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“Kitten Lace” headband!

1 Jun

Only a few more days until the Kittens and Ice Cream opening at JapanLA!

I finished up the new Chubby Bunny item that I made especially for the event!

I was inspired by all of the vintage wedding gowns I’ve been looking at lately, so I sought out and reconstructed this amaaazing embroidered lace to make these vintage-esque cat ears! I normally think cat ears are so tacky looking, but I LOVE the aesthetic of these! There are 5 rhinestones on each ear, and the ears have a wire in the back to adjust them to different amounts of “fold”.

Presenting… the new “Kitten Lace” headband!

I hope you all like it! ❤  Again, the item will be available for sale at JapanLA starting this Saturday!
Chubby Bunny

Kittens & Ice Cream Artwork: ネコポリタン (Nekopolitan)!

25 May

I will be participating in JapanLA’s “Kittens & Ice Cream’ art exhibition, which opens June 4th!

I just finished photographing the art piece that I’ll be entering in the gallery! A portion of the sales will go to the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support.

I used gouache, which I love for its texture, and some acrylic to get the pearly looking accents just right 🙂 At first, I had just the cat face on the ice cream cone, but added fangs and creepy claws to it to give it more character and weirdness, haha. The little faces in the melted puddle creep me out…!

I named it ネコポリタン (Nekopolitan),! Will gave me the idea to mishmash the words “Neko ” (which means “cat” in Japanese) and neopolitan, since the colors are striped in the ice cream 🙂

Hope you guys like it! If you have any questions about it, or are interested in purchasing, let me know at iamchubbybunny@gmail.com!

ネコポリタン (Nekopolitan), 2011
Michelle Nguyen
8″ x 10″
Gouache and acrylics on board
Frame is lavender with silver glitter (1″ deep)

You can see the ice cream-like texture I tried to achieve and the shiny metallics from this angle :3

I had fun DIY-ing the simple frame by making it lavender and adding silver glitter.

Another angle to see texture

Signing my real name on artwork, and not as "Chubby Bunny" 🙂 Shock!

If you’d like to see the work in person, it will be on display in JapanLA from June 4 throughout the month! Also, if you’re local to LA, you can come to the big opening party! (Hosted by my event production company Bubble Punch!) Hope to see you there!

Epic flyer by Michelle Romo!