A Great GatsB-Day!

14 May

On May 4th, I celebrated the end of my “roaring 20s” with a fun and elegant Great Gatsby-themed birthday at the fittingly beautiful Millenium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The Biltmore was home to the early years of the Academy Awards in true old Hollywood style.

Since I wanted to dress appropriately for my birthday bash, I summoned up all of my 20s inspiration, and made a bias cut gown with a champagne colored silk and lace overlay embellished with beading and sequins. I also did some DIY shoes and remade some old jewelry into fancy 20’s-style accessories!

I made these out of 1 pair of earrings, 2 necklaces, and an old bracelet. Hooray for being thrifty!

From plain blue Jessica Simpson pumps from the thrift stores, to overly deco-ed out bedazzled Gatsby shoes!

Finally did finger waves! I used a setting lotion and LOTS of combing to achieve the waves! Eye makeup is a combo of Sugarpill’s Goldilux, Magpie, and Junebug ❤

Back of my dress! I added in a panel to the back of the dress for a small train.

I didn’t get a photo of the full front, so this will have to do, haha. My friend Shannon came from Portland and surprised me at the party! I cried buckets I was so excited and happy, haha.

There were lots of glamorous places to take photos in the hotel, so we poked around and were touristy… ❤

My lovely lovely awesome friends! Jenny, Aimee, myself, Yume, and Shannon making an awesome face hehe.

Lovely staircase is lovely and fun to pose on!

With my former boss Jenna! We used to work together on the US version of the Gothic Lolita Bible maaany years ago!

Glenn, Eron, Callie, myself, and Shannon. Directly after this there was a lot of yelling, photobombing, and eating of donuts. We are, at heart, not a fancy group of people haha.

I brought two Oekaki boards for people to sign so I could keep some tangible memories of the night

I only wish I would have taken more photos! I had a wonderfully fancy time with my amazing friends! 30 has been a pretty fun so far, so here’s to a rip-roaring year!

Tons more photos can be found on my Flickr set!

Stay tuned for my post about the following day.. the My Little Pony project! ❤

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