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Wardrobe Rabbit: From Elves to Bears!

13 Feb

Hey everyone! I’ve officially renamed my “Outfit of the Day” posts to WARDROBE RABBIT! I’ll be creating a new category for my coordinates with the same name to make it easier for people to search directly for my wardrobe posts! (Yes, I admit my blog is a sea of randomness sometime..!) These posts will also include detail shots of my hair and makeup, something I haven’t bothered to focus on until recently.

I’ve been hoarding a bunch of looks since December of last year, ranging from holiday gear, to casual jumpers. These are roughly in chronological order, so you can see how 1) my hair goes from mushy to redone again, and 2) my Photoshop skills get slightly better as time goes on… haha. Some of these have links to my LookBook profile, so feel free to click and HYPE!

“Vintage Christmas”
Worn out to a low-key comedy night in Hollywood., that was X-mas themed.

Wool Green dress, fur stole: Vintage. Bow belt: H&M, Lace netting tights: Urban Outfitters.

“Black and White and BLAM ALL OVER”
For a night of dancing at Underground and late night Karaoke in Koreatown.

Dress: ASOS, Boots: Unknown

“The Stripes”
Worn for another comedy club night around the holidays.

Shirt: Super Lovers, Spike Blue Wedges: A quick DIY project, Tights: 6%DOKIDOKI, Belt: Bebe, Necklace: Paris Kids

“A Formal Bear Affair”
For New Years Eve, I went to a pajama-themed house party. I decided to go with sleepwear AND be formal at the same time, so I made a monocle and top hat for my Rilakkuma onesie and called it a dapper night!

Rilakkuma onesie: San-X, Hat/monocle/chain: DIY

“Cyber Pinup”
Made a quick stop over at Britpop club Underground, then continue on for a night of industrial dancing at Das Bunker.

Dress: ASOS, Shoes: Irregular Choice, Necklace: F21, Space Bow: Chubby Bunny

“Swirly Hair Bits”
I was visiting my friends in Portland and got a little complex with my hair at some point. Just a quick hair shot, since I liked the way my gradient coloring came out!

My styling method: Pull, twist and pin! Pretty simple!

“Lumberjack Lovin'”
Went to a “lumberjack” themed birthday party at a cool woodsy bar in North Hollywood, but sad to say I own no red flannel. I opted for pigtail braids and a red shirt instead. Yeah, yeah, kinda tame..!

My little star clip is making a ton of appearances in these photos I realized! It's just a cute little thing I picked up in Korea for about $2!

“Like a Pony!”
I went out dancing with my buds at a fun mash up night called Bootie over at The Echo in Silverlake. Didn’t feel ike dressing “hipster” so went for my usual bright and colorful instead! I feel like I’ve taken a TON of shots of me in this SPANK! dress so I just did hair and makeup shots instead ❤

Dress: SPANK!, Necklace: Custom-made by Cecily Margo, Heart Ring: F21

Makeup closeup! I used a bit of scotch tape at the corner of my eye to get that sharp line! Combined it with Sugarpill's Dollypop pink, Hysteric purple, and Urban Decay's green. I used Sugarpill's Poison Plum for my eyebrows. Lips are OCC liptar.

“Rilakkuma Relax Time”
For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend got me this super cute hoodie and sweatpants set! Can you tell I have a problem with cute bears? =D

Rilakkuma hoodie and Sweatshirt: San-X

Thanks for taking a look at Wardrobe Rabbit! I’ll try to be good and update more frequently, I promise!

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Bunny Bites: Delicious treats around LA with Star Light, Xoia Vietnamese Eats, Tsujita Ramen, Culver Hotel Bar, & homemade dishes!

8 Jan

I use the holidays as a lovely excuse to eat, get fat, and especially to be jolly. I had some really amazing food over the past few weeks that I’d like to share with everyone! If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend these awesome eating places!

I LOVE me some down home pub-style Asian food, and I was really wanting to gather my friends together for a little pre-Christmas spicy food and booz-a-thon  at a shiny, neon-lit little place called Star  Light over in Koreatown! Star Light used to be another little restaurant that was remodeled recently with more lights and a cleaner atmosphere.  Another great plus about this place is that they have really killer karaoke rooms above that are very fancy with shiny lights, new equipment, and really decently cheap rates! I really recommend this place for people who love good old fashioned Korean comfort food and relaxing times with friends!

Eating buddies Eron, Will, and Tim! We got a wierd plate of nachos as part of the complimentary service before the meal was served.

Delicious budejjiga, or "military stew," cooked right at the table with lots of yummy and spicy ingredients. After you're done eating the stew, the staff pour in more hot water, then add ramen to the mix!

Some other yummy things we got that night!


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