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Meet “Bunnies & Bows” artist: San Smith: Blast from the Pink Past!

27 Apr

All of the artists I chosen for the Bunnies & Bows event have influenced me on a creative, professional, or personal level in some way.  I’ll be introducing some of the artists who have been sending me in their progress shots for the Bunnies & Bows gallery (debut & opening party May 7!) here!

San Smith

It would seem that my otaku past has a way with catching up with me. Dianne Garcia and I are nerd friends from the past, but San Smith and I also come from the way-back-when time machine! We first met for the simple reason that we both REALLY liked Miwako, a character from the

A wedding invite San drew on commission for fellow nerd friend Ginny, aka G-Chan!

series Paradise Kiss (BEFORE IT WAS EVER AN ANIME, SUCKAS!), making us O.G. Ai Yazawa fans <3. After a few months of constant back and forth comments and emails on Livejournal, the fate of our real lives stepped in and we lost touch for over  almost 8 years (Basically, San deleted her Livejournal account and since we are nerds and didn’t know any other pertinent info about each other, that was the end of that). However, we got back in touch when one day when I recieved a comment on my blag from SAN. I immediately emailed her asking, in an almost too-crazy way, “HEY HEY ARE YOU SAN? MIWAKO SAN? SAN FROM OUR NERD YEARS?” Thank goodness it was her, and not some other girl, because the email would have been creepy as hell if it was for a stranger.

San often does cute illustrations of herself for her outfit-of-the-day posts!

We got back in touch with each other via each others’ blogs, and she even came to visit me in LA when she was trying out to, become a 6%DOKIDOKI model during the Sweet Streets 2 Gallery opening event (and succeeded!). San is such a sweet girl, and I was very glad to see her IRL again. I’m only sad it wasn’t during a slower time of the year when I wasn’t running an event and had not too too much time to hang out 😦

ANYWAY! enough reminiscing! San is now a successful freelance illustrator! She has a really smooth illustrative style, and currently resides in Atlanta, home to many of my east coast nerd friends of yore ❤

Her bio from her site:

San Smith is a professional Illustrator residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Her style is inspired by her interest in animation, comic books and vintage toys. When San isn’t drawing, she enjoys hula hooping, riding bicycles, photography and chasing her chihuahua around the house. Her influences include Jamie Hernandez, Dan DeCarlo, Tara McPherson and Bruce Timm.

Now that the Bunnies & Bows show is so close, I have FINAL images for many of my artists! Check out her in-progress shot of her work, and then her final product below!

In-progress shot of her conceptualizing her ideas for the piece

“All wrapped up”
Medium: Digital print
Size: 8.5×11″
Price: $75.00

Can’t wait to see it in person! ❤

For all purchase inquiries, you can contact me at iamchubbybunny (at) gmail (dot ) com! Stay tuned for more artists’ previews for the Bunnies & Bows show!