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A Very Bunny Christmas

30 Dec

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. A good excuse to be lazy for a bit, over eat, over buy, and just be an all American glutton for a week or so. So, here is my obligatory Christmassy post, with enough holiday spirit to make even the most merry of Santa’s elves feel a little sick to their stomach.

One thing I absolutely love doing around Christmastime is heading to Disneyland to experience some corporate manufactured magic! I am such a sucker for the double punch combo of nostalgia + the holidays! I was also excited to check out the Little Mermaid ride for the first time.. it’s my absolute favorite Disney movie, so you can bet there were sniffles and squealing to be had from me throughout the day.

Animatronic Ariel is the best! Her hair moves around, too. Technologyy..!!

Ursula's insides were the most expensive and difficult to make in the entire ride. All of her tentacles move and she is ENORMOUS.

The storybook ride sort of ends abruptly with them getting married. Ariel gets legs, finds a boy, gets yelled at by Ursula then gets married. THE END! =D

This is also the first time I saw Doug the dog from Up in the park!!! SO CUTE!!! Left to right: Myself, Doug, Sandy, and Sheyne, my Disneyland compatriots for the day!

Besides the usual riding of rides, we had a bunch of mini sidequests that day as well that included exploring parts of Disney California Adventure I’d never been to before! We took a gander around the Disney Grand Californian Hotel to check out their amazing Christmas tree and epic fireplace!

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