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My Art Deco Sailor Moon Inspired Wedding. Yeah, for real.

18 Dec

Hey all! I never post here anymore because I am a lazy goose, but also because I’ve been posting over on lately! I’m going to share my post here of my wedding day since, hey! I can do what I want!


Okay, no laughing allowed. I had a Sailor Moon themed wedding.

But perhaps not the rainbow colored, anime-poster ridden melee of sad artistic choices that you are expecting. Since my groom and I  are fairly fashionable adults with an pretty serious otaku problem, we finally landed on the perfect mash up of classy and nerdy for our big day: We had an art deco Sailor Moon-inspired wedding.

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

The plan was to have an elegant, grown up wedding, with a highly stylized injection of Sailor Moon design into every nook and cranny! Utilizing the extensive archive of beautiful Sailor Moon imagery, such as the lockets, wands, and symbols from the manga and anime, as well as the influence of Art Deco moon and stars designs, pulling together the decor, graphics, and fashion into an elegant nerd wedding was an event planner’s dream! As a professional event producer for Bubble Punch, as well as working in a hotel for most of my college years (100+ wedding receptions and lived to tell the tale!), I had extensive wedding planning and decorating experience under my belt, and was confident I would be able to do something unique, yet totally otaku-driven, to suit our tastes. Keep in mind, despite all of this, it was STILL SUPER DUPER STRESSFUL since it was my own wedding, haha! But here I am, mind in tact, and ready to tell you all about it!

Below is a summary in photos of the wedding, then after that is a breakdown of Fashion, Graphics, and Decor notes and DIY links for everything! THIS POST IS LONG, BUT HANG IN THERE, IT’S TOTES WORTH IT. Thank you so, so much to Shannon Cottrell for all of the amazing photos!


Get pumped and watch the video before/while you read the rest!:

On December 6, 2014 at 5:30AM, I rolled myself out of the giant bed in the honeymoon suite we got in the Millenium Biltmore in Downtown LA. I slept for about 2 hours. My maid of honor Yume Ninja told me the suite was haunted so that’s why we couldn’t sleep. Goddamned ghosts.

I clipped in all of my hair extensions and just started braiding and pushing my hair around until I got it where I wanted it. No, I did not do a hair “trial” by myself haha. I just winged it, and it was pretty good IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF! The other bridesmaids arrived as well as the awesome Tess (@TESSXMONEY on Instagram y’all! Hire her! She’s in NY!) came to do makeup. I ate a sausage egg McMuffin and sat down for makeup like a goddamn lady.

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

Yume putting in Mandie‘s star circlet (she’s Sailor Mars!)
Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

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Hello Kitty at San Diego Comic-Con!

10 Jul

So sorry for the blog hiatus everyone! It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and if you’ve been following my antics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you probably know what’s been up with me 🙂 if not.. hop on over there! (username: iamchubbybunny !)

I hopped back over here to announce a new Japananimation Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny Bow, being released exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con this month! The new bow features a purple, blue, pink ombre rainbow color, with silver sparkles throughout. All bows are, as usual, handmade by myself ❤



For full details on the event, see below for the official press release from Sanrio!


 Sanrio Makes Comic-Con International Debut with
Hello Kitty
® Fashion Music Wonderland Experience


Sanrio will make its official debut appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego July 18th-21st, with Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland, an interactive experience that will brilliantly bring Japan’s energetic pop culture to life. Fans will be treated to a colorful, anime-rich experience that will include giveaways, limited edition products, appearances by Hello Kitty and special guests from Sanrio’s Tokyo headquarters, as well as the launch of a new graphic novel, Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland. While Hello Kitty has appeared with partners and collaborators at Comic-Con in the past, 2013 marks the first year that Sanrio is bringing an interactive Hello Kitty fan experience to this famous gathering. Blending the worlds of anime, cosplay, product exclusives, Japanese street culture and superfandom, Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland syncs perfectly with the passionate fan culture that is celebrated at Comic-Con.

  • Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland: Open to the public, this energetic hub is inspired by the styles of Tokyo and Japanese pop culture, putting Hello Kitty at the center of the ultimate fan experience at Comic-Con Interactive Zone at Petco Park. Hello Kitty’s band of Lolitas, who personify anime, cosplay and the colorful style of Japanese pop culture, will host fans at the experience. A retail pop-up shop will offer a mix of event-only and limited edition Japanimation-themed collectible Hello Kitty items, including a free poster with any purchase. Hello Kitty will be present to meet her fans in a Japanimation-style outfit that mirrors the collection of products that will debut at the show. On Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th, a nail artist from Tokyo will be on hand to treat fans to a free Sanrio nail art application with any $25 purchase from the pop-up shop. 
  • Kitty-chan Secret Space: Inside the convention center, the fan experience continues at
    “Kitty-chan Secret Space” (booth 4537). A term of endearment used for Hello Kitty in Japan, “Kitty-chan” is a nod to superfans and a clue that this Comic-Con Hello Kitty is truly distinct. Comic-Con badge holders will have access to the limited edition pink Hello Kitty flocked collector’s figure by Funko that will go on sale each day. The first 50 fans to purchase the figure on Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th will also receive a free customized drawing by one of Sanrio’s lead designers from Tokyo.


  • Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland: A new graphic novel:  Published in partnership with VIZ Media, this is the first-ever Hello Kitty graphic novel and it will make its debut at the retail pop-up shop.  The Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland graphic novel features three stories, each by a different graphic artist:  Jacob Chabot, Victoria Maderna and Ian McGinty.  

– more –


  • Hello Kitty Comic-Con on Social Media (#HelloKittySDCC):  Fans can stay connected with all things Hello Kitty at Comic-Con through a variety of social elements aimed at both Comic-Con goers and those not attending the event. Hello Kitty’s millions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends can share photos and access contests and behind-the-scenes footage to connect with their Hello Kitty fan community.  The fun starts before Comic-Con with a Fan Fiction contest tied to the launch of the new graphic novel.  Fans on-site and at home can stay engaged and entertained through a different interactive social media event each day of Comic-con including Uglydoll and Street Fighter promotions as well as a free download of the Japanimation photo app for a limited time.
  • ·       Limited Edition Products and Comic-Con Launches: A mix of Sanrio co-branded partnerships and special product launches at Comic-Con include:
    • o   Hello Kitty Uglydoll: This collaboration will make its official debut at Comic-Con (booth 3245)
    • o   Sanrio vinyl figures will be available from Funko (booth 5343)
    • o   Limited edition Street Fighter x Sanrio plush at Toynami (booth 3229) and Capcom (booth 215)
    • o   Additional Hello Kitty products at Comic-Con can be found at Mimoco (booths 5338 and 2913M), tokidoki (booth 5145) and Mighty Fine (booth 5647)
    • o   The Hello Kitty ‘Japanimation’ product collection at the Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland pop-up shop at Comic-Con Interactive Zone at Petco Park will include leggings, bodysuits, iPhone cases, a wrist watch, plush, cushions and much more

A Great GatsB-Day!

14 May

On May 4th, I celebrated the end of my “roaring 20s” with a fun and elegant Great Gatsby-themed birthday at the fittingly beautiful Millenium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The Biltmore was home to the early years of the Academy Awards in true old Hollywood style.

Since I wanted to dress appropriately for my birthday bash, I summoned up all of my 20s inspiration, and made a bias cut gown with a champagne colored silk and lace overlay embellished with beading and sequins. I also did some DIY shoes and remade some old jewelry into fancy 20’s-style accessories!

I made these out of 1 pair of earrings, 2 necklaces, and an old bracelet. Hooray for being thrifty!

From plain blue Jessica Simpson pumps from the thrift stores, to overly deco-ed out bedazzled Gatsby shoes!

Finally did finger waves! I used a setting lotion and LOTS of combing to achieve the waves! Eye makeup is a combo of Sugarpill’s Goldilux, Magpie, and Junebug ❤

Back of my dress! I added in a panel to the back of the dress for a small train.

I didn’t get a photo of the full front, so this will have to do, haha. My friend Shannon came from Portland and surprised me at the party! I cried buckets I was so excited and happy, haha.

There were lots of glamorous places to take photos in the hotel, so we poked around and were touristy… ❤

My lovely lovely awesome friends! Jenny, Aimee, myself, Yume, and Shannon making an awesome face hehe.

Lovely staircase is lovely and fun to pose on!

With my former boss Jenna! We used to work together on the US version of the Gothic Lolita Bible maaany years ago!

Glenn, Eron, Callie, myself, and Shannon. Directly after this there was a lot of yelling, photobombing, and eating of donuts. We are, at heart, not a fancy group of people haha.

I brought two Oekaki boards for people to sign so I could keep some tangible memories of the night

I only wish I would have taken more photos! I had a wonderfully fancy time with my amazing friends! 30 has been a pretty fun so far, so here’s to a rip-roaring year!

Tons more photos can be found on my Flickr set!

Stay tuned for my post about the following day.. the My Little Pony project! ❤

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Bunny Bites: Shin Okinawa Izakaya

9 Apr

Having lived in Japan for several years, it’s rare for me to encounter Japanese food that surprises me, but having never traveled to the tropical islands of Okinawa before, my firs trip to Shin Okinawa Izakaya in Torrance definitely held a lot of fun firsts for food!

Again, I’m not expert in Okinawan food, but by God, it was a delicious and fun meal!

Okinawan cuisine is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine and Southeast Asian foods, with two of the most predominant ingredients being goya (a bitter melon) and PORK! LOTS of pork! Some funny pro-pork Okinawan sayings I found were “Okinawan food begins with pig and ends with pig” and “every part of a pig can be eaten except its hooves and its oink.” ❤

First up, was a bottle of local Okinawan beer, "Orion," and a heaping portion of simmered pork belly.

Not exactly just from Okinawa, but this crab cream croquette was LOVELY. This is the before photo...

And this is the post-croquette division photo... haha... nomnom.

Tempura sweet potato sticks! These were pretty yummy and filling. Gotta love fried starch!

A very cheesy dish! This dish is hiding corn, mayo, and sweet potato. My mind was totally blown. Super yummy!

The inside of that lovely dish...!

Tebichi, aka Grilled Pork Leg! This was very soft, fatty, and delish! If you like unusual parts of the piggy, this one's for you!

Fried Mimi ga/pig ears: This one had so much potential, but unfortunately, the tempura batter they used here made the taste bland. The batter could use a kick up of spice, salt, pepper, but if you add all those things yourself with the condiments on the table, it's alright.

Overall, this restaurant offered unique and delicious food in a very relaxed atmosphere, and was all very reasonably priced to boot! This is a great restaurant for groups of friends to gather, drink, and talk for a few hours on the cheap. Even if your pals aren’t super adventurous with food, there are a ton of normal izakaya options at this restaurant too. I’ll definitely be back soon!
Shin Okinawa Izakaya
1880 W Carson St
Ste A
Torrance, CA 90501

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A Very Bunny Christmas

30 Dec

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. A good excuse to be lazy for a bit, over eat, over buy, and just be an all American glutton for a week or so. So, here is my obligatory Christmassy post, with enough holiday spirit to make even the most merry of Santa’s elves feel a little sick to their stomach.

One thing I absolutely love doing around Christmastime is heading to Disneyland to experience some corporate manufactured magic! I am such a sucker for the double punch combo of nostalgia + the holidays! I was also excited to check out the Little Mermaid ride for the first time.. it’s my absolute favorite Disney movie, so you can bet there were sniffles and squealing to be had from me throughout the day.

Animatronic Ariel is the best! Her hair moves around, too. Technologyy..!!

Ursula's insides were the most expensive and difficult to make in the entire ride. All of her tentacles move and she is ENORMOUS.

The storybook ride sort of ends abruptly with them getting married. Ariel gets legs, finds a boy, gets yelled at by Ursula then gets married. THE END! =D

This is also the first time I saw Doug the dog from Up in the park!!! SO CUTE!!! Left to right: Myself, Doug, Sandy, and Sheyne, my Disneyland compatriots for the day!

Besides the usual riding of rides, we had a bunch of mini sidequests that day as well that included exploring parts of Disney California Adventure I’d never been to before! We took a gander around the Disney Grand Californian Hotel to check out their amazing Christmas tree and epic fireplace!

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Happy Halloween!

29 Oct

From my guinea pig, Niblet 🙂

(Can you tell what game I am a huuuge fan of? hehe)

LA Weekly Web Awards Party!

13 Jun

Last Thursday, June 9th, we were happy to attend the LA Weekly Web Awards party as guests of JapanLA, who had won Best Retail Site. It was a casual little party held at Bardot, which had a super lush interior that I was overly interested in, haha.

Bardot has a cool Moroccon feel to it, with draped ceilings and fabrics all around.

Yume poses with the new issue of LAWeekly... Such a cute cover..

Left to right, Elliot, Jamie, owner of JapanLA, and myself, posing with Jamie's shiny little plaque!

A totally way-too-dark photo of myself and True mee. haha, oh well!

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