Craft Box: Lumpy Space Princess Cosplay

19 Mar

This past weekend I attended Wondercon over in Anaheim for some wonderfully nerdy fun! I was mainly excited because on Saturday, there was an Adventure Time panel featuring creator Pendleton Ward, Finn’s voice actor Jeremy Shada, and a bunch of the animators, directors, and storyboarders who make that awesome magic happen.

I was originally planning a fairly complex Pancake Princess costume, but was so swamped the week before, I opted for an easy version of my favorite character, Lumpy Space Princess (or LSP for short)!

In the series she’s a big ‘ol lump of floating purple mass, so I just took notes on her purple puffiness, her gold star, and her valley girl tacky attitude and went to town! She talks about the “weekly Promcoming Dance,” in her first episode “Trouble in Lumpy Space” (click to watch), so I ran with that, and made myself LUMPY SPACE HIGH PROMCOMING QUEEN! haha. (Gratuitous Nerd Note: I would also like to add that Pendleton Ward tweeted at me, saying he liked my LSP outfit. kekekek. #nerdingouttttt)

All dressed up as Lumpy Space Princess! Puffy face in photos is MANDATORY!

Hair and makeup! Made a "stencil" using a decorative paper punch on a label sticker, then sticking it to my eye and putting shadow on for the "lumpy bubble" effect!

Photos of how I made the outfit, accessories, and hair, plus some fun snaps from Wondercon after the jump!

To create the ultimate “Promcoming Queen” look, I needed the super obvious sash declaring my glory, right? I printed the letters on some iron on transfer paper and attached them to a pink sash I made out of some leftover material. Keeping the tacky spirit of Lumpy Space, I decided to add some unneeded pizazz by adding purple organza ruffles and pink sequins to it. Then I started recklessly hot gluing sequins to the entire thing.

And there you have it: The tackiest thing you have ever seen. It's much more abrasive in person, haha.

The corsage was very simple, and I had a lot of fun making it! I actually really like working with fake flowers, but alas, I have yet to have an event that requires a ton of flower arranging, boo!

What "Promcoming" outfit isn't complete without a wrist corsage? I sprayed some white fake roses with a lavender floral spray, then wrapped them together with wire and floral tape. I ruched together some leftover purple fabric for the ruffle. This whole thing is wired onto sparkly pink slap bracelet for ultimate tackiness!

I added to the tacky-factor by gluing on a plethora of pink rhinestones and gold stars! This is actually really cute! I wish I would have gotten a fancy corsage like this for my real prom haha.

I wanted to make LSP’s yellow star she has on her forehead into a cute comb to wear in my hair, as opposed to a sticker I slapped on my forehead.

Using hard felt and a piece of yellow vinyl, I simply hot glued them together, wrapping the excess fabric to the back of the star, then glued a plastic comb to it. **Tip: My secret to getting a perfect star shape is printing one out from Illustrator in the correct size, then cutting that out to use as a stencil! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to draw a perfect star freehand... !

For the “Promcoming Queen” tiara, I found a star-themed headband at Party city, which I snapped the bottoms off of, and added clips to, so that it would stand up on my head as opposed to sitting directly on it! I also quickly made some purple and pink dangly earrings to complete the look!

Lumpy Space Princess accessories!

Next I had to re-dye and old weave cap that I had laying around. I found it at a thrift store, and it was even brand new when I bought it! The hair was originally blonde, and the tag said HUMAN HAIR, which meant it was perfect for dying! I had previously dyed it a bright pink, so I washed it out a bit until it was pale pink, dried it (the lazy man’s way, by laying it in front of my space heater, haha), and got to work!

With the dry hair, I mixed up a purple that I liked then started to brush it into the hair.

When dying hair, make sure to comb through the colored sections so that the dye spreads to each strand of hair. On the ground it's pretty easy to run it through quickly a few times, then flip the strand to add color to the other side of this section.

Once you dye all the sections thoroughly, the hair piece should look like this: a big lump of tentacles! Let it sit for 30+ minutes, then wash it out with cold water!

After all the washing and drying, I took my hair straightener and straightened the pieces out. Then I attacked them with some basic plastic curlers.

I sprayed each section with a bit of hair spray before winding it up in the curler to help it set, then I left it alone overnight. Before I unrolled it in the morning, I blasted it with my hair dryer on high, and sprayed it with hair spray again.

Once I took the curlers our, the hair looked like this!

I pinned it to top of my head to make the "bump" and add fullness to my already blue/purple hair. I made my bangs more purple by using PINK eyeshadow on it to turn it a nice light purple. Instant one day hair dying!

The dress I used for LSP was an old Forever 21 dress I’ve had laying around for ages, and then stuck a pink petticoat underneath that! Bam! Easy cosplay!

It was really fun to spend a few hours on my old hobby (cosplay! I knew you well!) and dress up to join in the fun at Wondercon. People totally recognized me, even though I wasn’t dressed quite as a lumpy cloud.

At the beginning of the panel, they had a little sing along to the theme song ❤

The Adventure Time panel was pretty fun! I was too excited so I didn't actually take many photos, but here's half of the panel, from L to R, moderator guy (?), Jeremy Shada (Finn), Maria Bamford (Lumpy Space Queen, Hot Dog Princess, Slime Princess, Goblin King, etc), Pendleton Ward

The panel was really fun. They showed a preview from the next season, and talked a lot about their plans for upcoming seasons. Pendleton is the ultimate awesome story guy- he got easily distracted and made fart noises, mostly, and reminds me of how I wanna continue being a silly kickass grownup, too.

I bumped into Julie, who then saw these guys walking past and DRAGGED me over to take a photo with them! I am super glad she did! This group was totally awesome! It's also my first time seeing a Flame prince or Flame Princess cosplay! WOO!

The first day was full of awesome, and I picked up the first 2 issues of the Adventure Time comic (released by BOOM), a badass tentacle pizza postcard from my buddy Shing at Sawdust Bear, and FINALLY, a Miyazaki Club Tee by Martin Hsu!! WOO!

Omake! I was at the convention that day with Will. He sure does not want him some space lumps right now...

Wondercon was super fun on Saturday! On Sunday, I returned to help my buddy Martin out at his kickass booth, and saw a ton of friends. Walking around a convention is nice, but man, I really like working them.. I don’t know why!  Hope everyone I saw there had a fantastic time!

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4 Responses to “Craft Box: Lumpy Space Princess Cosplay”

  1. julie doll March 19, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    Your outfit was so awesome!! Best LSP♥ I’m glad we got to see you 😀

  2. Saffy August 21, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    I love your cosplay!! I’m cosplaying as LSP in Oct and now I obvi must make a tacky corsage and sash!!! WHERES MAH GLUE GUN!

  3. Yazzy August 22, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    OHAi! I’m cosplaying as LSP this year for AnimeNEXT and I was wondering if I could use your makeup? I just love what you did! Thank you SO much! 😀


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