during the event. How cute! Photo by Tune In Tokyo.

More pics and event review after the jump!

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Back to School Products!

24 Aug

Here are some fun preview pics of new products that I’ve been working on in the Chubby Bunny atelier! These items are not yet up on the site, but will be very soon!! We are working hard to bring you guys fun and comfy clothing items, as well as the accessories you’re all familiar with!

Dino-Shirt! I am in LOVE with this awesome print! I've created a bow for it already, but got the idea to do these adorable shirts, too! They're super comfy, baggy, and easy to wear with a skirt, shorts, pants or even over a one piece tank dress!

Star Bunny Neon Tank! Inspired by the awesome 80s! This tank looks so cute over other shirts or dresses, or can be worn alone for those super hot days! Super comfy and baggy! This tank is one size fits all! Comes in Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, and Neon Blue.


The other colors for the Star Bunny Tanks! ❤ I'm in LOVE with the yellow and orange.

Phew! Tonight we are debuting some samples of these items at the Tune In Tokyo Club night at Royal/T! We’re doing a mini sample sale, and selling all of our other products, too! if you’re in the area tonight, head on down! ❤ Details below!

August 24, 7pm – 12am
Royal/T Cafe, Shop, & Artspace
8910 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA