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Gordon Ramsay and MasterChef Junior cast attempts World’s Largest Cupacake… well.. sort of..

26 Sep

Yesterday, I popped out to see the media event for MasterChef Junior at The Grove, which boasted that Gordon Ramsay himself and the cast were going to unveil the World’s Biggest Cupcake in an attempt at a Guinness world record.

There was a decent amount of media there, and crowd of tourists.


I guess the cupcake was supposed to be int his giant box??


Some members of the MasterChef Jr cast came out (And Dara wore my red Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny bow! <3), with Gordon Ramsay popping out right after.

He gave a little speech thanking guests, then revealed that… oops… they tried to make a giant cupcake, baked it for 36 hours, then found it had been leaking and weren’t able to complete the cupcake….! How sad! Instead, he revealed a very tiny cupcake that they were able to salvage from the big one…


(Photo from DailyMail.com !)

After the reveal, Gordon flicked it into the crowd… haha.

DSC_0169 DSC_0170


I snapped a quick photo of Dara during one of her interviews wearing the bow, but had to run after that…!


But not before grabbing one of the free Sprinkles cupcakes they gave to the crowd! Were they FOX-flavored? haha.


Hope you enjoyed that senseless Gordon Ramsay post. I love his shows, and am stoked to see the premiere of MasterChef Jr. tomorrow!

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Shopping Secrets: Garb for Ghouls

15 Sep

Well, not really JUST for ghouls, but on a whim, I scoped out the new costumes available at It’s A Wrap on Robertson Blvd this past weekend, to see what goodies had their way to the store.

It’s a Wrap carries wardrobe and props that movie studios no longer need. Currently, there’s a ton of Prince of Persia stuff (stinky leather & gauntlets! yay!), Armour, and period coats and gowns available, along with a selection of the old standards from TV shows, such as cheerleader outfits, police uniforms, native American garb, and the like.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in stock there, and my favorites!

This glittery masterpiece was $300. Over the Rainbow indeed! Didn't check which show this was used on because it was so high up!

Photos of the costume-y madness after the jump

Pearly boobies anyone? There were a lot of harem girl-type outfits here. Perfect for any "sexy" version of anything! Or just for wearing out. Vavoom!

Such a cute pink, low backed corslet! It was only $18 so I got it ❤ Excuse the cowgirl skirt. I was considering going as a cowboy to an "Indian Summer" party this weekend haha.

Lots of pretty period costumes for men and women! Some of the prices for the historical stuff can be kinda steep though, ranging from $130 and upwards, but if you're into these outfits the quality on most of them was very good (not super torn up, etc).

Leftover gauntlets from Prince of Persia.There was a ton of armour and boots from the film still available, some slightly stinking of the men who wore them last, woo hoo!

You can see the colors in this photo, but this was a beautiful iridescent material that was blue, pink, and cream colored. I wanted to be a fairyyyy! haha. Couldn't justify the purchase, but the dress was $30 and is probably still there if anyone wants it.

Outside in the back they had racks and racks of crazy costumes that were more out there. Check out this fancy jacket. I hated it and loved it at the same time.

This pretty little outfit was so cute! unfortunately, it was made for a tiny dancer type of lady and did not fit on my gigundo ribcage haha.

There were tons more outfits available, so if you’re pondering what to be for Halloween, you may as well hit it up instead of buying those ugly bagged slutty slut costumes that you usually see at the costume store! They have multiple locations, Burbank being the biggest, so make sure you stop by!

More photos of costumes and racks at It’s A Wrap in my Flickr set.

It’s A Wrap
1164 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035-1404
(310) 246-9727

315 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 567-7366

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Japan Day 11/LAST DAY!: Koenji is my new love

8 Sep

After a pleasant bullet train ride, I made my way to Koenji to spend my last day in Japan with Tavuchi!

She was kind enough to let me stay at her place for one night before I headed back to America. She was pretty amped to show me more of her town and all the fun things to do. thankfully, it was a nicely overcast day where I wasn’t melting in the Tokyo heat for once!

As I mentioned before, Koenji is a great little place just 2 stops west of Shinjuku station on the JR Sobu line train. It’s calm and friendly, and sort of like not being in Tokyo at all!

Tavuchi helped me lug my heavy suitcase up her 3 flights of stairs to her apartment, and we prettied ourselves up a bit for a stroll through her hood. Tavuchi also blogged about our date day, too, so you can look at her post and pics there ❤

Before we left her place, I saw this amazing thing on her coffee table. Tavuchi said it was her roommates'.... IT'S AMAZING.

Our first stop wast to visit Tavuchi’s friend Toko (who I met on Day 3 in Japan), who runs the store Hikari in Koenji! Hikari is full of great vintage, remade, and original clothing from all over. It’s super quirky in there, I love it!

A mini shrine in the middle of the store. All of the photographs are either customers or Toko's friends she snapped while out and about.

Knickknacks and paddywacks galore!

How cute is Toko? She is giving us a proper farewell ❤

More of the day and pics after the jump!

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Japan Day 10 & 11: Mostly food & Nostalgia, and GIRLS’ LIPS =0

4 Sep

On August 1st, I rolled my butt out of the fold out bed, tried to make my face not look like a melting mess, and set out for my full day of Osaka adventure by myself. Nicole had to work until the afternoon so I was on my own to visit my old haunts and be a creepy lady on the streets of Osaka until evening.

I hit up Namba and the Minami Osaka area first and worked my way north through all of the shops that I used to like to frequent.

Can't start the day without a proper breakfast. To the Chococro! The most delicious chocolate croissants ever! And of course, some sort of mystery mayonaise corn pizza kinda thing.

When I saw this, I first thought, oh my god it's THAT damn hot here that they'd want a -2 degrees celcius bar to hang out in?? WTF! Then, later, I found out that they meant the BEER was super cold. Not the room. HURR HURR.

This is super messed up, but I regret not getting these. FIRST OF ALL: ZIMA is still a thing in Japan. It has been sicne it came out, unlike its debut in the US where it came out, flopped, and was tagged the drink of losers. SECOND OF ALL: This is part of a new promotion, where each bottle comes with a set of lips. ACTUAL MOLDS OF MODELS' LIPS. They're rubber, and you put them around the mouth of the zima bottle. When you drink from it, it's as if YOU ARE KISSING THAT MODEL'S LIPS. How. Messed. Up. Is That. But I love it.

More insanity after the jump:

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