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Korea Day 1 Continued: Cheese,Shopping, and Beer, Repeat.

3 Oct

So to continue our day from the last post!

We met up with our long lost buddies Liz and Nara at Sinchon station! It’s been ages since we’ve seen them… Hello Kitty Nerd party, I think??

We headed straight on over to CM Box for lunch, which is home of the AMAZING SCOOP CHEESE PIZZA THING. The pizza is in a little pan and it’s mostly cheese and other ingredients on top of a super thing crust )kind of like a flour tortilla?). We got a Camembert cheese pizza, and a sweet potato pizza. DELISH. We also split a plate of creamy seafood pasta and carbonara pasta, too… DROOL.

Camembert pizza comes with a random pentagram on it made with mayo. NICE.

Liz and Nara looking totally adorable ❤

In total contrast to this photo fo Will and I, where I'm holding a plate of pickles and forcing myself to have a double chin. I rule.

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