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Locketship x Chubby Bunny Collaboration!

7 Nov

Although I last posted about my collaboration with SPANK!, 1 week before that happens, I’ll be participating in another fun event!

To celebrate the anniversary of my friend Maria’s brand, Locketship, we teamed up to make a super cute bow for her anniversary party, being held on November 12th from 7 – 11pm at Meltdown Comics!

Locketship provided me with a super cute bunny pendant which I fashioned as the centerpiece for a super cute bow! Take a look below!

The bows feature a rabbit in space, situated on a double bow. The top layer of the bow has glitter and stars in it, while the bottom layer has a marbled black and blue pattern on it that’s totally space-a-riffic! They’re are only 8 being produced for sale, and they are $24 each!

This super special item will debut and be for sale at the Locketship Anniversary party! They are super limited, so we hope to see you there early!




Hair History: Fizzy the human My Little Pony

15 Oct

I am totally into gradient EVERYTHING these days. Can you tell?

I finally got around to fixing my hair color yesterday and this is how it turned out! It’s the first time I’ve tried top to bottom gradient by myself, so I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! When I retouch I might make the blue a little darker, though!

After I did it, I was trying so hard to remember what the color combo reminded me of… and then I remembered! A My Little Pony! This isn’t the first time this ahs happened with my hair dying, haha. My MLP expert friend Caro reminded me that these are the main colors for Fizzy!

Does the color combo remind anyone else of anything?

I’m such an 80’s Baby at heart…!

I’ll be really busy these next few months ramping up new stuff for the events I’l be vending/hosting! If you’re in the LA area, you can check some of them out!

OOTD: You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman.

5 Sep

Does anyone else remember the lyrics to the cheesy 70s Wonder Woman live action show? I sure do!

This is a quick little number I made for the DC Relaunch party, which was held at Meltdown Comics onAugust 30! I wrote an extensive post about it over at the Bubble Punch blog, if you’d like to hear the sheer geekiness of my mind pour out onto the internets.

I wanted to quickly post my DIY cosplay outfit over here, though! I made this primarily out of some pretty metallic gold vinyl I found laying around, backed with heavy duty interfacing to make it stiff. I used the power of my brain and folding paper to make the patterns for the eagle chest plate, headpiece, choker, armband, belt, and wristlets! I was even nerdy enough to carve in the lines of Wonder Woman’s “armor” into the vynil too.

For makeup, I used Sugarpill Cosmetic’s Royal Sugar and Goldilux to create a patriotic yet Amazonian Goddess-type look!

I mostly based this outfit off of Wonder Woman’s new uniform which was designed for the re-release of all of the DC comic #1’s, but since DC had trouble deciding on whether she would have pants or not until the last minute, I decided to make some stars out of white vinyl and tack them onto a blue skirt I had laying around, haha. I even got a bit of gold wrope to make my LASSO OF TRUTH!

Wonder Woman outfit, and a closeup of my gigantic face!

Check out that etching hehe. Okay, it's not THAT impressive, I was just pretty pleased with my geometry nerd-ery that went into making it completely center and evenly etched 😀

The best part of my outfit, which is OBVIOUSLY THERE, is Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane.

Laugh & pat yourself on the back if you got that joke without having to click the link 😉

I usually post my Outfit of the Days to LookBook.NU, so add me there and Hype me and I’ll add you back!

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