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Japan Day 7: Asobisystem presents “Harajuku Kawaii” event + peek at PARCO’s Bearbricks’ Exhibit

16 Aug

Friday, July 29th was insanity in a bottle.

Caro and I hopped off the bullet train, made it to our hotel room, and then managed to get ready and back out the door by 4pm-ish!

The Harajuku Kawaii event was being held in honor of model agency Asobisystem‘s 4th Anniversary, featuring fashion shows, musical performances, and a talk with 6%DOKIDOKI‘s Sebastian and renowned photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (AKA “Yone”).

Sebastian had been kind enough to invite us as VIP guests to the event, so we got to feel kinda fancy and go backstage and watch all the madness go down. We also go to meet up with the super hardworking Kira, who is the main photographer for Tokyofashion.com, and a total sweetheart. He had to get to work shooting photos down on the main floor, but Caro and I were able to relax in the VIP balcony area where we could watch the show from above.

View from the balcony area.

Someone stopped me for a "street" fashion snap, too 🙂 Photo by ChangeFashion.net!

The first set of the fashion show portion were brands Spinns Harajuku, Grimoire, and galaxxxy.

Super fun coordinates from SPINNS Harajuku (they also have a branch in Osaka too <3). Photo courtsey of Kira of Tokyofashion.com

Grimoire model

Set of Grimoire models. Photo courtesy of Kira of TokyoFashion.com.

Models from the first set of the fashion show take their bows/end walk.

After the first portion, bands Astro and Ram Rider performed on stage.

Astro performed a short set of slightly beachy-hip hop beats.

Ram Rider performed electro tunes, but for some reason, it was mostly covers of other songs electronified. The style of music they chose to cover ranged from Daft Punk (cool, appropriate) to Brazilian chanting music (uhmm what?).

But I can fogive their musical confusion because they have LIGHT UP SUITS. Hello, Tron Band!

After this performance, there was a short fashion show comprised of student work under the name “Replicant,” which.. I didn’t get any great photos of so I’ll just skip over that quickly. After that, 6%DOKIDOKI’s show was up, and it was definitely the most energetic performance of the night!

It was definitely a full on performance combined with fashion show, featuring their two main models, Yuka and Vanii, and German, French, and Dutch models dancing in chorus with them.

Vanii started off the show with a rough and tumble attitude and snarky glare at the crowd. I LOVE this photo of her! Taken by Kira of Tokyofashion.com, of course!

Yuka does a little dance for the crowd.

All the while, she's sporting this adorable bunny ear/antennae hairdo! Photo courtesy of Kira of Tokyofashion.com.

And here’s a quick video I shot so you can get a feel for how insane it got with the dancing and the.. giant rabbit costumed person who came out later! So amazing!

After the 6%DOKIDOKI show, a panel of guests came out to talk about the origins of Harajuku street fashion and what it’s developed into today. Of note, panelists included 6%’s Sebastian, Photographer Yone, and musician and model Kyaari Pamyupamyu (also known as “Carrie”). Yone is quite famous for his fashion magazine editing and photography, the founding of CexWork, his own “checki” instax camera design, and also his blog he does for Hypebeast. Kyaari, if you’ve somehow managed to NOT hear of her by now, is the newest, hottest thing in Japanese pop music, having made a real hit with her debut single “PonPonPon.” It’s goddamn catchy, is what it is.

Kyaari and Yone on stage during the talk show. Photo courtesy of Tokyofashion.com

The full panel of guests for the talk show.

After the talk show, we went backstage to congratulate everyone, and take some photos! If you’d like to see lots of photos from backstage and more photos of the fashion show itself, make sure to check out Tokyofashion.com’s exclusive coverage in their special 6%DOKIDOKI feature here!

Tokyofashion.com photographer, Kira, snaps the 6%DOKIDOKI models after the show.

Kira also took this fabulously classy photo of Sebastian and I right after that, haha.

Okay, so right after this was a little intermission of sorts. We were invited to go with some of the DOKIDOKI crew to go to the VIP opening party for the Bearbricks exhibit at the PARCO department store in Shibuya, but the event at Harajuku Kawaii was still ongoing! So we nipped out for a quick trip to Parco with the staff and saw some really cool Bearbricks stuff!

It was raining outside so I didn’t get a shot of the GIANT Bearbricks out front, but here is a photo from Tokyofashion.com that they shot a few days prior:

Giant Bearbricks!

There was an insane line to get into the VIP party, and.. it was mostly bros! haha. Weirdly enough, we bumped into people we knew there, such as Mamy and another of Caro’s friends! I even saw Hello Kitty Mama (Yuko Yamaguchi) there, too!

A Rilakkuma and Bearbrick collaboration piece.

Gatachapin Bearbrick!

The gallery was MEGA CROWDED!

Yuka poses next to the 6%DOKIDOKI collaboration Bearbrick inside the case.

Caro and I even posed next to a REAL MOVING BEARBRICK MASCOT! It was sort of terrifying because we didn't know there was a person in it until it started moving.... EEEEK SCARY WHERE ARE ITS EYESSS!

We were there for maybe.. 15 to 20 minutes. Then we were whisked away again to see the end of the Harajuku Kawaii event! Unfortunately, we missed Kyaari’s performance, buuut thanks to my buddies at Tokyofashion, at least I can show you a quick pic of it! It looks like her skirt is American Apparel?

A collage of Kyaari's first live performance! Photo courtesy of Tokyofashion.com

At the very end of the event, the organizers had all the models and fans line up close to the stage and do a cute photo op/cheer to celebrate Asobisystem’s Anniversary. Check out how cute this video I took is… first they practice, then they do it FOR REALS! Cameo of my face.

You can take a gander at some of the models who were involved in this show, mostly famous bloggers and shop girls from around Tokyo,and aspiring models.

After this, many things happened, including having a quick bite with Valerie and her husband, going to the official after party at Club Asia, and having late night izakaya times with the 6%DOKIDOKI crew well into the night. We had to taxi it back to the hotel around 3am, but we made it there alive! WHOO!

Many, many more photos that I did not post on this blog are located on my Flickr towards the bottom, so make sure to check it out!

Of course, I was not able to get photos of every single brand and musical performance since we were running around so much, so please take a look at these MUCH MORE DETAILED reports over at TokyoFashion.com and more photos at ChangeFashion.


Japan Day 4: Drinking, Eatin, Fashion-ing, and Friends: DOG Harajuku store tour, Friend adventures, and Shinjuku Golden Gai

10 Aug

I’ve been getting some nice feedback on these posts I’ve been making 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s reading! Hang in there for quite a few more days of posts keke..

Some people were asking, but normally you are NOT allowed to take photos in stores at all. The only reason I was allowed to take photos was because all of the shop staff were either friends of the people we were with, they knew of me somehow (I blame Tavuchi’s blog, haha), or we asked them very nicely and explained it was for blog coverage or industry research. So don’t be a jerk when you go to Japan and just start snapping photos. Always ask permission! Anywhoo, on to the next day’s activities!

The next day, Caro and I headed to Harajuku to work on some projects (Can’t really talk about what exactly they were though, yet) and got a nice walk about Harajuku with friends.

We had a quick yakiniku lunch meeting in this Hawaiian-themed restaurant that overlooks Omotesando crossing. Quite the view!

We headed over to Takeshita Dori, also known as Cat Street, to do some location scouting kinda things, and took some fun pics. A bunch of our friends somehow or another showed up to play so it was actually really fun!

The entrance to Takeshita Dori/Street, from the view of the front of Harajuku Station. I don't know why but I really hate those balloons.

More photos, and the rest of the day after the jump!

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Japan Day 3: Harajuku Time Sales, Grimoire Store Tour, & SPANK! store tour!

9 Aug

Day 3 for me was Monday, July 25, and definitely the worst jetlag I experienced on the entire trip. Weirdly enough, I didn’t feel tired at all on Sunday, since it was a constant GO GO GO battle for us, but I had small bursts of downtime on Monday which made me almost fall asleep in the weirdest places.

I woke up early and headed out before Caro for some meetings for work-related fun times. Later on, I was able to grab lunch with 6%DOKIDOKI‘s Sebastian and Mika, his assistant, and catch up on things. Lunch was delish!

Steamed pork, with ponzu dipping sauce. SO DELICIOUS and summery!

Casual Sebastian! And Mika (right) during lunch.

After that I scooted over to the Harajuku 6%DOKIDOKI shop again to say hello to my buddies there and pick up a few cute things I had spotted the day before but didn’t have time to get. I like that they have a good range of prices, from some select goods that are cute and small, like little rings for 800yen, to their custom made clothing which is.. well, a little out of my range at the moment, hehe. I did a quick pic with Yuka and Vani after that, maybe you can see the sleepiness in my face? haha.

Yuka’s (left) shoes are SO KILLER! She said she got them off eBay..! I’m looking a little derpy here, but at least my girls’ is cute! Oh yeah, I made my skirt, too! Hard to see, but there are a bunch of hearts fluttering off of it heh..

Caro was busy in a different part of town, so I took the opportunity to poke around my old haunts in Harajuku and dip into some of the craziness that is the Japan Summer Sales (the last day of which, for a lot of stores, was this day). Summer Sales usually start the Saturday before the Obon vacation, which is good timing for the general public because 1) school kids get off for summer vacation right around then so they have free time to buy things and 2) the general public can buy nice cute things to wear during their 1 to 2 week long Obon summer vacation.

I went to a bunch of smaller stores, but the biggest hoo-ha in the area was definitely the huge sales going on at LaForet, the big fashion department store on the corner of Omotesando crossing.

The crowds just outside the department store. I remember sitting down on a bench for a second, finishing a lemonade, and taking a deep breath before plunging into the darkness known as SUMMER SALES.

So, not only are most products in the stores on a huge price cut- i was seeing up to 80% discounts! – but there is also the demon known as the TIME SALE in Japan, where for a limited time, usually 30 minutes to an hour, there’s an ADDITIONAL discount on top of what’s already advertised. Once the girls start screaming “TAIMUUU SEEEE RU,” customers begin to RUN, not walk, into the department advertsing the discount, and push and pull each other around until they grab their desired items and hop into line. It’s the most unruly I’ve really ever seen J-peeps, and it’s not even THAT bad.. just… CROWDED.

Inside the madness, the great terror known as the TIME SALE begins.

I did, in case you were wondering, pick up some AMAZINGLY cheap things from these time sales. I believe I got:
2 necklaces: 1000yen
1 pair jeans from World Wide Love!: 1000 yen (used to be 8400yen!)
1 scary looking USB mouse from Swimmer: 800Yen (previously 1500yen)

I was on kind of a tight budget while in Japan, so being able to buy gifts for people or things I needed for 1,000yen or less was pretty awesome.
I love having an easily concealable camera so I can take ninja photos of things I really like, but don’t feel like buying. Window shopping is insanely satisfying for me.

Here are some other random photos I took while putzing around Harajuku:

Panda pockets, my friends. It’s a thing, and I love it.

Jam pants. They’re a thing. Tell your friends. I really wanted a pair of these cray things but.. yeah.. just too crazy.

An Evangelion + Lotteria (a fast food burger chain) campaign. Uhmm. What the hell? Why not, I guess… haha.

Right around the time I was pondering whether to get an Evangelion burger, I got a text from Caro to meet her in Shibuya to meet some of her friends and take photos of Grimoire. I scooted over there and met up with Caro and her friend.

Grimoire is recognized as one of the premiere brands that brought Dolly-kei fashion to Japan (and is often confused for Mori-girl fashion) that stocks unique vintage items from Europe and the US, and creates original accessories and remade items in their store. What is so amazing about this store, however, may not be the products themselves, but the atmosphere of the decor in the store itself. Grimoire is a store that has taken great pains to create a magical forest wonderland that absorbs you and makes you forget about the outside world when you enter their doors. Simply shopping in the store is a cathartic experience, and I can see why so many girls flock to their two branches in Shibuya. There’s a more complete article about Grimoire and its founders here on TokyoFashion.com!

Their second, and larger location, in Shibuya.

Really great displays for the clothing, so romantic!

Superfluous pic of me in one of their gorgeous mirrors they use for the dressing area

Proper shot of the dressing area. These magnificentlyheavy curtains come down when you untie the super fancy rope tassels

Can you say LUSH? Our TASSELS got TASSELS in ’em yo!

In any given corner you can see cute vintage shoes and cute vintage.. squirrels playing the piano with an acorn. OBVIOUSLY. This is super cute.

More beautiful displays

Some of the cute original accessories made by the Grimoire staff. These are pretty flowers-in-flowers with small gears or antique keys attached to them to make hair fascinators.

After that we hoofed it over to Koenji again (YAY!) to meet up with Tavuchi and so that I could finally see the SPANK! store! I am a terrible person and have not actually BEEN to a SPANK! location before! Currently there are 2 locations, one in Shibuya, called “Spank me!” and one in Koenji, if you ever wanna check it out 🙂

A quick intermission… this is a pic of a weird bilboard on the train platform… WHATTTT?

Now get ready for a completely different sort of store tour! SPANK! is located in a cool shoutengai (covered shopping street) in Koenji, about a quick 3 minute walk from the station, and up a small flight of stairs. When you open the door, you’ll hear the store playing cute pop punk music of Tavuchi’s choosing, and often, you’ll hear Mademoiselle Yulia’s tracks playing, as Yulia and Tavuchi are good friends from way back (so cute!)

Get ready for the visual candy!

SO CUTE! I love their handmade penguin guys! ❤

Spank’s Look is VERY DIY.. I love it! It’s so cute and playful!”

Hello Barbie salon head!!

Adorable earrings, necklaces and barettes are hand made and one of a kind!

All of these vintage shoes… WANT!

One wall space decorated to look like a SPANK! bedroom! I love how Tavuchi likes to throw wigs on top of th enecks of dressforms.. it’s so cute yet weird!

Unicorns, rainbows, stars, and cute girls. LOVE IT, LIVE IT!

Hey hey! The dress I wanted from way back!! I TOTES bought this (my only big purchase this entire trip!) to show my Spank love and, DUH wear a unicorn with sunglasses on it. I looove it!

Tavuchi met up with us shortly after the crazy photo/shopping spree we did in SPANK! and we hopped down to Baby King Kitchen!
This restaurant is really cute, because it 1) caters to young children (there are crayons and kids books, and big benches/couches so you can sit with your little ones, and a baby swing!! There’s a little bell to ring at the bottom of the stairs too so the staff can help you carry up strollers) and 2) makes really cute kids cafeteria-style food for ADULTS too! Whee! We met Tavuchi and her friend Toko there (who co-runs the store “Hikari” in Koenji) and, as my jetlag pulled into full gear, made small talk while I slumped into the corner of the couch and started to fall asleep 😦 I SUCK AT EVERYTHING OH GOD! I felt SO BAD because we were supposed to hang out all night this night and I totally died! the heat and the jetlag were too much for me 😦 Lame! At least I was able to hang out with everyone for a bit and eat the yummy food though ❤

We are trying to be robots. AWESOME ROBOTS. Tavuchi (left) and me (right)

Caro and Toko!

The Princess Set! Caro and I both got one, and it came with a free pin! We got to pick out of a box of pins hehe so cute ❤

Tavuchi ordered the Baby Pudding Set… so cute =D I love how there’re faces on everything!

Today was the must jetlagged/sleepy day I had, unfortunately, BUT! I was able to shake it for pretty much the rest of the trip. We had a wonderful time hanging out and meeting new friends this day!  It was only about half work related which was good, too!

I’ll do my best to continue updating about my Japan trip!

For now…!

SPANK!’s “closed” sign is even adorbale!

The San Francisco Treat Part 3: ARMAGEDDON!

26 Sep

Ok, not really ARMAGEDDON all super dramatic with Liv Tyler, BUT!

Saturday was the first official day of the J-Pop summit. Last year, they held their first on in honor of the opening of the New People building, and fans lined up from all over the place to get a look at the first US-based BTSSB and Black Peace Now stores, as well as a 1-month long pop up store by 6%DOKIDOKI. This time around, they were celebrating their 1 year anniversary with bands, street vendors, and sales! BTSSB held a fukubukero (Lucky Pack) sale, which I heard had quite the line in the morning!

Being the late-comers we are, we rolled into New People at around 11:30 or so, to help set up Shrinkle’s pop-up shop, assist with crazy 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show madness, and get some beers, haha!

Sporting my new Black Peace Now shirt! 60% off, baby!! Makeup TOTALLY inspired by YumeNinja & a picture pasted on the door of Shrinkle's closet!

I got hella roped in to helping with doing the models' hair for 6%! This is Christine's finished hair, finished with assistance from Vani!

Lookit all these models, MUAs and hairstylists GO GO GO! Makeup by Sugarpill, of course! Can you spot Bei? She was also roped in for the great MAKE-UP-ING!

The hub-ub outside!

The front of the New Peole building. Is it just me, or is the name of this building DUMB?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Yay! A Stephiee sighting! Stephiee runs DollyBeast, and is also a devout Mori Chak fan! Mori (creator of Gloomy Bear) was in for the day to do a signing! lucky ducky got a ticket to talk to the fro master himself! Her custom-made dress features one of Mori's lesser-known sheep characters, PoDolly =D

I was sad I didn’t have more time to chat with Mori (later one he stopped by and hung out with the 6% staff),because I, too, am a lover of all things Gloomy! Having gotten to work with Mori before though, I guess I can’t cry too hard, haha! I did chat up his assistant, who goes by the nickname of “HANDSOME.” Uhm, I’m not even lying, because it is on his business card. WHOO!

Mori Chak stalker photo!

I managed to find a bit of free time to poke around the Black Peace Now sale a little more, and found the OUTFIT OF MY DREAMS! I had been talking about getting a jumpsuit anyway, so Iw as pretty pleased when I found these awesome coveralls/shorts!!! There’s event a little tail in the back with an image of their little monster on it! <333

Changing room photo, haha.

Of course, a ton of my very lovely friends were also in attendance for the Jpop summit!

The ever so talented Liz Lorini (left), Stephiee (center), and myself :)

The ever so talented Liz Lorini (left), Stephiee (center), and myself 🙂

Twinkiechan and Hairy!

Caro & Josh!

Caro & Josh!

Shrinkle was pretty busy, so I helped her out with her area of the pop up shop for a bit… and pointed out to her that everytime someone asks for a photo of her she should make sure she holds up Sugarpill product!! haha

Look at these Sugarpill cosmetics-luvin gals!

We temporarily closed up the shop for a bit and went down to enjoy the 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show! A quick look at the San Francisco winners/models!

Emi was very diligently translating and helping prep the models all morning. This is her "I AM OVER THIS" face hahahah. I love how cheerful everyone else in the background looks hahah.

A quick group hi five before the show stars up!


Enormous crowd! Stole this pic from Emi's blog 🙂

The show went really well and was quite well-attended. A bunch of us helpers got dragged on stage at the very end to dance with the models. That was pretty embaressing, so guess who’s not going to post photos of that? ME! ha!

After the show, we headed back to re-open the popup stores. Look who’s the new Sugarpill shop girl? =D I was pretty amped because I was able to sell a bunch of shadows in the hour or so I  was standing there, haha. Looks like all the makeup info my friends are always talking about sunk in enough for me to make a good pitch 🙂


There was a little after party in the New People building, but it was fraught with peril and some d-bags, so we all voted to carry on the party at.. AMERICAN CUPCAKES! haha , part 2! I hope they were not sick of us! Ironically, Stephiee and another group of people were there RIGHT BEFORE we arrived, so the staff was probably like “WHAT THE HELL” when another huge group of colorful people moved in haha.

Shrinkle staring at me in a sultry way, while everyone else ignores me, hhaha

My bonding bros for the weekend ❤ Trevor/Saru and EMi <33

My first time there, I did not know about this RED VELVET FRIED CHICKEN business! It was SO GOOD! Not too sweet.. tastes sort of like the way asians tend to fry their chicken in a slighlty sweet batter.

I am actually imitating Yuka's usual photo pose here... NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND hehe.

Trevor/Saru, Caro, Emi, and Vani!

I like this photo a lot, because while Shrinkle and Sebastian look all cute, Yuka is caught off guard looking grumpt ❤ LOVE YOU, YUKA!

HAHA OH LORD. This photo makes me laugh a ton! I instructed Saori to LOOK SEXY and this is what happened HAHAHHA.

Mika is also enjoying a hearty red velvet fried chicken! LOOK AT THAT FACE. OF COURSE SHE IS ENJOYING IT!

Best photo ever. At some point, Yuka accidentally drank alcohol in one of the milkshakes and she started getting super hot and couldn't cool off!! SHe was holding these glasses to her face to cool down... haha... Poor thing, but it was sort of hilarious because, c'mon.. look at her face! ❤ I think even Vani was laughing at her in this photo too haha... lord we are horrible people.

Me and Mika. I will seriously, seriously, miss her ;.;

Not sure what happened, but Yuka got her second wind back haha. I found this piece of rickrack on the floor that the restaurant uses to tie thier napkins together, and offered it to Yuka as a present (I kept trying to give her garbage as "presents" all week haha), so she started putting it in my hair, and then Emi jumped in and put one in Yuka's hair bwuahaha.

We all parted ways, but 6% told Vani to go with us so they could get a taxi for 5 back, lol. Poor latchkey kid! Here's us walking back to Caro's car!

We were in the car for like, FOREVER because SOMEONE (TREVORRRRRRRRRR!!!!) gave us super whack directions on how to get back to where the 6% crew was staying at and the STUPID IPHONE was not helping either yikes. We spend a lot of time in the car, with me insisting that “Vani” was not Vani’s real name (because there is no way it couldn’t be.) They continued to BATSU (make an X) me all night with their hands. Jerks!

Whew! And taht is the end of Saturday! I actually don’t have any pics from Sunday since I had to give Shrinkle and Kevin back their camera haha. But we just said goodbye to the 6% crew (SAORI CRIED and then made EMI cry and then that made ME cry UGHHH), and also to Shrinkle & Kevin & Bei (NO TEARS FOR THEM bc we will see them all soon!)

Thanks again to everyone who accommodated us on this epic journey, and thanks to Caro for being an excellent driver-of-us-chuldren! ha! (Even though I am older than her!)

I can’t wait to go back to SF again!! ❤

The San Francisco Treat: Pt 2!

23 Sep

So, as if my San Francisco trip couldn’t get any more awesome, it totally did!

Friday morning, Twinkie-chan came over and met with Shrinkle, Kevin, Caro, Emi, and I so we could have delicious brunch and bonding times together ❤ THANK YOU Twinkie for trekking all the way out to Oakland to hang out!

We went to Rudys Can’t Fail, (please don’t let the terrifyingly BAD WEBSITE deter you!) a diner joint owned by a member of Green Day (wakka wakka), and also right across from the oh, so glamorous Pixar studios! WHOO PIXAR!

This is by far the most animated I've ever seen Kevin in a photo! haha. And me sporting my homeless man look!

Masters of making a simple photo epically epic. Myself and Twinkie!

I had some of the most epic huevos rancheros there! SO GOOD!

We looked a little LA-ish at the diner because it was totally sunny outside! Shrinkle ponders her brunch ❤

After brunch, Shrinkle and Kevin had to head back home to deal with their dead/dying/stubborn hard drive and do some more Sugarpill work, so the rest of us went to Twinkie’s freshly-moved-into house to visit her cute doggies and bask in the glory of her adorable house!

Twinkie has 2 dogs, Bunny and Bibi! This is Bunny, trying to eat me.

This is Bunny, being cute and not eating any humans.

Okay, Bunny is actually npretty genteel! Here is Twinkie and Bunny. Twinkie's favorite dog is Bibi, though. Maybe Bunny is just acting out because she's sad she's UNLOVED? haha

Wish the lighting wasn't so intense in these! it would make an awesome "About the Author" photo for Twinkie! There's Bibi on the left!

Oh hey! It's Bibi! Bibi has her own Twitter Account. It's mostly about farts. I love it!

Twinkie’s house is SO nice and relaxing! AND CUTE! She and Hairy just moved into this house, and they painted every room a different happy color before they put all of their stuff in. It’s adorable and I want to live there!! I took a zillion photos of Twinkie’s house, but decided to only post one because uh, that’s weird and stalker-ish of me, isn’t it??? haha. Here’s her hallway! Love the little grass buddies! I SHALL STEAL THIS IDEA!

After this, Caro, Emi and I headed back to New People. The original plan was just to drop off Emi so she could spend the night with the DokiDoki staff and assist with translating for them early int he AM the next day. What ACTUALLY happened was a little more epic than that!

As soon as we arrived, Sebastian told us to please stay and attend the VIP opening party as his guests. UHmmm I was decked out in homeless-man-gear, so I was SO NOT FEELING IT! Caro had just bought a Dokidoki dress that was still in her hands, so with a quick run back to her car, a guerrilla super-speed makeup application, and some readjusting of accessories, we ran back to New People in slightly more appropriate gear, haha. Being unprepared for being photographed is the PITSSSS!

The “party” itself was actually pretty low key. It seems like it had the potential to be this big huge thing, but New People FORGOT TO INVITE PEOPLE??? I dunno, maybe getting people out to SF for free food, liquor, and art is harder than it is than in LA? I digress, on to the antics!

Free cupcakes via Mission Minis! They hadn't jumped on the bacon cupcake train, yet, which was a pity! Still delicious though!

There were also free spring rolls... in mysterious flavors! These were so so, but the bacon cheeseburger ones right next to them were pretty amazing!

Yuka and Vani posing with Ken Hamazaki, who brought the "Grateful Red" exhibition to New People's SuperFrog Gallery space on the top floor.

SO! Ken did this" tea ceremony" thing, and invited Yuka and Vani to take part in it. Vani went first... and when she was done, she went over to Yuka and said "THERE'S SHOCHU IN THERE NOT TEA!!" Yuka was super against having to do it, buuutt thakns to peer pressure, she went ahead and did it anyway, and was super sour-faced afterwards. I laughed heartily for a good 30 minutes.

All of us including the 6%Dokidoki staff hightailed it after that and went in search of food! They tossed Vani in our car and they took a taxi to meet us over in the Mission district near where they were staying for the week. We went out and had some deeeelicious Vietnamese food at this little place Sebastian knew about! SO GOOD but the portions were way too intense for me! 😦 Another day, another doggy bag to give to Shrinkle and Kevin! haha!

After that, Sebastian suggested we head to this amazing little Indian ice cream place! It was SO DELICIOUS! I got a Rose water and basil flavored ice cream, that I unfortunately did not get a photo of. Luckily, I DID manage to remember to take funny photos of the rest of the group haha.

DISTURBING PIC OF YUKA. Do you see her tongue on the right? Now try to do that. Have your teeth closed but your tongue sticking out at the same time. It's pretty much impossible which means... SHE'S A WIZZZZZARRRDDD!

Everyone enjoying their ice cream! From front left, clockwise: Emi, Caro, Saru/Trevor, Mika (with her head down and sideways), Yuka, Sebastian (in the hat) and Vani,

After I took that photo, I noticed Saori wasn’t in it (one of Sebastian’s assistants), so I turned arond and noticed her munching away happily on her huge waffle cone of ice cream. I taught her the difference between waffle cone, sugar cone, and cake cone, and then took this awesome photo.

I told Saori to make a face that says "I'm sad & lonely bc I"m not sitting with everyone" HAHA. SADNESS IS FUNNY.

Haha, okay, she wasn’t actually sad, but this photo was pretty epically sad! Saori is one of my favorite girls because she can PLAY ALONG with the joke HAHAH.

Alright! One more day to report on! WOOT WOOT!

Comin’ at’cha soon!

The San Francisco Treat! Pt1

22 Sep

I arrived in San Francisco late Tuesday night thanks to the assistance of Stephiee, and hung out with awesome 6%DOKIDOKI staffers and attended their talk show and model casting event at the New People building in San Francisco, as well. The event was very nice, basically a reprise of what the brand did in Los Angeles, in an auditorium setting. The model audition was also done in front of an audience, which was different than what they did in Los Angeles, which comprised of talking about themselves, dancing, and posing for the paparazzi. Insane! I’m glad that the Los Angeles model casting was done privately. I feel like just going to the interview itself is nerve wracking, but doing that stuff up on stage must have been super stressful for those contestants!

After all of the talk show madness, a bunch of us headed to a Korean pub late into the night and bonded ❤

We then hopped over to Shrinkle’s casa for a nice sleep. Thursday morning, we had a nice late start and walked about the ADORABLE city of Oakland <3! I really love how chill this place is, and the delicious brunch! I could get nice and happy and fat here ❤ Thanks sooo much to Shrinkle and Kevin for hosting us while we were putzing around San Francisco for the week! They were very gracious hosts and even provided us with fancy coffee every morning! Btw, I know most people think of Oakland as the crazyscary part of SF, but in  Shrinkle’s neck of the woods, I tell you it was GORGEOUS and hella safe :3 I guess the bad part of Oakland is somewhere else…!

My fall-like weather outfit of the day

This is Little Brother! he's the friendliest cat of the bunch and has his own little tune 🙂 "Little Brother, duh duh duuuh duh!"

This is Maus. He's a bit grumpy and will randomly attack you, but he's just trying to show you he cares by giving you a little kiss. With his TEETH.

We got brunch at Crepevine, and I had NEW ORLEANS BENEDICT w/ CRAB CAKES! =D NOMnomnom. It was SO delish!

Shrinkle has a BOMB DIGGITY tuna melt!!! LOOK AT THIS THING! I didn't know tuna melts could look DELICIOUS and RAVISHING haha!

After brunch and some messing around on the internet, Caro, Emi & I headed off to the magical world of SAN FRANCISCO again to do a little shopping and do some touristy things! Shrinkle and Kevin had to stay behind to catch up on Sugarpill madness, so we were armed only with the terrible GPS abilities o the iPhone to get us around. (DEATH TO IPHONES!!!) Also, Kevin was kind enough to lend me their camera so I could document the weekend! (I forgot mine at home.. poo.. but their camera is SO MUCH NICER!)

San Francisco was really scenic and pretty! DAMN YOU! A nice shot from the Bay Bridge!

We stopped by the 6%DOKIDOKI pop up store and visited our buddies! Caro bought a BOATLOAD or merch that she could wear throughout the weekend, and I got a shirt at Black Peace Now, hehe. BPN has always been my vice, and they were having a 60% off sale.. hurr hurr.

The 6% pop up shop in the New People building.

Their cute little hangy stars ❤ I bough the gold one during the Sweet Streets opening!

After poking around there, we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf, the mecca of all that is touristy and tacky in San Francisco. As we approached the hills, we all did a collective “AHHHHH!” SF does not MESS AROUND with the steepness of their roads here! Yeesh!

Of course, Emi and I whipped out our cameras in the car to capture the insanity.

As expected, Fisherman’s Wharf was full of seafood, tourists, and tacky merchandise, and if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE TACKY.


I guess the Sea Lions left for a bit, and then some of them came back? They were pretty cute.. like big kitties!!

Happy Anniversary Sea Lion buddies!

Caro and Emi take advantage of the crazy carousel we encountered. That horse is HALF FISH.

Freshly captured leprechauns.

This crab store amused me the most! lol, it took everything in me to not just BUY ALL THE TACKY STUFF in there!!

WTH is this doing in the crab store? THIS IS SURELY A LOBSTER!

Tres chic.

JK! Emi does it BETTER! HAHAHA I regret notbuying this!!!

Around this point, the infamous San Francisco fog rolled in. IT IS SERIOUS BUSINESS GUYS!

There was a giant macaroni with this sign in front of it. Caro has a polaroid of what happened directly after this, but you can probably guess, right? haha.

Crab-shaped bread

After these shenanigans, we made plans with our buddies to meet up at a thai place somewhere on Union Street for dinner. We got there ridiculously early, so we ducked into American Cupcakes, which was just a block down and looked super cute! Being a trio of cute girls, the staff was pretty chatty with us and even gave us free cupcakes! Whaaat!

Cute little flashing ball lights on the cieling changed color to the rhythmof themusic! At some point they were playing the power rangers theme song!! BADASS!

Adorable candy and plastic toys on display in jars along the back wall!

We saw them roasting their S'mores cupcakes with a blowtorch!! We were screeching and taking photos like crazy people, so they gave us each a s'mores cupcake for free hehe ❤ We love these guys!

After this sugar-rush induced excitement, we headed over to Osha to wait for our friends. Everyone was a little late, so we just hung out in the bar area. This really turned out to be the day of epic free things, as it turned out the Skyy Vodka promoters were there that night also, and were heaping us with free shots, sunglasses, muddlers (they look like tiny baseball bats), and more $1 drink tickets than we could physically drink. It was insane! By the time Shrinkle, Kevin, Bei, Tess, and Trevor showed up, they were like WTF DID YOU GUYS DO? WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL OF THESE DRINK TICKETS? Hahaha.

Tess, Shrinkle, and Kevin (p-p-p-poker faace)

We had 12 drink tickets. NO LIE.

And this is what happens when those tickets turn into actual drinks. Left to right, Trevor aka Saru (works at BTSSB at New People), BeiBadGirl, and Tess, the drinking hero!

So, we had a very liquor-filled dinner. Surprisingly no one really got that drunk or anything after all of that! SURPRISE! We have livers of steel! Well, except for Caro, who doesn’t actually HAVE a liver. Funny story. You should ask her about it sometime!

Because we weren’t really ready to go home yet, we popped into American Cupcakes again for a quick dessert! Saru went crazy and got 4 cupcakes!

So good! Cotton Candy (top left) was my fave!

I ended up getting 2 cupcakes also... nomnomfattyfatfat!

Alright, that’s a pretty epic 1.5 day post! I’ll get to the rest SOON, I PROMISE!

Sweet Streets II recap: The exhibition opening

17 Sep

Sweet Streets is over, but my love for the event and the people who came by is never dying! I’m skipping around a bit with these posts, but that is my nature! Here’s a short recap of the event itself ❤ So many things happened before this event, it feels sort of overwhelming to post about it all…!

I was very honored to have been able to participate in this event. Although I know that usually garments are not considered “art,” I’ve always been very happy to create garments as a form of my own artistic expression for many years now, and am so delighted that others are viewing what I create not just as a costume, but actually AS art.

My piece, Dining Etiquette, was really well received!

Another image of my peice, photo by Daniel Lim.

I was also excited to be invited to have a small popup shop area within the Gallery Nucleus shop area! A lot of people were super amped to see my bows in person and try them on! I always love being able to interact with my customers in person (even though half of the time their reaction to me talking to them is “who are you???” haha!).

I was inspired by my roomie Yume Ninja to dress up for this event like we used to in days of yore (AKA days before we were actually running the events ourselves), so I busted out my Hello Kitty Princess dress that I made for the Sanrio fashion show last year, but have never worn myself, and added some fun hair to the equation. I made the hair piece using loose extensions, plastic boards, and lots of bobby pins! It was pretty fun and easy, so I hope to do more hair pieces like that in the future.

Myself and Maria from Locketship! Photo by Locketship

Photo by Dave Tada!

Back of my outfit, while talking to Vani of 6%Dokidoki. Photo by Cheyenne Koi

I met so many awesome people through this event, and got to work extensively with others that I’ve known and respected for a while. Twinkiechan said it best when she said that her Twitter feed was “blowing up with Sweet Streets girl love” right after the event.

My event production group, Bubble Punch, ran the opening night events as well as the talk show the following day, featuring 6%Dokidoki. You can find a full recap of that HERE!

And another last big thanks to Caro! She was the sole curator for this awesome event that brought so many people together! THANK YOU CARO!!!

Caro and I, photo by Shannon Cottrell of LA Weekly

Thanks again for everyone who showed their support for me ❤

I’m also really bad about posting about my personal life these days, but I also wanted to give a shoutout to the lovely Bei of BeiBadGirl, and San from san-smith.com! They both stayed at my apartment during all the crazy preparation for this event, and I’m thankful for their company and patience during this time, even though they were both on vacation! THANKS my lovelies!