My Glamorous Pony: Opening night of “My Little Pony Project: Los Angeles”

On Saturday, May 5th, the long awaited opening for the “My Little Pony Night Out” finally arrived! Sweet Streets curated the show for Hasbro and Mighty Fine which drew in hundreds of fans from all over! The event was tailored to My Little Pony crowds of old and new! Giant blank Ponies were sent out to artists all over the world to customize and sell for this show. Tons of my artist friends had pieces in the show, so I was super amped to see what they had come up with!

I went to the gallery on the Thursday before the opening to help with setup and go to clean pony butts and comb pony hair all afternoon. The ponies had been shipped in from all over the world, so they needed proper styling help and readjusting once they were situated on their pony pedestals. (Every word I am typing is getting more and more surreal to me as I go along, haha.) It was totally amazing.

Combing manes. No big deal.

Some photos of the AMAZING ponies that artists had customized. These pictures don’t even do them justice.

That afternoon we also stuffed some giftbags for the press night they were holding on Friday. These bags are normally available via’s site when you purchase a t-shirt. They’re enormous and so cute! Love that engineer-looking Rainbow Dash!

I’ve been waiting for a chance to do a fancy Princess Celestia cosplay ever since I started watching the Friendship is Magic version of My Little Pony, and this event was totally the perfect opportunity for it! So, I had been working my little hands off on my Gatsby dress, as well as the Hello Kitty Sephora dress, so making time for this dress was pretty stressful towards the end there..! It was my first time working with such gauzy chiffon material (and actually hemming it.. usually I’m lazy and just double it up or burn it haha), so it was a bit tricky at first but I got it!

The back is meant to look like a “tail” of sorts, but I realized the super long weave I used for this outfit covered it most of the time, haha.

I painted a white applique gold, and added the jewel to the middle for both the bodice piece and the “tiara.” I added brass accents to the jewel so it looks like it was “held” in place on both as well. The shoes were made from 1) old wedges I painted lavender, 2)roses I spray painted gold, 3)leftover trim from my Gatsby shoes & 4)lots of floral wire and tape!
The horn, I MUST give credit to my talented friend Aubriana, who custom made the horn to my order, and left a space in the middle for me to stick some LED lights into! Glowing unicorn horn!!! The gloves I used I simply glued some white leaves and jewels onto to accent the ensemble.

I mean, LOOK HOW COOL THIS HORN IS. There are no other glowing horns out there, and she will be offering these in different colors upon request! Check out her site The Mad Masker or hit her up at for a quote!

Lights on, Lights off.. Lights on. Boo yeah!

Ok, so the opening night of the party was OUTTA CONTROL. The line for the Toy Art Gallery was waaay down the street when we arrived around 7pm! The Pony Night Out also had ponies at JapanLA, Munky King, and Joyrich! There was way too much to see and do this night!

This was taken later in the night. So crazy! Photo by Shannon Cottrell for LA Weekly.
When Shannon and I arrived, a bunch of our awesome friends had already arrived! I love early birds ❤
Yume dressed up as a SUPER EPIC Nightmare Moon!! She made all of her armor and everything! Onch (middle) made the awesome pink and blue chrome pony AND debuted his line of MLP jewelry that night, too!! It’s rad!
Onch’s MLP jewlery line, with gold plated ponies, and diamond eyes! SO FANCY and adorable! Buy ’em all up here:
Lil’ Rae Cakes was there (OF COURSE!) hanging out free cake balls designed with the Ponies’ cutie marks! Delicious AND magical. Yeah yeah. Check out her ballz over at
Alcuin sporting his DIY pony necklace he made out of the collectible mcDonald’s toys! Awesome!!!
There was also Pony-inspired artwork in the gallery, too! This is Martin Hsu’s piece.. It’s really super magical in person! I love itttt ❤
Caro curated the show under her company “Sweet Streets”, so of course she showed up with the proper Pony-Footwear. HUNDREDS OF PONIES! Her shoes were center of attention at the event!
My (gooorgeous) friend Trista came down from SF for the show and surprised me because 1) she changed her hair color!! It used to be pale pink before, but i LOVE THIS LOOK and 2) SHE WAS APPLE JACK!!! So cute! I was jealous of her comfortable outfit, haha.
Shannon Cottrell snapped this fun photos of HORNS TOUCHING. There’s a joke here, I’m sure. Epic horns make for epic times, guys.
They had a cute little booth set up where you could put yourself “in” a postcard. Shannon and I got allll up in that. ❤

There were pony events happening all over Melrose that night! We headed over to JapanLA, where they were displaying the SPANK! pony and had a fun booth set up where my friends were selling unicorn horns, pony ears, and pegasus wings! Totally a great idea!

The Spank Pony!

More pony cosplay!! Victoria as Rainbow Dash (if you google “Rainbow dash cosplay” her photos is ALLLL over the internet) on the left, and her friend as an adorable Fluttershy on the right! They were selling awesome pony goods at JapanLA!
Mandie (right) as an adorable Twilight Sparkle!!! Mandie works at JapanLA and also runs! check it out!

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to the opening, the fun’s not over yet! There will be a My Little Pony family day this Saturday, which includes facepainting, special prizes, and probably magical friendship, so head on over to join the fun and take a look at the amazing artwork and custom ponies! Full details here.

May 19th, 2012: 1pm – 5pm

MY LITTLE PONY Family Day opens this weekend, Saturday May 19th. Watch MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship Is Magic with our pony artists, enjoy facepainting, temporary tattoo pony parlor, and eat ponyful cupcakes. This is a free event.

@ Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

I have tons more photos from the event and my DIY of my Celestia outfit! Check them out on my Flickr set.

And of course, there’s tons of other sites with reviews and photos from the show!

LA Weekly
Yume’s site: Ninja Sovereign
Geeky Glamorous
Huffington Post
Cool Hunting
Equestria Daily: Video!

Thanks Yume for this nice photo of my outfit ❤

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7 thoughts on “My Glamorous Pony: Opening night of “My Little Pony Project: Los Angeles”

  1. Dear Princess Celestia,

    Today I learned that Michelle makes amazing outfits and looks stunning as a unicorn.

    Your faithful student,
    Twilight Sparkle

  2. I’m usually a tad envious of your adventures, but this time…. I am one big, furry, green eyed monster!! The outfits, Onch’s jewelry, the PONIES- seriously, I hate you 😉

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