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Apartment Therapy Book Signing: Inspiration for us small-dwelling folk

30 Jun

This past Saturday, I finally had some free time to laze about on the internet, and discovered that Maxwell Gillngham-Ryan, the originator of one of my favorite websites was visiting Los Angeles! THAT DAY!

I reached down next to my bed and pulled out the copy of his book I had just purchased a few weeks ago. The book is called Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces and is a fantastic read for any one who has ever had an interest in improving their living space without spending tons of cash.

One of my favorite aspects of the book, and about the Apartment Therapy website itself, is the sake of reinventing your living space to make your lifestyle and aesthetic happier, not just to be “avant garde” and spend a billion dollars knocking out walls and such.

I’m usually okay in social situations like book signings and things, but for some reason, when I got there I was crazy shy and spent a lot of time fake browsing the store trying to look like I was not trying to see if the author was around. I am a major nerd, sometimes. With the help of my friends (and some champagne), I eventually chatted up one of the homeowners whose house was featured in the book. She was really nice, and later on, told Maxwell I was too embarrassed to talk to him. SOoooo… one thing lead to another, and he came over to talk to me.

It was both really awesome and insanely embarrassing to talk to him.

Myself and Maxwell. Note the crazy awkward smile.

He gave a talk towards the end of the event, recapping how he found himself sort of falling into interior design by force of habit, and then eventually launching the website as a way to share his little glimpses of ideas to people from all over. It was very inspiring listening to his summary of his life, and how he got to where he is today just by friends of friends of friends and lots of hard work. As a business owner myself, though mine is still very small, it felt nice to be reassured that no one else knows what they’re in for when they start a business, too! I took a video of his entire speech but… the audio is SUPER LOW unfortunately ;.;  SO SAD! It was such a great speech!

I have a deep respect for those who take time to make their homes reflect who they are. I’m sad I can’t change around my apartment now, as I’m in a a stage of transition, so I can’t go about purchasing furniture or painting walls just yet. But someday…!!

The talk was over at Heath Ceramics, a really pretty interior good store I had never been to before. I took some pictures of their super cute backyard area. You would never know this place was right on Beverly Blvd in the middle of all the hubbub behind CBS studios.

Enjoy my badly photoshopped pic! I loved the string lights hanging from above, and the ivy mixed with brick. Such a nice table too!

This DIY kids house was so good. I wonder how much it costs???

Oh, duh. It costs THIS MUCH. HAHAHA. 1 Bed 2 Bath!!!


Perfume, J’adore

19 Mar
I have some of their songs on my mp3 player I only use at the gym (great music for running), but it turns out their videos are pretty cute, too! They have a very “typical” style of dancing (Asianposes.com), but I really do enjoy the blocked colors and sort of throwback style of their videos.

Their new PV (“music videos” are referred to as “PVs,” promotional videos, in Japan) below is their latest. Thanks Jamiroquai(had to google how to spell that)! The moving floor thing NEVER GETS OLD with me. Don’t be hatin’! I love robotic/cheerleader style dancing and sequential waterfalls of movement. True Confessions: I was a cheerleader in 6th through 7th grade.

ナチュラルに恋して (Naturally/Normally Falling in Love)

“One Room Disco”
Cute concept with this one, but their choreography can get a bit weird/off. I like when they move to the upper levels. The lighting in this gets a little crazy as well. Good inspiration for solid-color design ideas, though.

“Secret Secret”
It’s like a very peppy ad for Pino chocolates =0 They are cute Asian robots powered by Pino (Actually a chocolate shell with ice cream inside). I like the “cameraman’s” outfit in this one the best.