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By Hook or by Crook: “Hookers” Opening Night at Corey Helford Gallery

2 Apr

On March 31, Natalia Fabia‘s group curated show “Hookers,” presented at the Corey Helford Gallery celebrated their opening night!

Natalia is an awesome lady, and amazing oil painter that I met at a party many moons ago, and she asked myself and Yume to pose for one of her paintings <3. The theme for this night’s exhibition was “Hookers,” a word that Natalia always uses to describe women who are strong, independent, and stylish, using it in a positive sense to convey modern feminine beauty.

The show featured 22 artists’ rendition of “Hookers,” and the opening night was jammed packed with awesome art and colorful people!

"Miss America Fuck Yeah," by Natalia Fabia

The hordes of people visiting opening night.

Outfit shot from the night! Click on the photo to "Hype" my coord on Lookbook!

More pics after the jump!

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Kittens & Ice Cream Artwork: ネコポリタン (Nekopolitan)!

25 May

I will be participating in JapanLA’s “Kittens & Ice Cream’ art exhibition, which opens June 4th!

I just finished photographing the art piece that I’ll be entering in the gallery! A portion of the sales will go to the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support.

I used gouache, which I love for its texture, and some acrylic to get the pearly looking accents just right 🙂 At first, I had just the cat face on the ice cream cone, but added fangs and creepy claws to it to give it more character and weirdness, haha. The little faces in the melted puddle creep me out…!

I named it ネコポリタン (Nekopolitan),! Will gave me the idea to mishmash the words “Neko ” (which means “cat” in Japanese) and neopolitan, since the colors are striped in the ice cream 🙂

Hope you guys like it! If you have any questions about it, or are interested in purchasing, let me know at iamchubbybunny@gmail.com!

ネコポリタン (Nekopolitan), 2011
Michelle Nguyen
8″ x 10″
Gouache and acrylics on board
Frame is lavender with silver glitter (1″ deep)

You can see the ice cream-like texture I tried to achieve and the shiny metallics from this angle :3

I had fun DIY-ing the simple frame by making it lavender and adding silver glitter.

Another angle to see texture

Signing my real name on artwork, and not as "Chubby Bunny" 🙂 Shock!

If you’d like to see the work in person, it will be on display in JapanLA from June 4 throughout the month! Also, if you’re local to LA, you can come to the big opening party! (Hosted by my event production company Bubble Punch!) Hope to see you there!

Epic flyer by Michelle Romo!

“Bunnies & Bows” Opening Video!

19 May

Hey everyone! My awesome friends over at One Bus Productions have finished editing the video and interviews taken at the “Bunnies & Bows” opening on May 7th!

Check out this awesome video, featuring shots of the amazing party at JapanLA, and candid interviews with:

Video and interviews taken at the “Bunnies & Bows” exhibition opening, featuring a look at the awesome party, and interviews with:

Designer of Chubby Bunny and curator of Bunnies & Bows, Michelle Nguyen

Bunnies & Bows artists:
Yume Ninja
Jim Mahfood

and musician Kerli

Shot and edited by One Bus Productions: Tim Chang & Rayne Vasquez

I totally got teary-eyed watching this… and I must have been excited because my voice was super high o.o

**Chubby Bunny accessories that were available at this show are now available online here!

Thanks again to everyone who supported me to make this event truly amazing!

Meet “Bunnies & Bows” artists: Shibuya Girls Pop: Pop Art from Japan

1 May

All of the artists I chosen for the Bunnies & Bows event have influenced me on a creative, professional, or personal level in some way. I’ll be introducing some of the artists who have been sending me in their progress shots for the Bunnies & Bows gallery (debut & opening party May 7!) here!

Shibuya Girls Pop is an artist collective comprised of artists who live in Japan, and specialize in “cute,” and have made a business of it over the years. In the U.S. , SGP is represented by Sweets Streets, whom I’ve worked with on many projects as part of Bubble Punch. I am very lucky to have five of the artists from the collective contribute new work for Bunnies and Bows!

Akira Ebihara

Akira Ebihara’s work features soft, whispy lines, and rosy cheeked girls. Her style is ultra feminine, and is an instant favorite of anyone who likes girly things! I was familiar with Ebihara’s work from seeing it all over Japan when I was living there. It was almost subversive, because you would often see her illustrations used for magazine articles, then again in department stores as part of signage, and again on the train in an advertisement. I was really pleased when I finally found out the name of the artist whose work I’d been seeing everywhere!

Residing in Tokyo, Akira Ebihara became a freelance illustrator in 2004. She primarily draws illustrations for magazine covers, women’s magazines, books, and commercial media for women ranging from teens to adults. Her illustrations have been highlighted in international design and magazines. Akira began exhibiting overseas in 2010 with SWEET STREETS.

Ebihara's finished work or Bunnies & Bows!!! SO adorable!

Tea Time, 2011
Digital Print (limited edition)
11.7” x x8.3”


eimi (one word, not capitalized..!) is a very unique artist, with a style that is extremely high in texture and soft diluted colors. eimi’s characters often look smug or annoyed, which I really enjoy. eimi has appeared in the U.S. several times for live paintings, and it is really wonderful to see her work in progress! She’s an incredibly nice and cheerful girl, and most recently came to LA to do a live painting for the Magical Girls’ exhibition opening on April 1st. I was very happy to meet her!

eimi's past work

Her work for Bunnies & Bows is going to be a great hit!

Eimi illustrates cute girls who are always bright and happy. Sometimes they feel like doing mischief and feel anxiety about eating too much, expressing the many emotions of girls. Eimi evokes this emotion with a glaring pop style that she calls “pink science.” Her artwork is a combination of mixed media, using mainly acrylic, watercolors, and paper collage in a monochromatic palette.

eimi's progress photo of her "Bunnies & Bows" work!

Kayo Tamaishi

I really love Kayo’s work! Her pieces always emote s sort of surface-level simplicity, but then is subversive in

My favorite of Kayo's past work. Under the sea ❤

Kayo's past work.

its details. If you look at any of her work, it always seems like it’s just a picture of a sweet girl, but when you look at the smaller characters and objects around the main figure, you can see she has ulterior messages in her work. If you look at her blog (link above), she often posts her work followed by many photos of the things that inspired it. Right now she’s very into flowers since spring has just come to Japan.

Kayo Tamaishi was born in 1980 and raised in Yokohama, Japan. Kayo’s work includes water painting, book cover design, magazine illustration, T-shirts design,design of CDjacket,Advertisement,Poster, Live painting,and more.Eyes of girls whom she draws are impressive and attractive.Pleasure, sadness, happiness, solitude, and various secrets are included in the eyes.All girls whom she draws are cute and fashionable. They are always casual, and enjoying that she is a woman. Kayo started activity except Japan such as L.A. from 2010.

Kayo's finished work for Bunnies & Bows!

Thousands of Prayer Bows, 2011
Color pencils, color pens
11” x 14”


NICO's past work

I am so pleased to be able to have NICO as part of the Bunnies & Bows show. I am a huge fan of hers, and have been since I was introduced to her work while living in Japan. Her work, like Ebihara’s, is extremely prevalent in every media outlet in Japan, and I would often see her work on

NICO's Past work. One of my favorites by her!

buildings, at stores, and in magazines. Her extremely graphic style is cool and pleasing to the eye, and she mainly works in digital format only. However, for Bunnies & Bows, I am so excited to announce that NICO will be producing an original painting for the show, something that is extremely rare for her as an artist! Usually she only does digital prints on canvas. Anyone who is a fan of NICO’s work should definitely come and see it in person!

NICO began illustrating at a young age professionally in 2001.  Her modern pop artwork is gaining international popularity, having designed many CD albums, characters, magazine designs for Vogue Nippon, GQ, Loreal, Mattel, and Paperchase stationary. She is based in Japan, UK, and exhibits worldwide. 

Yuki Takahashi

Yuki's past work

Yuki Takahashi works in a very soft style with watercolors and and a lack of black lines despite the graphic quality of her work. Yuki’s work is very whimsical, and often takes the idea of gravity for granted, usually featuring free floating objects, or with a lot of movement present in the character’s features, the objects around them, or the background images.

Her work for Bunnies & Bows combines all of these elements, and is sure to be a show stopper at the gallery!

Yuki Takahashi’s artwork came to the attention of Tokyo art fans when she designed the back cover of Japanese art magazine “Design No Genba [The Scene Of The Design]” in the Liquitex illustration contest in 2008. She is a traditional illustrator

working with a variety of medium such as acrylic gouache, watercolor, and colored pencils to make her artwork colorful and pop. She is a recipient of the CWC Chance-Ten Finalist Award.

Yuki's in-progress photo of her work for Bunnies & Bows!

Meet “Bunnies & Bows” artist: Michelle Romo: Heck Yeah, Cute Times!

24 Apr

All of the artists I chosen for the Bunnies & Bows event have influenced me on a creative, professional, or personal level in some way.  I’ll be introducing some of the artists who have been sending me in their progress shots for the Bunnies & Bows gallery (debut & opening party May 7!) here!

Michelle Romo

Michelle Romo is the mind behind Crowded Teeth, a super cute brand that focuses on 2d shape-oriented character art! Her extensive line of products produced through Loungefly includes wallets, bags, socks, T-shirts, and a whole lot more!

Michelle's gallery at JapanLA is chock full of cute! Even the walls are decorated!

I was first exposed to Michelle’s awesome artwork when I saw her come in to JapanLA to drop off her artwork for the Hello Kitty Three Apples exhibition that (JapanLA owner Jamie curated the show). She was immediately super friendly and easy to talk to, and I was really impressed to meet the Crowded Teeth designer in person, since I have often seen her products on sale practically everywhere!

Michelle often does 3d art, like these little guys playing instruments!

Michelle often does 3d art, like these little guys playing instruments!

Michelle is very modest, and always willing to help others! She talked about her art style with me right away, even though I had just met her (I feel like she was giving me trade secrets!) and I’m so pleased that we are still friends today, always bumping into each other at the same art show openings 🙂 She’s been a big inspiration to me, since her art style resonates very strongly with the illustrative quality of my own work, and she has been so patient and nice to me, giving me advice on art styles, tools, and being jaw-some.

She recently opened a solo show at JapanLA, full of awesome cuteness! Many of her works have already sold, but you should come down and check out the installation, which will be up until May 2nd! I snapped a few pics when I went for the opening party a few weeks ago! =D

Here’s info on her background from her site!

Michelle's collection of rings she made for the event! I made sure to grab a white bunnymonster looking one ❤

Michelle Romo is a self-taught illustrator and designer who is fueled by cookies and naps. She got her first computer when she was 16 and she hasn’t stopped working since. Her influences include Mid-Century, Japanese, and Scandinavian design and pretty much anything cute.

Michelle created her line, Crowded Teeth, in 2004 and continues to create characters and products under that name. When she isn’t working she spends her time eating good food, hugging her friends, playing video games, and crafting. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Jason and their two cats, Hurts and Morgan.

Here’s her in-progress photo of her work! I’m sure the final product is going to be SO MUCH MORE amazing than this! Michelle always adds surprising elements to her work like interesting framing, hidden characters, and 3d pieces!

For all purchase inquiries, you can contact me at iamchubbybunny (at) gmail (dot ) com! Stay tuned for more artists’ previews for the Bunnies & Bows show!