Hello Kitty Noir x Sephora x Chubby Bunny!

On December 10th, Chubby Bunny was excited to participate in the Hello Kitty Noir launch party, hosted by Sephora!

We’re always so happy to collaborate with our friends at both Sanrio and Sephora, and this time was no exception! This time, to celebrate the launch of the new Hello Kitty Noir beauty collection at Sephora, they hosted a swank, swingin’ 20’s style party at Maison 140 boutique hotel in Beverly Hills. This private event was open to Hello Kitty collectors and friends for an intimate gathering to view the Hello Kitty suite inside the hotel!

Chubby Bunny was commissioned to make fun and fancy striped bows to show off Sephora’s signature pattern, as well as embody the Hello Kitty-shaped bow that we’ve become famous for creating!

Take a look at the new design!

Big thanks to Yume for taking photos that night, and also Hello Kitty Junkies for their great photos from the night, too!

The bows were given to guests as they entered the hotel by these super cute retro cigarette girls!
I was able to hop over to the event in some vintage wear! I really love this dress! Me looking like a doofus posing in the Hello Kitty suite.

Check below for more fun photos from the event!

The fancy invite guests recieved prior to the event
The original Sephora Hello Kitty mascot costume back in action! This was also created by Chubby Bunny especially for Sephora ❀

Who doesn't want a Hello Kitty bathroom? ❀

The Sephora, Sanrio, and Maison 140 staff! ❀ Thanks for a great event guys!

Sorry this post is a little late in coming (as always!). But! You can check out even more photos from the event on my Flickr.

Or check out these great event reports here!


One thought on “Hello Kitty Noir x Sephora x Chubby Bunny!

  1. Congrats on the event!! This must have been sooo fun πŸ™‚ The pictures look lovely!

    I’ve been following you on twitter for a little while now, and for some reason never actually clicked on your shop until today. SO glad I did, it’s the cutest ever!! You have some awesome stuff!! πŸ˜€


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