A Very Bunny Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. A good excuse to be lazy for a bit, over eat, over buy, and just be an all American glutton for a week or so. So, here is my obligatory Christmassy post, with enough holiday spirit to make even the most merry of Santa’s elves feel a little sick to their stomach.

One thing I absolutely love doing around Christmastime is heading to Disneyland to experience some corporate manufactured magic! I am such a sucker for the double punch combo of nostalgia + the holidays! I was also excited to check out the Little Mermaid ride for the first time.. it’s my absolute favorite Disney movie, so you can bet there were sniffles and squealing to be had from me throughout the day.

Animatronic Ariel is the best! Her hair moves around, too. Technologyy..!!
Ursula's insides were the most expensive and difficult to make in the entire ride. All of her tentacles move and she is ENORMOUS.
The storybook ride sort of ends abruptly with them getting married. Ariel gets legs, finds a boy, gets yelled at by Ursula then gets married. THE END! =D
This is also the first time I saw Doug the dog from Up in the park!!! SO CUTE!!! Left to right: Myself, Doug, Sandy, and Sheyne, my Disneyland compatriots for the day!

Besides the usual riding of rides, we had a bunch of mini sidequests that day as well that included exploring parts of Disney California Adventure I’d never been to before! We took a gander around the Disney Grand Californian Hotel to check out their amazing Christmas tree and epic fireplace!

Giant lobby is GIANT. Shot from about 3 floors up.
Sheyne and Sandy sittin pretty in front of the gigantic tree! I had to lay on the ground like a crazy person to fit the entire tree in the shot!
There was a nice balcony area we found on the upper levels of the Grand Californian that looked out and over the giant pool area. Pretty swank!
A delicious drink at Trader Sam’s, a really cool little bar in one of the hotels in Disneyland that has stools that move up and down, and fake thunderstorms that happen inside the bar when you order certain drinks!!
This is the first time I ever got one of these! They use it to time how long the line is! What's weird is that they handed this to us when we were in the fast pass line for Star Tours... Hoookay.. πŸ™‚

Of course, the night ended with fireworks, the World of Color show, and a lot of EMOTIONAL CRYING on my part! I am a sucker when it comes to music, nostalgia, and visual effects, what can I say?

I was also able to find time this Christmas to get a REAL LIVE TREE for the first time ever this year! I usually either travel back to Pittsburgh or travel abroad for the Christmas Holidays, so this was our first official Xmas in LA! Shopping for a tree was a novel experience… in my parents’ place, we usually just have a fake tree we whip out every year, but I gotta say, picking out a tree, getting it trussed up, and physically trimming is way more fun than digging a dusty box out of the basement!

Thanks to our friend Sheyne, who tipped us off about Home Depot selling the cheapest trees in town! Will and I picked out this very cute and squat Noble Fir tree!
Is there something wrong with me that I feel like this is the cutest most christmassy photo ever? It's in our caaaar! =D

I make it a point to do as many Christmas-like things and cheesy stereotypical Christmas traditions as possible over the holidays. Observe our Christmas morning!

This is the Christmas-sy side of our apartment, with our little tree all done up! This was also the first year for me to have CHRISTMAS with STOCKINGS above a REAL (ok, so it's gas not wood-burning) FIREPLACE!! So christmassyyy!!

At 8AM on Christmas morning, I was awoken by having Will SHAKING ME in bed screaming OH MY GOD SANTA CAMEEEE!!! It was pretty cute and at the same time extremely annoying (yes, Will is my boyfriend, not an 8 year old boy). I came out to the living room to see a plate of half eaten cookies, a slightly nibbled carrot, and an empty glass of milk sitting in front of the fireplace. I think Will must have gotten up pretty early to have eaten all that– err i mean SANTA must have been at our apartment leaving gifts and eating our cookies along with his reindeer who apparently ate some carrots, too haha.

We emptied our stockings and opened all of our presents in a hurry. I was super excited about all of my gifts! I must also say that the range of gifts I recieve really shows that, in fact, it is a TRUE THING and no longer just a JOKE, that I am getting old. Observe the awesomeness:

Presents from Will and my friends πŸ™‚ The orange cards are TEN passes into this badass Korean spa that I frequent called Wi Spa =D
I made some peppermint mocha coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top for us for our morning cuppa πŸ™‚
Will made some quick baked eggs (bottom) with cheese, eggs, ham, and scallions, and a a little bit of Cornmeal mush (top) for both of us ❀
We also dressed up our R2D2 cutout (Will got it from work one day for some reason) in Christmassy attire and took photos like the nerds we are!
The crowning achievement of our Christmas treats was this deeelicious duck that Will had prepared, taking two days to salt/bring/season and bake the thing so we could bring it to our friends' place for their Christmas potluck that night! It was so delicious!
Another fun tidbit was that around 9am, I started getting texts and Facebook messages from friends saying they saw me on the Disney Xmas parade! I was there in November with my friend Shannie and the crew grabbed us and had us answer some holiday-related questions which I guess Disney ended up using as filler for their parade special on ABC! I didn't actually see it, but my friend Sheyne was kind enough to screencap all the madness for me!

Overall a pretty kickass Christmas season was had by all, surrounded by friends and holiday traditions that I tried for the first time this year. This past week after Xmas has been full of eating, lazing about, and eating some more, so expect some epic food photos in the near future!

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