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A Chubby Bunny Graduation

27 Jun

Last weekend, I graduated from FIDM, with a degree in Visual Communications (visual merch, planning retail interiors,styling, etc. Hard field of study to describe in one sentence..!)! This is my second post-high school graduation, so I was a little wary of going at first (I previously graduated with a B.A. in English, Advertising and Japanese from Penn State University many eons ago),  but I’m glad I went and experienced it!

Thanks for Will, True Mee, Alcuin, and Chrissa for coming to the graduation to support me! I felt like the odd man out since everyone else’s parents were there haha. Mine Were too far away to make it, and frankly, I think I’ve subjected them to enough boring ceremonies in my childhood to make them sit through another one.

The graduation was at fancy schmancy Staples center in downtown Los Angeles, home to the Lakers, and other sporting events that I have no clue about 🙂 I loved their projection screens though. That would be the one thing I notice haha.

Pictures ahoy!

Customized my boring black mortarboard (aka graduation cap) with blue and pink glitter gradient, bunny hears, a bow, rhinestones and sequins! I even cut the head cap part in half to fit more like a proper ladies' hat!

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“Miss You” Window Display

13 Feb

We finished installing our first window for my window display class 2 weeks ago!

The theme was “Late 70’s”, and we were assigned a “rock star’s dressing room.” More like set design than window dressing, really BUT! it was still good experience!

We built the table from scratch, and I made the entire vanity mirror from an old gross mirror, Christmas lights with changed out bulbs, and FOAM CORE. Pretty proud of that, to be honest. We reupholstered the chair on the right, made the stool in the middle out of an ikea table, got a random door from goodwill, made the door frame from foam core, colored in the blowup of the Rolling Stones album cover by HAND (we had such a tiny budget it saved us a ton of money that way), and made the mannequins clothing from scratch. A little “literal” for my tastes, but at least I got to build things. I’m hoping that I can be more abstract in the next window we do, since we have smaller groups, and I might have greater control over how things look than in this one.

Can you guess which are mine on the rack and on the floor? hehe.

I framed that printout of Mick Jagger's face kekeke.

Finals week at FIDM

13 Sep

Today started the throes of final weeks for me at FIDM.

I am so far through 2 out of 5 of the craziness, and quite pleased with myself! It’s a little lame to post student work up, but hey, the internet is the new refridgerator, isn’t it?

Here’s my photoshop project final that I did for class today. Please keep in mind I KNOW this is not amazing work in the realm of photoshop art everywhere, but for me, this is a big deal. This is my 3rd attempt at using photoshop in my life. Not bad!

The original drawing was done by my pal Yoskay Yamamoto. He drew a picture of me while he was bored and I was working with him at Comiccon this year. Basically, this was a glorified color-in-the-lines project, but I am very excited it’s done!

From Chubby Bunny Blog

🙂 More pictures of my finals projects as the day progresses, hopefully!

Rumblings of the week

3 Sep

I feel like every time I finally get around to posting, I’m always apologizing for the lag between posts!

That is the fate of an over-busy twenty-something, I suppose.

To make posting less scary and daunting for me, I thought I’d just say HI and let you guys know what I’ve been up to!

*FIDM‘s finals are in a little over a week. I’ve been CRAMMING all of my final projects into this week as a breakneck pace in order to prepare for the lovely visitors that we will be hosting at our house next week. I’m doing really well and am on schedule for what I need done so far! Just gotta make sure I don’t slack off this Labor day weekend!

*My DISNEY PASS expires on Sept 7. SIGH there is nothing to be done! I have no time to go one last time. It’s a damn shame! The price for the annual pass got jacked up so high I don’t think I’ll be getting another one next year unless something miraculous happens. I heard about the ElecTRONica they’re making at DCA and it BREAKS MY HEART that I cannot go.

*SWEET STREETS II is also in one week! Talk about busy! My garment has been finished for a while now, but I’ve gotta crank up the volume on some Hello Kitty bows that I can sell for my small pop up shop space that’s going to be inside the gallery’s store! Exciting stuff!

*I celebrated Aimee’s birthday last weekend at the Edison, which I haven’t been to in ages. We had a reserved area, so it was really lovely in there, but my god, has the clientele taken a turn for the worst. There are a lot of bros hangning around there now, which is such a shame. I’ll probably never go back unless it’s on a weekday or with a reserved spot, again. Tsk tsk! There are other places that ave just as nice drinks and servers and are on my end of time (coughROGERROOMcough). ANYWAY it was SO nice to see my friends again! I feel like I only get to see them when I throw these huge events now, and I’m always so harried during them I don’t have any time to just HAVE FUN! I also got very jazzed talking to Crystal and Derek about MAGIC CASTLE! Apparently DEREK IS A FRIKKING MEMBER. Making plans to go SOON SOON SOON!

*My neighbors are getting increasingly more insane. There have been early morning screaming matches from the ones next door, the one lady insists on walking past my window that’s in front of my workspace over and over and looks at me (I feel like posting a GO AWAY YOU FREAK sign), and ONE lucky person in our apartment unit has DISCOVERED EMINEM OH EM GEE and is BLASTING it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Sigh. And on another noise-related note, I had to call the cops on another unit in my apartment because they had girls outside screaming WHOO WHOO WHOO from about 11pm to 4am one night and responded to repeated neighbor’s requests to “BE QUIET OR I’LL CALL THE COPS” by saying “FUCK YOU.” And here, I bet you all thought Brentwood was CLASSY. Well, it was supposed to be anyway.

*Bubble Punch is starting to gear up to help throw the Sweet Streets II opening party. Yes, that’s us. We’ll be helping manage the 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show and contestants, so hopefully that goes well… because the entire time I’ll be —

* — REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing San, Tess, Bei, Shrinkle, and like a million other people I know visiting from out of town to attend Sweet Streets II!

Alright, that’s enough from me! A pictureless, wordy post. If you made it all the way to the bottom, you get a cookie.

FIDM Life: So this is why students always peter off with the blogging.

2 Aug

(Warning: This is one of those non-picture posts. I know, yawnYAWNyawn!)

Remember a few posts ago I mentioned how I knew of a few FIDM student blogs, but they always seemed to peter off after the first couple of entries?

I guess that same thing happened to me, though I guess it’s more related to a combination of INSANE WORKLOAD for classes, combined with tons of ongoing work I’m doing for my Chubby Bunny line, as well as the multitude of events I’ve got going on with my event production company, Bubble Punch.

But, back to the main story: FIDM is spectacular. I’m not entirely sure how students straight out of high school feel about it, but having taken the the time to get my B.A. in other subjects, gone into the 9 – 5 work life for a while, and traveled the globe for a few years, school is like this delicious smoothie at the end of a sweltering hot day. Terrible analogy, I know, but it’s such an incredible feeling!

I’ve been able to directly apply EVERYTHING I have learned in every single class so far into one of my other jobs immediately. I went from not knowing what an .eps file was to being able to draft floor plans and trace fashion images to use in multimedia projects. It’s such a great feeling to know I am learning actual USEFUL things.

When applying myself at university, I did notice that a lot of the studying I was doing was “for the test,” and I had no idea about any real application to most of the things I learned. Not that it was a waste, nor do I regret going to the lovely Penn State, but for someone as efficiency-obsessed as I am, the professional designation path is totally my speed.

At FIDM, for Visual Communications at least, there are the normal Associates Degrees you can get within 2 years. Since I already have my BA, I get to hop on the 1 year program and take only classes that apply directly to Vis comm job opportunities. It’s nice to be able to skip over the “fluff”… I’ve spent enough time trying to get “well rounded.” You could say I’m so “well rounded” that I didn’t use to have that many other ACTUAL practical skill sets!

In general, the professors have all been very good at setting up each class as a “job.” There are no excuses, only deadlines, and if you’re sick or your late, you still have to meet your deadline somehow or just get marked zero for that project. I love my teacher for Survey of Visual Communications, McCall. He is super badass. On the first day he says, “I get here are 6:30AM every day, so you guys should think about showing up early for class.” HAHAH.

I am entering my 4th week of my first quarter here, and midterm prep is already upon us. It’s sort of weird, since we basically have one 3-hour class a week, about 6 hours of homework per class, and 5 classes a week. It’s gone by REALLY quickly. So much of the time in class is used for practical application that there’s not much time for lectures.

I received a survey in the mail from FIDM a few days ago, asking me to rate my experience. It was sort of funny because the categories were things I actually have been having trouble with:

  • Transport to school: My express bus I used to take to school got canceled this week, so now I take 2 buses, and spend more $$ getting here. ANNOYING AS HELL.
  • Making friends: Maybe the other students think I’m a weirdo mutant because I’m about TEN YEARS OLDER (jesus christ) than most of the kids in my classes and I’m super-serious about our projects all the time. Also, I guess that most of the first quarter students all live close together in those ridiculously overpriced apartments near campus, so they see each other more often.

Anywhoo, I’m sure those 2 things will get sorted out in a little while. I’m not overly concerned with transport, just sad that it’s so inconvenient that the cost of taking the bus is almost the same as driving. As far as friends go, I already have many awesome friends in LA, so that’s not a big deal. I just wish I had someone to commiserate with over these projects and such I get in class.

At least in my events class, when no one wanted me in their group at first, the group I ended up in was pretty amped because… Duh. I plan events for a living, so the final project will be a cake walk.

Apologies that this post is pretty rambling. I haven’t had time to really talk about school since I’ve been going nuts actually doing the work for it on top of everything else!

If anyone has any questions about FIDM, or anything else on my blog for that matter, feel free to leave a comment!

FIDM: Transported back to my college years!

7 Jul

As many of you know, I had been unhappy with my lack of expertise in the field of set design, computer rendering of objects and rooms, and a lack of creative outlets past clothing. I started a journey about 7 months ago by applying to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) as part of their Professional Designation program in Visual Communications. I’m happy to announce that I attended orientation yesterday and am ready to start my 1-year Professional Designation (PD) program! The PD program is specifically for students who already have a degree, and since I already have 3 B.A.s in my pocket from when I attended Penn State, this was the perfect option for me.

So if you see me blogging about my new school life (that I am now juggling with my Chubby Bunny line, as well as Bubble Punch event production projects) and are wondering what the hell I’m doing back in school, now you know! Also, I noticed that there aren’t.. really… ANY good FIDM blogs up at the moment. I mean, there are a couple that mention FIDM, but they usually all peter off into obscurity after about 3 excited “OMG I’M HERE” posts. Sort of weird considering the youth that’s attending that school. Isn’t it all about social networking? So, I guess I’ll take it upon myself to inform others who are mildly interested in what happens at FIDM about what’s what in the Vis. Comm major.

I’m super happy to be back in school in a structured learning environment. I’ve always done really well in this kind of setting, so I’m confident I’ll have a good experience. I know it seems silly to start school again when I’m just into relaunching the Chubby Bunny line, but I know it’s important for me to explore all the paths I want to take while I have the opportunity!

So, orientation was pretty standard.. talking about our EXCITING FUTURE and all that. I definitely felt a little elderly since there were a lot of fresh-out-of-highschool-ers around me. Unfortunately it was freakishly RAINING throughout the day and we had to sit under tents outside, shivering and wet for about 3 hours at the beginning. Yuck! It was such a sad sad crime to make all the fashionable ladies in their heels trek across the grass to get their papers and whatnot. I was wearing my super tall Jeffrey Campbell boots, so I almost took a spill a few times myself.

We got stuffed with sandwiches, drinks, and chips all day so at least we didn’t go hungry. After our lunch break, we got to retrieve our FIDM bags that every student gets. It’s a little bulky, but I found a good use for it when i got home:

I think Peeker wants to be a fashion kitty.

We got a huge slew of papers, and even a nice planner/ student handbook. I decided to lighten the load on the planer and ripped out everything I didn’t really need. Ah, so slimming.

Well, that about sums up the orientation. The only thing I’m really worried about is fitting in school work with my other 2 jobs at the moment. It’s going to be an adventure! My first class is on Monday. Let’s teach an old dog some new tricks, shall we?


Peeker the fashion kitty has given up the idea of school to live the life of a rockstar.