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DIY: A Boom Box Can Save The World

19 Jun

I recently customized a boom box for a photoshoot I did with Yume Ninja for Bubble Punch. We had a pair of cool pink headphones, but wanted to have another piece of matching equipment to add to the shoot. Hence, the Bubble Punch boom box was born.

This is super easy, and maybe doesn’t even merit a DIY blog about it, but the idea is really cool, and I’m sure lots of us have old equipment laying around that would look a lot better customized!

Step 1: Using painter's tape (or any medium stick tape), tape off the areas of the stereo that you would like to remain black. Use and X-acto knife to cut around the buttons so it looks clean when spraypainted.


Step 2: After cutting the tape, peel off the excess.


Step 3: To make letters on the stereo that look clean, I printed them out on regular paper, then cut them out.


Step 4: Spray the back of the letters with spray mount and attach to the stereo where you want them. (If you have photo spray mount, that would be best because the stick is weak enough that it won't permanantly attach the letters there and tear off later on).


Step 5: Spray the boom box with your desired color all over! It takes a few coats. Do one coat, and let it dry before applying on others.


Step 6: When paint is completely dry, peel off the tape and letters carefully. I had some glue residue from the letters after I peeled them off, so I just covered it up with a black sharpie. You can also touch up the edges of your letters if they're not sharp enough with the same method.


DONE! You now have an epic customize boom box!


Shannon Cottrell shot myself and Yume Ninja last week, and the boom box looked great! Here's a teaser pic for now... The rest are coming soon!