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Engagement Photo shoot: Mini horses, whiskey, manga, and games!

19 Mar

I suppose my blog has become a haven for my wedding stuff, but OH WELL! I think more people are reading it now that it’s sort of nerdy-wedding themed, haha.

For our engagement shoot, we had no idea what we wanted to do, and didn’t want to do the full cosplay option of Sailor Moon (I’m more of the cosplay fiend than my fiance), but after chatting with my resourceful friend and amazing wedding photographer Shannon Cottrell (www.libramint.com), she suggested that we feature things we like. The list I came up with was… pretty dumb, but very us: whiskey, games, manga, and tiny animals. Since we don’t currently have a pet, Shannon kindly offered up her cousin’s mini horse as a buddy to play with during the shoot! A MINI HORSE. His name was Lil Henri, but in my head, he was LIL SEBASTIAN (If you don’t watch the show Parks and Recreation, you do not understand my excitement).

Anyway, we combined all these things and had a really nice afternoon shooting these fun photos. I think they really represent us as a couple, and aren’t TOO mushy mushy haha.

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Henshin yo! Sailor Moon Biker Gang Photoshoot

18 Sep

Holy cow, it’s been SO long since I’ve last updated my blog! I’m not sure if I have any readers anymore? Well, I thought I’d pick it back up again since I’ve been doing a ton of fun projects with friends lately!

For my birthday party last May, I made the theme MOON BITCHES, based off of Babs Tarr’s Sailor Moon Bosozoku Biker Gang art below:

Bosozoku Sailor Scouts!

But the party wasn’t enough for us- we wanted to really splash out and do a proper photoshoot with all 5 characters!  My friends and I got together and DIYed our own outfits, and styled our characters in our own little ways… Hope you all are ready for some awesomeness… because here it comes!


Photographer: Greg De Stefano, http://www.gregdestefano.com

Photo Editing: Greg De Stefano (Group) & Yume Ninja (Individual)

Sailor Moon: Michelle “Chubby Bunny” Nguyen, IamChubbybunny.com

Sailor Mercury: Mandie Bettencourt, GeekyGlamorous.com

Sailor Mars: Ruby Rocket, www.rubyleighyoung.com

Sailor Jupiter: Yume Ninja, YumeNinja.com

Sailor Venus: Jennifer Newman, instagram.com/jennernugen


Some notes on this set up:

We have all been cosplaying for waaay too many years- since back in the early 90s if you can even imagine that far back (yeah we’re kinda old). This project was a great chance to actually properly photograph and document a fun side project of ours, and I’m really grateful we did!

We all DIYed our own outfits out of various things we had laying around. My vest was a remake I did of a plain black one, adding Sailor Moon patches, safety pins, star shaped studs, and gradient painting the bottom blue and pink.

Some examples of the patches:

Vest Details:

Some tattoos:



We hiked around downtown Los Angeles for the outdoor shots on a sweltering day this summer, and I’m pretty pleased with the shots! We have plenty of blooper shots that didn’t make the cut, like us holding cute cats, walking (falling) on train tracks (near where they filmed parts of The Dark Knight! haha), and chugging 40s. Maybe some of those will creep up if we feel like people would want to see the blooper reel, haha.

We also majorly FAILED at getting good detail shots of our styling. We had a ton of cute Sailor Moon temporary tattoos emblazoned all over us, which you can kind of peek in the first 3 photos. You can buy some of the Sailor Senshi temp tattoos on Yume’s shop here!

Let us know what you think, and comment below! We had so much fun doing this shoot and hope to do more like it in the future!

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Hello Kitty at San Diego Comic-Con!

10 Jul

So sorry for the blog hiatus everyone! It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and if you’ve been following my antics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you probably know what’s been up with me 🙂 if not.. hop on over there! (username: iamchubbybunny !)

I hopped back over here to announce a new Japananimation Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny Bow, being released exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con this month! The new bow features a purple, blue, pink ombre rainbow color, with silver sparkles throughout. All bows are, as usual, handmade by myself ❤



For full details on the event, see below for the official press release from Sanrio!


 Sanrio Makes Comic-Con International Debut with
Hello Kitty
® Fashion Music Wonderland Experience


Sanrio will make its official debut appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego July 18th-21st, with Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland, an interactive experience that will brilliantly bring Japan’s energetic pop culture to life. Fans will be treated to a colorful, anime-rich experience that will include giveaways, limited edition products, appearances by Hello Kitty and special guests from Sanrio’s Tokyo headquarters, as well as the launch of a new graphic novel, Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland. While Hello Kitty has appeared with partners and collaborators at Comic-Con in the past, 2013 marks the first year that Sanrio is bringing an interactive Hello Kitty fan experience to this famous gathering. Blending the worlds of anime, cosplay, product exclusives, Japanese street culture and superfandom, Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland syncs perfectly with the passionate fan culture that is celebrated at Comic-Con.

  • Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland: Open to the public, this energetic hub is inspired by the styles of Tokyo and Japanese pop culture, putting Hello Kitty at the center of the ultimate fan experience at Comic-Con Interactive Zone at Petco Park. Hello Kitty’s band of Lolitas, who personify anime, cosplay and the colorful style of Japanese pop culture, will host fans at the experience. A retail pop-up shop will offer a mix of event-only and limited edition Japanimation-themed collectible Hello Kitty items, including a free poster with any purchase. Hello Kitty will be present to meet her fans in a Japanimation-style outfit that mirrors the collection of products that will debut at the show. On Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th, a nail artist from Tokyo will be on hand to treat fans to a free Sanrio nail art application with any $25 purchase from the pop-up shop. 
  • Kitty-chan Secret Space: Inside the convention center, the fan experience continues at
    “Kitty-chan Secret Space” (booth 4537). A term of endearment used for Hello Kitty in Japan, “Kitty-chan” is a nod to superfans and a clue that this Comic-Con Hello Kitty is truly distinct. Comic-Con badge holders will have access to the limited edition pink Hello Kitty flocked collector’s figure by Funko that will go on sale each day. The first 50 fans to purchase the figure on Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th will also receive a free customized drawing by one of Sanrio’s lead designers from Tokyo.


  • Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland: A new graphic novel:  Published in partnership with VIZ Media, this is the first-ever Hello Kitty graphic novel and it will make its debut at the retail pop-up shop.  The Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland graphic novel features three stories, each by a different graphic artist:  Jacob Chabot, Victoria Maderna and Ian McGinty.  

– more –


  • Hello Kitty Comic-Con on Social Media (#HelloKittySDCC):  Fans can stay connected with all things Hello Kitty at Comic-Con through a variety of social elements aimed at both Comic-Con goers and those not attending the event. Hello Kitty’s millions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends can share photos and access contests and behind-the-scenes footage to connect with their Hello Kitty fan community.  The fun starts before Comic-Con with a Fan Fiction contest tied to the launch of the new graphic novel.  Fans on-site and at home can stay engaged and entertained through a different interactive social media event each day of Comic-con including Uglydoll and Street Fighter promotions as well as a free download of the Japanimation photo app for a limited time.
  • ·       Limited Edition Products and Comic-Con Launches: A mix of Sanrio co-branded partnerships and special product launches at Comic-Con include:
    • o   Hello Kitty Uglydoll: This collaboration will make its official debut at Comic-Con (booth 3245)
    • o   Sanrio vinyl figures will be available from Funko (booth 5343)
    • o   Limited edition Street Fighter x Sanrio plush at Toynami (booth 3229) and Capcom (booth 215)
    • o   Additional Hello Kitty products at Comic-Con can be found at Mimoco (booths 5338 and 2913M), tokidoki (booth 5145) and Mighty Fine (booth 5647)
    • o   The Hello Kitty ‘Japanimation’ product collection at the Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland pop-up shop at Comic-Con Interactive Zone at Petco Park will include leggings, bodysuits, iPhone cases, a wrist watch, plush, cushions and much more

Shopping Secrets: Daiso: Japan Cute in LA!

4 Apr

When I lived in Japan, I always LOVED going to the 100yen shops and scoring awesome cute things to decorate my home and cheap treats to pickup when I was strapped for cash.

My secret for bargain cuteness, the major chain store of 100yen stores has finally come to Los Angeles! (There are already other locations in the US, so if you live near one, you should go!) It opened quite recently, so I made some time to nip down and stock up on cute and cheap items! There are home goods, beauty items, stationary, snacks, clothing, toys, and more at this enormous Daiso. The price for ALMOST everything in the store is $1.50, with a few items being above that, but don’t worry, they’re clearly marked!

Get ready for a photo explosion of cuteness from Japan!

Lashes galore! All for $1.50 a pack!

Cute false eyelash cases! JUST what I've been looking for!

Cute headband ears in different colors and animals! Bunnies, bears, dogs, bees, sheep, pigs, lions, and lots more!

More photos after the jump!

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March into Spring: Fashion shows, Mademoiselle Yulia, Cherry Blossoms

21 Mar

March is always a funny month. The weather change always brings about a change in people, attitudes, environment, jobs, living situations, temperament.. you name it. Maybe it’s just that those things are always changing, but I only ever notice it in March?

March has been pretty good to me, so far thought! It’s been a busy month, so I wanted to quickly share some photos of fun things that have happened this month!

My co-owned event company Bubble Punch, threw a pretty wicked fashion show at “Japan. Endless Discovery” on March 10, an event marking the 1 year anniversary of the northern Japan earthquake. The show itself was really fun, REALLY big (30+ models!) and had a great turnout.

All of our lovely models.

I’m hidden behind the models trying to get a microphone in this photo, haha. You can see more photos and video from the event here!

The same weekend, my friend Yulia (Better known as Mademoiselle Yulia) was in town, spinning for Joyrich at a party they were hosting at Drai’s Hollywood. Tavuchi (owner of SPANK!) introduced us at a party when I was in Tokyo last summer, so it was great to see her and her boyfriend at the event. I actually ended up going to this event by myself (kind of rare!) last minute, and was pretty amped when I ran into a bunch of my friends just hanging out! Sweet!

Drai's was pretty packed for a Sunday night!

Yulia looking flawless as ever spinning her set at around 1AM.

Probably the worst photo of myself I'll ever post here, haha. But look at how happy we are! L to R, TJ, Onch, Martina, Myself, and in the front is Horacio.

Fun times!

Earlier that day (yeah, totally not posting anything in chronological order here), I went up to Lake Balboa Park for a Cherry Blossom picnic my awesome friend Sheyne was hosting! It was a great way to relax after a full day of event coordinating.  The blooms that weekend weren’t superb, but we were set up next to all the nicely flowering trees and had a good time stuffing ourselves with food and booze ❤

Cherry blossom trees by the lake

So much food. Check out the medieval knife someone brought for cutting bread...! =D

My boyfriend Will, in the ultimate zen pose: "Sun Blocking Sleep."

Have a great March and relax.. because.. SPRING IS COMING! =D

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Chubby Bunny at “Harajuku Holiday!”

23 Feb

I love vending at Tune In Tokyo‘s monthly events whenever possible! The crowd there is super sweet, fun, and passionate about music and fashion, and I always end up leaving with new ideas and new friends 🙂 Last night’s “Harajuku Holiday” themed event was no different, with lots of fun guests in attendance, plus a rad Lolita Fashion show, organized by my buddies Mandie and Oli ❤

The night also boasted performances from May J. and Joe Inoue, the hosts of NHK World’s “J-MELO”, who both performed songs from their latest albums! I was also excited to be invited in as one of the judges for the “Fashion Forward Lolita” contest, which I judged with both May and Joe ❤ Pics of the night below!

The Chubby Bunny booth! I've been marathon-ing "The Last Airbender" for the past 2 weeks while working and just finished the series yesterday, so I was inspired to do some hair loopies for the night! I'm also wearing my Rainbow Sparkle dress that I made for my fashion show at Sweet Streets last year ❤

At the judging table! Myself, May J. and Joe Inoue (making a really hilarious face).

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New In: Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny Collaboration Bows in GUNMETAL & SHATTERED CANDY APPLE

9 Feb

We’re very excited to announce new licensed products as part of our Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny line! Our past Hello Kitty collaboration bows in PINK and RED were so popular that we created more!

The previous Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny collaboration bows have sold thousands worldwide, and were seen on the likes of Paris Hilton and Kimora Lee Simmons, as well as Kitty Mama herself, Yuko Yamaguchi! Make sure to snap up these new ones and show off your Hello Kitty pride!

They are both available exclusively at our web shop at www.iamchubbybunny.com!

The most lux Hello Kitty Bow yet! The luscious deep red of this shiny vinyl has a layer of cracked foil in between the layers of fabric, resulting in a “cracked” candy apple finish! A perfect accessory for any true Hello Kitty fan! It’s like Hello Kitty got some apples and made them into a bow!

This metallic silver is iridescent, changing from a dark metallic grey to black as you move it around in the light. A great option for our Hello Kitty fans that like to wear darker colors, this bow is perfect with any outfit!

For wholesale inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@iamchubbybunny.com!

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