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Bunny Bites: Port-FOOD-landia

1 Feb

I love visiting Portland, Oregon to see my friends and enjoy the cold air and snow of a town with all four seasons, and by God, the food there makes the trip even more worthwhile!

I had asked you guys if you wanted to see more foodie reviews, and the answer was a very loud YES (or maybe more of a “LIKE” since people are all on Facebook these days). Well get ready to have your eyeball taste buds blown (they exist. Trust me on this one)!

My first afternoon in Portland, we hustled on over to Swift Lounge for their fantastic Happy Hour and.. FONDUUUUUE! It’s not often than a tiny dive bar sports the finesse of a fondue, but there it was!

Behold: Fondue fries! Delish cheesy fondue melt on top of crispy salted fries!

And of course, we got a pot of their fresh fondue! On a cold early evening, these totally hit the spot! Came with the usual cured meats, breads, and small fruits.

My friend Meeps ordered this suuuper yummy cheesy pasta. CHEESE IS THE WORD!

More deliciousness after the jump!

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The San Francisco Treat! Pt1

22 Sep

I arrived in San Francisco late Tuesday night thanks to the assistance of Stephiee, and hung out with awesome 6%DOKIDOKI staffers and attended their talk show and model casting event at the New People building in San Francisco, as well. The event was very nice, basically a reprise of what the brand did in Los Angeles, in an auditorium setting. The model audition was also done in front of an audience, which was different than what they did in Los Angeles, which comprised of talking about themselves, dancing, and posing for the paparazzi. Insane! I’m glad that the Los Angeles model casting was done privately. I feel like just going to the interview itself is nerve wracking, but doing that stuff up on stage must have been super stressful for those contestants!

After all of the talk show madness, a bunch of us headed to a Korean pub late into the night and bonded ❤

We then hopped over to Shrinkle’s casa for a nice sleep. Thursday morning, we had a nice late start and walked about the ADORABLE city of Oakland <3! I really love how chill this place is, and the delicious brunch! I could get nice and happy and fat here ❤ Thanks sooo much to Shrinkle and Kevin for hosting us while we were putzing around San Francisco for the week! They were very gracious hosts and even provided us with fancy coffee every morning! Btw, I know most people think of Oakland as the crazyscary part of SF, but in  Shrinkle’s neck of the woods, I tell you it was GORGEOUS and hella safe :3 I guess the bad part of Oakland is somewhere else…!

My fall-like weather outfit of the day

This is Little Brother! he's the friendliest cat of the bunch and has his own little tune 🙂 "Little Brother, duh duh duuuh duh!"

This is Maus. He's a bit grumpy and will randomly attack you, but he's just trying to show you he cares by giving you a little kiss. With his TEETH.

We got brunch at Crepevine, and I had NEW ORLEANS BENEDICT w/ CRAB CAKES! =D NOMnomnom. It was SO delish!

Shrinkle has a BOMB DIGGITY tuna melt!!! LOOK AT THIS THING! I didn't know tuna melts could look DELICIOUS and RAVISHING haha!

After brunch and some messing around on the internet, Caro, Emi & I headed off to the magical world of SAN FRANCISCO again to do a little shopping and do some touristy things! Shrinkle and Kevin had to stay behind to catch up on Sugarpill madness, so we were armed only with the terrible GPS abilities o the iPhone to get us around. (DEATH TO IPHONES!!!) Also, Kevin was kind enough to lend me their camera so I could document the weekend! (I forgot mine at home.. poo.. but their camera is SO MUCH NICER!)

San Francisco was really scenic and pretty! DAMN YOU! A nice shot from the Bay Bridge!

We stopped by the 6%DOKIDOKI pop up store and visited our buddies! Caro bought a BOATLOAD or merch that she could wear throughout the weekend, and I got a shirt at Black Peace Now, hehe. BPN has always been my vice, and they were having a 60% off sale.. hurr hurr.

The 6% pop up shop in the New People building.

Their cute little hangy stars ❤ I bough the gold one during the Sweet Streets opening!

After poking around there, we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf, the mecca of all that is touristy and tacky in San Francisco. As we approached the hills, we all did a collective “AHHHHH!” SF does not MESS AROUND with the steepness of their roads here! Yeesh!

Of course, Emi and I whipped out our cameras in the car to capture the insanity.

As expected, Fisherman’s Wharf was full of seafood, tourists, and tacky merchandise, and if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE TACKY.


I guess the Sea Lions left for a bit, and then some of them came back? They were pretty cute.. like big kitties!!

Happy Anniversary Sea Lion buddies!

Caro and Emi take advantage of the crazy carousel we encountered. That horse is HALF FISH.

Freshly captured leprechauns.

This crab store amused me the most! lol, it took everything in me to not just BUY ALL THE TACKY STUFF in there!!

WTH is this doing in the crab store? THIS IS SURELY A LOBSTER!

Tres chic.

JK! Emi does it BETTER! HAHAHA I regret notbuying this!!!

Around this point, the infamous San Francisco fog rolled in. IT IS SERIOUS BUSINESS GUYS!

There was a giant macaroni with this sign in front of it. Caro has a polaroid of what happened directly after this, but you can probably guess, right? haha.

Crab-shaped bread

After these shenanigans, we made plans with our buddies to meet up at a thai place somewhere on Union Street for dinner. We got there ridiculously early, so we ducked into American Cupcakes, which was just a block down and looked super cute! Being a trio of cute girls, the staff was pretty chatty with us and even gave us free cupcakes! Whaaat!

Cute little flashing ball lights on the cieling changed color to the rhythmof themusic! At some point they were playing the power rangers theme song!! BADASS!

Adorable candy and plastic toys on display in jars along the back wall!

We saw them roasting their S'mores cupcakes with a blowtorch!! We were screeching and taking photos like crazy people, so they gave us each a s'mores cupcake for free hehe ❤ We love these guys!

After this sugar-rush induced excitement, we headed over to Osha to wait for our friends. Everyone was a little late, so we just hung out in the bar area. This really turned out to be the day of epic free things, as it turned out the Skyy Vodka promoters were there that night also, and were heaping us with free shots, sunglasses, muddlers (they look like tiny baseball bats), and more $1 drink tickets than we could physically drink. It was insane! By the time Shrinkle, Kevin, Bei, Tess, and Trevor showed up, they were like WTF DID YOU GUYS DO? WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL OF THESE DRINK TICKETS? Hahaha.

Tess, Shrinkle, and Kevin (p-p-p-poker faace)

We had 12 drink tickets. NO LIE.

And this is what happens when those tickets turn into actual drinks. Left to right, Trevor aka Saru (works at BTSSB at New People), BeiBadGirl, and Tess, the drinking hero!

So, we had a very liquor-filled dinner. Surprisingly no one really got that drunk or anything after all of that! SURPRISE! We have livers of steel! Well, except for Caro, who doesn’t actually HAVE a liver. Funny story. You should ask her about it sometime!

Because we weren’t really ready to go home yet, we popped into American Cupcakes again for a quick dessert! Saru went crazy and got 4 cupcakes!

So good! Cotton Candy (top left) was my fave!

I ended up getting 2 cupcakes also... nomnomfattyfatfat!

Alright, that’s a pretty epic 1.5 day post! I’ll get to the rest SOON, I PROMISE!