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Discover LA: Hacienda Heights and Round One! Who knew?

12 Jun

The birthday trio of Jamie, Robyn, and Di all had their b-days in a 3 days pan of each other, which resulted in a joint b-day bash at the Round One in Hacienda Heights! It was also my first time sporting my epic mermaid clip in weave straightened out and in casual clothes..!

Beforehand, Onch, TJ, Chrissa, and I had an epic hang out afternoon around Hacienda… the land of crazy asian stores! We ate delicious Chinese food then wandered over to some great stores that carried a TON of asian cosmetics, and adorable home goods…

Chrissa and I in awe of the insane amounts of food we ordered, haha

In front of the Piyo Piyo store! It's SO CUTE IN THERE!!! Really wanted that bear table.. couldn't justify it though... :/

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