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Japan Day 10 & 11: Mostly food & Nostalgia, and GIRLS’ LIPS =0

4 Sep

On August 1st, I rolled my butt out of the fold out bed, tried to make my face not look like a melting mess, and set out for my full day of Osaka adventure by myself. Nicole had to work until the afternoon so I was on my own to visit my old haunts and be a creepy lady on the streets of Osaka until evening.

I hit up Namba and the Minami Osaka area first and worked my way north through all of the shops that I used to like to frequent.

Can't start the day without a proper breakfast. To the Chococro! The most delicious chocolate croissants ever! And of course, some sort of mystery mayonaise corn pizza kinda thing.

When I saw this, I first thought, oh my god it's THAT damn hot here that they'd want a -2 degrees celcius bar to hang out in?? WTF! Then, later, I found out that they meant the BEER was super cold. Not the room. HURR HURR.

This is super messed up, but I regret not getting these. FIRST OF ALL: ZIMA is still a thing in Japan. It has been sicne it came out, unlike its debut in the US where it came out, flopped, and was tagged the drink of losers. SECOND OF ALL: This is part of a new promotion, where each bottle comes with a set of lips. ACTUAL MOLDS OF MODELS' LIPS. They're rubber, and you put them around the mouth of the zima bottle. When you drink from it, it's as if YOU ARE KISSING THAT MODEL'S LIPS. How. Messed. Up. Is That. But I love it.

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Wet, Hot, Wild Japan Summer: Day 1 Shibuya curse broken: Broken Doll, Koudai, and Dom

23 Jul

I’m awake! in Japan! And only vaguely hungover! Congrats to e.

This morning is probably going to be a pretty rare opportunity for me to update while on this trip, so I figured I may as well make a post before I disappear for a bit.

On Friday, I headed to the airport and met up with Caro (of Sweet Streets, and my travel buddy for this trip!). We knew that Tavuchi was supposed to be on this same flight into Japan, but she was no where to be found as we were boarding. We even heard the desk announce her name over the PA system. Right before the doors to the plane closed, we saw her wander in at the very end with her heart sunglasses on her face looking pretty pleased with herself. We asked her why she was so late, and she just said, “Oh I was eating udon.”

Uhm. Best reason to be late for a plane? Hahaha.

The majestic California mountains as we fly away from Los Angeles.

TIt was my first time on Koeran Air, and I’ve gotta say, I am HOOKED on this airline!!  The seats are nice and roomy, the food is awesome, they give you free slippers and a toothbrush, you have an individual screen to watch both american and asian movies and play games for free on, and the stewardesses are actually NICE TO YOU. WUUT.

Bibimbap, seaweed soup, pickels, and oranges. And a glass for wine to make you sleeps haha.

I watched a really cute Japanese movie on the plane called Patisserie Coin de rue which features Yu Aoi, who was also Hagu in the live action movie version of Honey & Clover. WATCH IT BITCHES. But get ready to cry. About desserts and family and stuff.

Read on to see my first meeting with Broken Doll, Koudai and Dominika!

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