Bunny Cowgirl! @ Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables

22 Feb

Living in Los Angeles, you’d think there wouldn’t be much opportunity to poke about in nature, but it’s not true at all! There are tons of parks, lakes, beaches, and rough terrain ripe for exploring just a few minutes from the urban sprawl of LA, it’s just that most people don’t know about it, or are too lazy to go!

Griffith Park is the largest park located within a major city area, stretching from Los Feliz, over the valley and down into Burbank/Glendale. Lots of tourists drive up the dusty path on Beachwood Drive to take a short hike to the Hollywood sign, but did you know you can do this same trip on… HORSES???

My boyfriend Will took me out for a 2 hour horseback ride through Griffith Park as a present for Valentine’s Day (yes, I know at this point I’ve written 3 posts about VDay! Last one, I promise)! We went to Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables for a lovely trek through atop our beautiful and super cute horsies for some lovely scenery, and fun times with our guide! Horseback rides are done on a first come first serve basis from 9am until about 4pm, or until the horses get tired, so it’s best to head up early!

We got there right at 9am, so we managed to get our own private ride with a guide! Check out the beautiful scenery below!

They made a miniature Hollywood sign right near the stables, haha. So cute.

Saddling up the horses.

So many horse butts... hehe.

I was riding behind Will for most of the trip, so a lot of my photos are of his back.. and his horse's.. hehe. Will's horse's name was Mustard! Apparently Mustard really loves to roll around in the mud at night, so he was a little dirty that morning, haha.

Pretty dorky photo of myself and Will, not gonna lie! The helmets are tres chic, no?

BAM! Hollywood sign! Will's looking pretty majestic out there on his steed, haha.

Heading up and up! We looped around the hill and could see Burbank to our right!

Snapshot of the back of 'ol Malcom's head. Malcom is a nibbler, which means he tries to stop and eat everything on the trail if you don't pull up on his reigns before he gets his head down. He kept snacking the whole time!! So bads.

The view for the entire ride was killer.

On the way back to the stables, the have this sign posted so random hikers don't venture down! They keep goats and chickens at the stables too.. so cute!

The ride was great, and an incredible urban adventure! Sunset Stables take 5 minutes to get to by car from Hollywood, so it’s an easy trek for any tourist or local Angeleno. I will totally be doing this again! They even do sunset dinner rides and bbq catered night rides, too! I think I know what I’m doing or my birthday this year… hehe.

Venue Info:
Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables
3400 N Beachwood Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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