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Meet “Bunnies & Bows” artist: Jim Mahfood: Exactly What Meeting Your 16-Year-Old Crush Is Like

30 Apr

All of the artists I chosen for the Bunnies & Bows event have influenced me on a creative, professional, or personal level in some way. I’ll be introducing some of the artists who have been sending me in their progress shots for the Bunnies & Bows gallery (debut & opening party May 7!) here!

Jim Mahfood

Yes, in this photo Jim is posing victoriously by a Nissan decorated with his amazing artwork. I would punch a kangaroo for this thing.

Jim Mahfood’s work is heavily influenced by graffiti art, draws in heavy pronounced lines, and he is definitely a badass.

I am going to launch into a really long story, but it’s REALLY IMPORTANT TO MY DEVELOPMENT so just read it and don’t get discouraged by all the nerdy words leaking out.

Generation X: Underground! Still said to be Marvel's most "subversive" comic ever. I still have my copy!!

I have a lot to thank Jim for, and it goes back to when I was the tender age of 16 (I guess 16 year olds are more mature now, or something, but I was 16 at an all-girls Catholic school in Pittsburgh so.. YEAH.). I regularly read comics, you know, the regular ones that are not from Japan, and was pretty mainstream about it, reading a pretty regular cycle of all the X-men titles (that’s like… 10 titles right there, damn you marvel), Spiderman, the Flash, and a smattering of Manga once I got that figured out.  I was a huge fan of the X-Men spinoff series, called “Generation X” where they took all the new young mutants introduced by the Phalanx story arc (getting in to nerd territory here, so just hold on a bit), threw in Jubilee for nostalgia, and created a team. A team led by BANSHEE (ahahhaha. god this is still so funny to me) and THE WHITE QUEEN (RIDICULOUS CHOICES. Marvel made them in the 90s).

ANYWAY, I would regularly skip lunch so I could use my lunch money to buy comics after school, down the street at Phantom of the Attic, (which is still there! Booyah!), and I remember the day I saw the cover for “Generation X

Reggae star Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley, is part of a joint effort with co-writer Joe Casey and artist Jim Mahfood to produce a pot-powered superhero coming to stores on – you guessed it – April 20 of 2011

UNDERGROUND.” I was SO CONFUSED because (and take a look at it in the sidebar there), there were only three colors and the inside was black and white!! I was just like, “Wait, is this a new comic that ripped off the “Gen X name or…?” I was mega curious so I grabbed it off the shelf and was thereby introduced into the world of INDIE COMICS and WHAT THEY LOOKED LIKE. I promptly stopped trying to imitate Humberto Ramos (I was a HUGE fan of Impulse, despite the turnover of writers.. damn you for leaving Mark Waid) when sketching and immediately tried to draw exactly like Jim. For like, an entire year or two. All of the notes to my friends, day dream doodles in my notebooks.. they all tried to emulate Jim’s awesome blocky style he used in the Generation X Underground comic. I went on to collect Jim’s other work “Grrl Scouts,” which I really loved. Thinking back on it, I MUST have been in love with the art, because I seriously had NO IDEA WHAT WEED WAS when I was 16. Yeah man, THAT sheltered. (Major plot point in Grrl scouts had to do with the selling of marijuana. Womp womp).

Okay, huge tangent. THE POINT IS! Jim is a badass mofo, who introduced me to “Not the mainstream” when it came to sequential art. This is a big deal!

Well, I stopped reading American comics for a while after I entered college– that’s when I hit my huge manga-nerd stage–  and I forgot about Mahfood’s work until I moved to Japan in about 2005, and there, met a girl from the Bronx who had packed her entire collection of Grrl Scouts with her! We totally bonded over Jim’s work (is this getting creepy yet? I feel like it’s getting creepy), and through that ice breaker, we eventually became super close friends.

Enough about me and how Jim’s art has changed my life. ABOUT JIM.

I moved to LA and after I became friends with Jamie of JapanLA, she mentioned that Jim USED TO BE HER NEIGHBOR. WTFFFFF. I met him in person a few times, and he was a super nice guy, and luckily, was not completely creeped out by my fangirling. He does a lot of live painting around LA and elsewhere, and if you have a chance you should totes check it out. Super inspiring stuff, guys!

On to Jim’s Bio.. which is totally impressive…

If you watch NBC's "Community" at all, you know who Kickpuncher is. Jim illustrated the comic for it. I REALLY NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS ASAP!

Jim Mahfood aka Food One is a freelance artist working professionally in the fields of illustration, advertising, comic books, murals, fine art, animation, live art in nightclubs, and custom body-painting. He has worked for every major comic book company and his illustrations have appeared in such publications as Playboy, Spin, Spectrum Illustration Annual, Star Wars Gamer, URB, the Hollywood Reporter, BPM, the Phoenix New Times, Mad Magazine, Heavy Metal, and more. Highlights of his career include illustrating director Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics, handling the art chores on the entire ad campaign for Colt 45 malt liquor in 2007-08, painting the murals on Comedy Central’s “Sarah Silverman Show”, illustrating the “Kickpuncher” comic book that was included in the Season 1 DVD of NBC’s hit show, “Community”, illustrating and art directing reggae legend Ziggy Marley’s “MarijuanaMan” project, and providing custom car art for Nissan’s new “Juke” Artist Series (that’s what the photo at the top is of!).

The work he created for the show is amazing! Take a look! I am HONORED!

Mizz Chubbs & The Demon Hare Crew
Mixed Media
10″ x 16″

For all purchase inquiries, you can contact me at iamchubbybunny (at) gmail (dot ) com! Stay tuned for more artists’ previews for the Bunnies & Bows show!