Bunny Bites: Port-FOOD-landia

I love visiting Portland, Oregon to see my friends and enjoy the cold air and snow of a town with all four seasons, and by God, the food there makes the trip even more worthwhile!

I had asked you guys if you wanted to see more foodie reviews, and the answer was a very loud YES (or maybe more of a “LIKE” since people are all on Facebook these days). Well get ready to have your eyeball taste buds blown (they exist. Trust me on this one)!

My first afternoon in Portland, we hustled on over to Swift Lounge for their fantastic Happy Hour and.. FONDUUUUUE! It’s not often than a tiny dive bar sports the finesse of a fondue, but there it was!

Behold: Fondue fries! Delish cheesy fondue melt on top of crispy salted fries!
And of course, we got a pot of their fresh fondue! On a cold early evening, these totally hit the spot! Came with the usual cured meats, breads, and small fruits.
My friend Meeps ordered this suuuper yummy cheesy pasta. CHEESE IS THE WORD!

More deliciousness after the jump!

Mac! Mac & Cheesery
See a recurring theme yet? Portland = CHEESE-LAND, apparently! Mac!, (yes, it’s spelled with an exclamation point at the end, it’s not just my over-excited writing style) has over16 styles of macaroni and cheese, plus a full selection of hot dogs, burgers, hoagies, soups, salads, and glorious beer. On Friday and Saturday, they even have a “Hangover Prevention Special,” with $3 of all mac dishes from 9pm – close! And again, with the chilly Portland weather, there’s nothing better than padding on some warm winter weight than with CHEESE!

Fried Mac n Cheese Balls! Deceptively filling little buggers! These were the Bacon Jalapeno variety!
The Cordon Bleu Mac n Cheese plate, loaded with swiss, prosciutto and chicken!
The Chili Dog platter, made with the house chili, a beef hot dog, onions and cheddar cheese. The side of mac n cheese is a nice touch, too πŸ™‚

Killer Burger
If there’s a place called “Killer Burger”in your neighborhood, count yourself a lucky. Burger-murdering, also known as “eating burgers”, is an old pastime of mine, so I was pretty pleased when my friend Shannie introduced me to this fine burger-killing establishment, where every burger comes with bacon on it, suckas!

Behold. Killer Burger. Pretty unassuming facade for a burger murdering joint, haha.
See its glory: the Killer Burger with Peanut Butter. Yes PEANUT BUTTER AND A PICKLE! I looooove it!
The third option down on the left says "The Marine: DO NOT ORDER THIS!" It's a burger made with GHOST PEPPERS!!! =0

Rose & Thistle Pub
Although I didn’t really get any good shots of food here, it was a pretty awesome spot, with a full range of kickass warm drinks. It totally deserves a mention here as a super chill bar with a nice staff, and the regular meetup place of my Portland friends.

Yum yum.

Voodoo Doughnut
What’s a trip to Portland without the obligatory box of crazy awesome donuts? Special thanks to Luke for surprising us with this box of delight as we all sat down to watch some Star Wars!

Frank’s Noodle House
Handmade noodles served in a cute little house renovated into an intimate restaurant? Yes, please! This family run business has some absolutely delicious noodles, and other Chinese food fare!

I like restaurant signs that tell you what you're getting. YUM NOODLES!
Helloooo pork noodles!
Kimichi Fried Rice!
Kimichi Fried Rice!
A nice giant bowl of wonton soup.

Lonesome’s Gourmet Pizza
Over on my Twitter account, I posted a quick pic of the INSANE menu of Lonesome’s, and got a ton of questions about it! Basically, they have a ton of hilariously-named pizzas (my fave names: “Bitches Be Triflin”, “Seriously, 3 of the 4 of us are into dudes”, “Our pizza’s just not that great”, and their “Papa Smurf” & “Little Tiny Jesus” salads.) whose names change every month (though the numbers stay the same in case you wanna keep ordering your favorites!). The pizzas themselves are LOADED with unusual and delicious ingredients! You should totally check out the descriptions and names in the link above! Additionally, when you receive your yummy gourmet pizza, you also get a bit of art/music/or culture advice, which ranges from thoughtful, to totally hilarious. Observe.

Snapshot of part of the awesome pizza names.
The top half is the "Party of Five Marathons" w/ricotta, mozzarella, bacon, walnut, rosemary, and potato slives, and the bottom is "'97 Kia Optima, Lavender" w/marinara, mozzarella, arugula, proscuitto and shaved pecorino. The top of the pizza box is info and examples of John Whipple's work!
Another glamour shot of this kickass pizza.
This pie is called "Mid-coital Crying Jags," w/ mozzarella, parmigiana, rocotta and gorgonzola. The info on the top is pretty hilarious and epic.
"Gifts from WWF Stars of the early 1990's". Yeah, you should read this.

Pine State Biscuits
This classic eating joint has been featured on various food shows (and, ugh, Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), but that doesn’t deter the steady stream of Portlanders who line up every morning to get a bite of these soft and fluffy biscuits paired with their crazy delicious thick gravy!

The Reggie Deluxe: Fried chicken, egg, bacon & cheese topped with gravy. This is actually a pic of my friend Warren's because he ordered EXTRA GRAVY. MAN it is the WAY to go!

Honorable Mention: Dean the Coffee Making Machine
Peet’s Coffee at 3646 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR
Not actually an award-winning restaurant, but totally delicious all the same. I headed to Peet’s Coffee, a normal coffee chain, with my friend Shannon to play some Uno and get warmed up with a beverage (we are COOL KIDS, you hear me??), and her friend Dean was working. I haven’t had a decent girly coffee drink in a long while, so I ordered a raspberry mocha. Dean hands me this and it totally blew my mind:

Thanks for the awesome coffee drink, Dean!

So, in short, Portland is awesome, and the food is amazing. If you’re in the area, make sure to check out these badass food spots! Special thanks to my buddy Shannon for showing me all the great eating spots, and for being an awesome friend. HIGH FIVE!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my food update! More fashionable-things are to come in my future blog posts, so hang in there if this isn’t your cuppa tea!

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3 thoughts on “Bunny Bites: Port-FOOD-landia

  1. Had NO idea you kids had any connection with PDX or were heading up this way. This is the tip of the iceberg food-wise in PDX! Are you planning more trips up this way?

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