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March into Spring: Fashion shows, Mademoiselle Yulia, Cherry Blossoms

21 Mar

March is always a funny month. The weather change always brings about a change in people, attitudes, environment, jobs, living situations, temperament.. you name it. Maybe it’s just that those things are always changing, but I only ever notice it in March?

March has been pretty good to me, so far thought! It’s been a busy month, so I wanted to quickly share some photos of fun things that have happened this month!

My co-owned event company Bubble Punch, threw a pretty wicked fashion show at “Japan. Endless Discovery” on March 10, an event marking the 1 year anniversary of the northern Japan earthquake. The show itself was really fun, REALLY big (30+ models!) and had a great turnout.

All of our lovely models.

I’m hidden behind the models trying to get a microphone in this photo, haha. You can see more photos and video from the event here!

The same weekend, my friend Yulia (Better known as Mademoiselle Yulia) was in town, spinning for Joyrich at a party they were hosting at Drai’s Hollywood. Tavuchi (owner of SPANK!) introduced us at a party when I was in Tokyo last summer, so it was great to see her and her boyfriend at the event. I actually ended up going to this event by myself (kind of rare!) last minute, and was pretty amped when I ran into a bunch of my friends just hanging out! Sweet!

Drai's was pretty packed for a Sunday night!

Yulia looking flawless as ever spinning her set at around 1AM.

Probably the worst photo of myself I'll ever post here, haha. But look at how happy we are! L to R, TJ, Onch, Martina, Myself, and in the front is Horacio.

Fun times!

Earlier that day (yeah, totally not posting anything in chronological order here), I went up to Lake Balboa Park for a Cherry Blossom picnic my awesome friend Sheyne was hosting! It was a great way to relax after a full day of event coordinating.  The blooms that weekend weren’t superb, but we were set up next to all the nicely flowering trees and had a good time stuffing ourselves with food and booze ❤

Cherry blossom trees by the lake

So much food. Check out the medieval knife someone brought for cutting bread...! =D

My boyfriend Will, in the ultimate zen pose: "Sun Blocking Sleep."

Have a great March and relax.. because.. SPRING IS COMING! =D

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