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GIRLentine’s Day at the Vampire Lounge (Yes, all of these things are real)

20 Feb

The holiday of love is one that should be shared with all of your friends, not just your beau. Inspired by a Parks and Recreation’s episode on “GALentine’s Day,” I started my own “GIRLentine’s Day” (yeah, not the same ring to it, but “GAL” means something else to those in the Japanese fashion circle so I changed it up a bit!)! I want to make it an annual tradition with my girl friends; a day to relax, be girly, bond, and bitch about whatever pleases us.

For a venue, I found the totally awesome Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room located in Beverly Hills, across from the posh Peninsula Hotel. It is with a heavily ironic heart that I was super excited to check the place out, especially since their Yelp reviews were glowing.

Vampire Vineyards is owned by an entertainment attorney and his wife, with vineyards in northern and southern California producing a line of “Vampire” wines, including specialty bottles like the (officially licensed!) True Blood Pinot Noir and the Dracula Zinfandel. Vampire Vineyards also owns a small run of spinoff Vampire-themed products, like Vampire Vodka, Vamp Energy drinks, and chocolates and coffee. These guys were smart enough to buy VAMPIRE.COM back in the day, so they know a thing or two about smart marketing.

But back to the event! The lounge itself has 2 floors, with a posh upstairs perfect for a gathering of girls, featuring plush couches, a host of vampire novels, and our new favorite bartender, Rob!

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Bunny Bites: Valentine’s Edition!

14 Feb

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day naysayers out there, it seems, but I am definitely one of those people who loves, loves, LOVES the holiday of love! Throughout the years, whether I was single or not, I’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day with my friends or current beau. The real key is to celebrate it your own way, not the HallmarkKayJewler’s Advertised Way!

This year, I celebrated my 6th Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend Will, and we spent the day basically.. being fatties, haha. Take a peek at the food we ate, adorable sweets we scouted out, some outfits I wore, and more ideas to make V-Day your own!

Quick and casual Valentine’s Day Coordinate

Skirt: H&M, Puff sleeve shirt: F21, Boots: Thrifted, Kiss necklace: Gift

Classy Brunch: Gjelina Restaurant, Venice
We started out our lazy day by heading out to Gjelina, a pretty popular brunch place over on Abbot Kinney in Venice. It had pretty good reviews online so we gave it a short. The ambiance is super cool industrial, with a lot of reclaimed wood, old bulbs, metal work, and lovely details. The food, while good, felt a tad overpriced for the portions, and the service was middling.

Cool design work on the menu, but the ALL CAPS BODY TEXT ON THE MENU made it super hard to read.

Awesome old light bulb fixture above the bar area.

A side of bacon! Delish and thick!

Moroccan Baked Eggs with chili, tomato Sauce, cilantro & spiced yogurt. SUPER yummy!

Sunny Duck Eggs, with prosciutto, Romesco, arugula & lemon.

A Sweet Treat: N’Ice Cream, Venice
After that big breakfast, we strolled around Abbot Kinney for a bit checking out the fun vintage shops in the area. Being the eternal glutton that I am, I was craving something sweet as we neared the end of our walk, so we stopped in at N’Ice Cream and split a deeelicious gelato!

$3 for a good portion of salted caramel gelato! Super yummy.

Korean Spa Relax Time: Wi Spa, Koreatown
Will and I often go to this super huge Korean spa. They have a separate male and female area for bathing, then a co-ed area (where you get to wear dorky “Wi Spa” shirts they hand you) with dry heat rooms like the mud clay room, jade room, and salt room.

Sleepin on the jade floor. Luxuriously lazy.

Potato tornado! They sell these on street carts in Korea, but here it was all ready for me to eat inside the spa's restaurant! There's a kind of cheddar cheese powder poured on this fried potato delight. It's DELICIOUS. Tastes like a fresh baked Dorito.

The top of the spa has a little lounge area where you can look out over the city, too! It's a little chilly usually though.

Treats too cute to eat: Galleria Market, Koreatown
On our way to dinner we popped over to the Galleria so I could buy some gifts for my gal pals for V-Day. They had so many cute cakes and cupcakes, all totally overpriced, unfortunately!

Valentine's Cupcakes!! There was a minimum order of 25 cupcakes and it was $80 :/ BOO! I just wanted 12! You know... a dozen as bakers do...

Heart shaped cake! Come to me, my love... nomnomnom

Romance = Beer. City Tavern, Culver City
The easy way to my heart? Beer and sweets. My boyfriend is of a similar disposition, so we picked this little restaurant that we often frequent in Culver City, since it’s  a short walk from our home.

We ordered 2 flights of beer, the dark and light, to start off our meal. YUM.

IT seems like they've improved upon their Cheesy Poofs! There's a bigger portion and the poofs themselves are bigger, too! Yum. This is my favorite thing on the menu. FRIED CHEESE.

A nice fresh plate of oysters! These had a nice kick to it with some jalapeno oil and vinegar.

Crisp Pork Belly. They've made the portion larger since last time, too!

And for dessert, we got a peanut butter brownie! It was... SO. GOOD. I was definitely naysaying this item but Will talked me into it. NO REGRETS. SO GOOD.

Take a Spin!: Shibuya Lovers Night at the Grand Suite Hotel
Our friends from Tune In Tokyo were spinning at this event and invited us to stop by. The event was small in a well-designed romantic space, but unfortunately the bar manager didn’t really know what he was doing which caused a lot of harumph-ing during drink ordering time. They’re still new, though so hopefully they iron that all out eventually.

I changed into a dressier outfit for the event! Dress: Zac Posen for Target, Heart Bow: Chubby Bunny, Shoes: Alice + Olivia for Payless.

It was one of the most luxurious hangout days I’ve had in a while! I hope you all have a kickass Valentine’s Day and that you celebrate it in your own unique way, too!

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Bunny Bites: Port-FOOD-landia

1 Feb

I love visiting Portland, Oregon to see my friends and enjoy the cold air and snow of a town with all four seasons, and by God, the food there makes the trip even more worthwhile!

I had asked you guys if you wanted to see more foodie reviews, and the answer was a very loud YES (or maybe more of a “LIKE” since people are all on Facebook these days). Well get ready to have your eyeball taste buds blown (they exist. Trust me on this one)!

My first afternoon in Portland, we hustled on over to Swift Lounge for their fantastic Happy Hour and.. FONDUUUUUE! It’s not often than a tiny dive bar sports the finesse of a fondue, but there it was!

Behold: Fondue fries! Delish cheesy fondue melt on top of crispy salted fries!

And of course, we got a pot of their fresh fondue! On a cold early evening, these totally hit the spot! Came with the usual cured meats, breads, and small fruits.

My friend Meeps ordered this suuuper yummy cheesy pasta. CHEESE IS THE WORD!

More deliciousness after the jump!

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Bunny Bites: Delicious treats around LA with Star Light, Xoia Vietnamese Eats, Tsujita Ramen, Culver Hotel Bar, & homemade dishes!

8 Jan

I use the holidays as a lovely excuse to eat, get fat, and especially to be jolly. I had some really amazing food over the past few weeks that I’d like to share with everyone! If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend these awesome eating places!

I LOVE me some down home pub-style Asian food, and I was really wanting to gather my friends together for a little pre-Christmas spicy food and booz-a-thon  at a shiny, neon-lit little place called Star  Light over in Koreatown! Star Light used to be another little restaurant that was remodeled recently with more lights and a cleaner atmosphere.  Another great plus about this place is that they have really killer karaoke rooms above that are very fancy with shiny lights, new equipment, and really decently cheap rates! I really recommend this place for people who love good old fashioned Korean comfort food and relaxing times with friends!

Eating buddies Eron, Will, and Tim! We got a wierd plate of nachos as part of the complimentary service before the meal was served.

Delicious budejjiga, or "military stew," cooked right at the table with lots of yummy and spicy ingredients. After you're done eating the stew, the staff pour in more hot water, then add ramen to the mix!

Some other yummy things we got that night!


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