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Wardrobe Rabbit: From Elves to Bears!

13 Feb

Hey everyone! I’ve officially renamed my “Outfit of the Day” posts to WARDROBE RABBIT! I’ll be creating a new category for my coordinates with the same name to make it easier for people to search directly for my wardrobe posts! (Yes, I admit my blog is a sea of randomness sometime..!) These posts will also include detail shots of my hair and makeup, something I haven’t bothered to focus on until recently.

I’ve been hoarding a bunch of looks since December of last year, ranging from holiday gear, to casual jumpers. These are roughly in chronological order, so you can see how 1) my hair goes from mushy to redone again, and 2) my Photoshop skills get slightly better as time goes on… haha. Some of these have links to my LookBook profile, so feel free to click and HYPE!

“Vintage Christmas”
Worn out to a low-key comedy night in Hollywood., that was X-mas themed.

Wool Green dress, fur stole: Vintage. Bow belt: H&M, Lace netting tights: Urban Outfitters.

“Black and White and BLAM ALL OVER”
For a night of dancing at Underground and late night Karaoke in Koreatown.

Dress: ASOS, Boots: Unknown

“The Stripes”
Worn for another comedy club night around the holidays.

Shirt: Super Lovers, Spike Blue Wedges: A quick DIY project, Tights: 6%DOKIDOKI, Belt: Bebe, Necklace: Paris Kids

“A Formal Bear Affair”
For New Years Eve, I went to a pajama-themed house party. I decided to go with sleepwear AND be formal at the same time, so I made a monocle and top hat for my Rilakkuma onesie and called it a dapper night!

Rilakkuma onesie: San-X, Hat/monocle/chain: DIY

“Cyber Pinup”
Made a quick stop over at Britpop club Underground, then continue on for a night of industrial dancing at Das Bunker.

Dress: ASOS, Shoes: Irregular Choice, Necklace: F21, Space Bow: Chubby Bunny

“Swirly Hair Bits”
I was visiting my friends in Portland and got a little complex with my hair at some point. Just a quick hair shot, since I liked the way my gradient coloring came out!

My styling method: Pull, twist and pin! Pretty simple!

“Lumberjack Lovin'”
Went to a “lumberjack” themed birthday party at a cool woodsy bar in North Hollywood, but sad to say I own no red flannel. I opted for pigtail braids and a red shirt instead. Yeah, yeah, kinda tame..!

My little star clip is making a ton of appearances in these photos I realized! It's just a cute little thing I picked up in Korea for about $2!

“Like a Pony!”
I went out dancing with my buds at a fun mash up night called Bootie over at The Echo in Silverlake. Didn’t feel ike dressing “hipster” so went for my usual bright and colorful instead! I feel like I’ve taken a TON of shots of me in this SPANK! dress so I just did hair and makeup shots instead ❤

Dress: SPANK!, Necklace: Custom-made by Cecily Margo, Heart Ring: F21

Makeup closeup! I used a bit of scotch tape at the corner of my eye to get that sharp line! Combined it with Sugarpill's Dollypop pink, Hysteric purple, and Urban Decay's green. I used Sugarpill's Poison Plum for my eyebrows. Lips are OCC liptar.

“Rilakkuma Relax Time”
For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend got me this super cute hoodie and sweatpants set! Can you tell I have a problem with cute bears? =D

Rilakkuma hoodie and Sweatshirt: San-X

Thanks for taking a look at Wardrobe Rabbit! I’ll try to be good and update more frequently, I promise!

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Japan Day 7: Asobisystem presents “Harajuku Kawaii” event + peek at PARCO’s Bearbricks’ Exhibit

16 Aug

Friday, July 29th was insanity in a bottle.

Caro and I hopped off the bullet train, made it to our hotel room, and then managed to get ready and back out the door by 4pm-ish!

The Harajuku Kawaii event was being held in honor of model agency Asobisystem‘s 4th Anniversary, featuring fashion shows, musical performances, and a talk with 6%DOKIDOKI‘s Sebastian and renowned photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (AKA “Yone”).

Sebastian had been kind enough to invite us as VIP guests to the event, so we got to feel kinda fancy and go backstage and watch all the madness go down. We also go to meet up with the super hardworking Kira, who is the main photographer for Tokyofashion.com, and a total sweetheart. He had to get to work shooting photos down on the main floor, but Caro and I were able to relax in the VIP balcony area where we could watch the show from above.

View from the balcony area.

Someone stopped me for a "street" fashion snap, too 🙂 Photo by ChangeFashion.net!

The first set of the fashion show portion were brands Spinns Harajuku, Grimoire, and galaxxxy.

Super fun coordinates from SPINNS Harajuku (they also have a branch in Osaka too <3). Photo courtsey of Kira of Tokyofashion.com

Grimoire model

Set of Grimoire models. Photo courtesy of Kira of TokyoFashion.com.

Models from the first set of the fashion show take their bows/end walk.

After the first portion, bands Astro and Ram Rider performed on stage.

Astro performed a short set of slightly beachy-hip hop beats.

Ram Rider performed electro tunes, but for some reason, it was mostly covers of other songs electronified. The style of music they chose to cover ranged from Daft Punk (cool, appropriate) to Brazilian chanting music (uhmm what?).

But I can fogive their musical confusion because they have LIGHT UP SUITS. Hello, Tron Band!

After this performance, there was a short fashion show comprised of student work under the name “Replicant,” which.. I didn’t get any great photos of so I’ll just skip over that quickly. After that, 6%DOKIDOKI’s show was up, and it was definitely the most energetic performance of the night!

It was definitely a full on performance combined with fashion show, featuring their two main models, Yuka and Vanii, and German, French, and Dutch models dancing in chorus with them.

Vanii started off the show with a rough and tumble attitude and snarky glare at the crowd. I LOVE this photo of her! Taken by Kira of Tokyofashion.com, of course!

Yuka does a little dance for the crowd.

All the while, she's sporting this adorable bunny ear/antennae hairdo! Photo courtesy of Kira of Tokyofashion.com.

And here’s a quick video I shot so you can get a feel for how insane it got with the dancing and the.. giant rabbit costumed person who came out later! So amazing!

After the 6%DOKIDOKI show, a panel of guests came out to talk about the origins of Harajuku street fashion and what it’s developed into today. Of note, panelists included 6%’s Sebastian, Photographer Yone, and musician and model Kyaari Pamyupamyu (also known as “Carrie”). Yone is quite famous for his fashion magazine editing and photography, the founding of CexWork, his own “checki” instax camera design, and also his blog he does for Hypebeast. Kyaari, if you’ve somehow managed to NOT hear of her by now, is the newest, hottest thing in Japanese pop music, having made a real hit with her debut single “PonPonPon.” It’s goddamn catchy, is what it is.

Kyaari and Yone on stage during the talk show. Photo courtesy of Tokyofashion.com

The full panel of guests for the talk show.

After the talk show, we went backstage to congratulate everyone, and take some photos! If you’d like to see lots of photos from backstage and more photos of the fashion show itself, make sure to check out Tokyofashion.com’s exclusive coverage in their special 6%DOKIDOKI feature here!

Tokyofashion.com photographer, Kira, snaps the 6%DOKIDOKI models after the show.

Kira also took this fabulously classy photo of Sebastian and I right after that, haha.

Okay, so right after this was a little intermission of sorts. We were invited to go with some of the DOKIDOKI crew to go to the VIP opening party for the Bearbricks exhibit at the PARCO department store in Shibuya, but the event at Harajuku Kawaii was still ongoing! So we nipped out for a quick trip to Parco with the staff and saw some really cool Bearbricks stuff!

It was raining outside so I didn’t get a shot of the GIANT Bearbricks out front, but here is a photo from Tokyofashion.com that they shot a few days prior:

Giant Bearbricks!

There was an insane line to get into the VIP party, and.. it was mostly bros! haha. Weirdly enough, we bumped into people we knew there, such as Mamy and another of Caro’s friends! I even saw Hello Kitty Mama (Yuko Yamaguchi) there, too!

A Rilakkuma and Bearbrick collaboration piece.

Gatachapin Bearbrick!

The gallery was MEGA CROWDED!

Yuka poses next to the 6%DOKIDOKI collaboration Bearbrick inside the case.

Caro and I even posed next to a REAL MOVING BEARBRICK MASCOT! It was sort of terrifying because we didn't know there was a person in it until it started moving.... EEEEK SCARY WHERE ARE ITS EYESSS!

We were there for maybe.. 15 to 20 minutes. Then we were whisked away again to see the end of the Harajuku Kawaii event! Unfortunately, we missed Kyaari’s performance, buuut thanks to my buddies at Tokyofashion, at least I can show you a quick pic of it! It looks like her skirt is American Apparel?

A collage of Kyaari's first live performance! Photo courtesy of Tokyofashion.com

At the very end of the event, the organizers had all the models and fans line up close to the stage and do a cute photo op/cheer to celebrate Asobisystem’s Anniversary. Check out how cute this video I took is… first they practice, then they do it FOR REALS! Cameo of my face.

You can take a gander at some of the models who were involved in this show, mostly famous bloggers and shop girls from around Tokyo,and aspiring models.

After this, many things happened, including having a quick bite with Valerie and her husband, going to the official after party at Club Asia, and having late night izakaya times with the 6%DOKIDOKI crew well into the night. We had to taxi it back to the hotel around 3am, but we made it there alive! WHOO!

Many, many more photos that I did not post on this blog are located on my Flickr towards the bottom, so make sure to check it out!

Of course, I was not able to get photos of every single brand and musical performance since we were running around so much, so please take a look at these MUCH MORE DETAILED reports over at TokyoFashion.com and more photos at ChangeFashion.

Crazy Rilakkuma Times!

21 Aug

I have been severely negligent of this blog lately!

In large part, I blame/thank San-X for that, as I’ve been running around for Bubble Punch prepping and executing the party. It’s been a super exhausting week, but now that it’s all over, I can go back to concentrating on Chubby Bunny things, and redoing the website store 🙂

If you’re interested in seeing Rilakkuma pictures and event report, you can check out our Bubble Punch blog! (both myself and True Mee keep up this blog that details our event exploits.)

Below are some of my favorite pics from the weekend though….

True Mee and myself at the San-XVIP party on Thursday

Saturday morning, pimping our Rilakkuma kigus outside of the popup store on Melrose. IT WAS VERY HOT!

Tomo, of Ingram USA, the company that is helping license San-X products to the US. Tomo is like, the coolest guy ever, and True Mee and I were super happy to have worked with him on this crazy project. He also has the cutest little girl in the world. No lie. Pic taken at the Saturday evening party.

This is the Japan staff who flew over for the weekend’s events. I’M GLAD THEY MANAGED TO CUT LOOSE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME FINALLY! hahaha. This picture is so goddamn amazing.

LOOK AT OUR NATURAL SMILES AS WE EXCHANGE MONETARY UNITS FOR GOODS! haha. Myself and Jenny Rae of Lil’ Rae Cakes hamming it up at the party. Her new flavors were SO GOOD! Banana Nutella was my fave! BTW, Jenny ALWAYS pimps my Chubby Bunny bows in EVERY COLOR when she works her cake stand! i love it! She currently owns red, pink, blue and white!

My Butt, but artistically speaking.

Will likes to torture me.

I’m glad Will was able to make it out to this event. I MISSED HIM A LOT while allt he event prep was going on, and True Mee and I weren’t arriving home until like 10pm every night 😦

Sunday morning, we had SO MANY CUTE KIDS come in to see Rilakkuma! LOOK AT THIS AWESOME PHOTO!IMG_9297

I got my nails re-did by Trang! SO CUTE! The free Rilakkuma nail salon on Sunday was a big hit! A++++!IMG_9394

WELL! that was sort of a crapload of photos. Hope you made it through them all! the photos and the events themselves looked super cool and went really smoothly, but it took SO MUCH effort! I’m very pleased with how Bubble Punch is running, lately, and am excited about several big projects coming atcha throughout this year.

Hopefully juggling this, Chubby Bunny, and school will not equal one dead bunny, though! I’ve been very careful about managing my time for each thing these days, but unfortunately it leaves me very little time to hang out with my friends when not working at an event. I hope they will forgive me for being a sucky friend, and hopefully, one day soon the craziness will be under control. I’m aiming for January 2011. Lol.