GIRLentine’s Day at the Vampire Lounge (Yes, all of these things are real)

The holiday of love is one that should be shared with all of your friends, not just your beau. Inspired by a Parks and Recreation’s episode on “GALentine’s Day,” I started my own “GIRLentine’s Day” (yeah, not the same ring to it, but “GAL” means something else to those in the Japanese fashion circle so I changed it up a bit!)! I want to make it an annual tradition with my girl friends; a day to relax, be girly, bond, and bitch about whatever pleases us.

For a venue, I found the totally awesome Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room located in Beverly Hills, across from the posh Peninsula Hotel. It is with a heavily ironic heart that I was super excited to check the place out, especially since their Yelp reviews were glowing.

Vampire Vineyards is owned by an entertainment attorney and his wife, with vineyards in northern and southern California producing a line of “Vampire” wines, including specialty bottles like the (officially licensed!) True Blood Pinot Noir and the Dracula Zinfandel. Vampire Vineyards also owns a small run of spinoff Vampire-themed products, like Vampire Vodka, Vamp Energy drinks, and chocolates and coffee. These guys were smart enough to buy VAMPIRE.COM back in the day, so they know a thing or two about smart marketing.

But back to the event! The lounge itself has 2 floors, with a posh upstairs perfect for a gathering of girls, featuring plush couches, a host of vampire novels, and our new favorite bartender, Rob!


The stairs to the upstairs lounge. Thanks DefectiveGeeks for this photo! ❀

View from upstairs
Available upstairs among the vampire novels on the bookshelf. None of us knew how to read Tarot cards, but we REALLY WANTED TO, haha.

And of course, what GIRL-entine’s Day is complete without cute friends and cute presents for one another?

I gave out these awesome THOR-themed cards (comes with a temporary tattoo! Which we later had the bartender put on also, haha), and also brought treats to share with the girls!
The macaroons from Cake House are deeeelish!
Left to right: Kayla of Happy Hoodies, and Yume Ninja and myself, the two halves of Bubble Punch πŸ™‚
Dianne and Melissa, of, and Shannon Cottrell, awesome photographer of LAWeekly
Dianne brought nail polishes for all of us!
Melissa Lopez brought these super cute Valentines, complete with chocolates and Lisa Frank temporary tattoos!
We had a fun time putting Thor tattoos on ourselves all night. Thank you Chris Hemsworth, for being a part of our Girl-entine's Day, haha.
Left to right: Melissa Lopez, Liz Ohanesian, Dianne Garcia, Shannon Cottrell, YumeNinja, and myself! ❀

Thanks for the lovely memories, ladies! Can’t wait to do it all over again next year! ❀

Make sure to check out Defective Geeks writeup of the event, too (with much nicer photos)!

Venue Info:
Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room
9865 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills
(310) 826-7473

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