Sweet Streets: Spank! x Chubby Bunny event report!

Wow! Can’t believe it’s already been so long since Sweet Streets! Sorry for the delay in updates, but it’s been busy busy busy here as the holidays approach!

We just finished our video from the night! Check out exclusive interviews with Spank! owner Tavuchi, myself, and Sweet Streets curator Caro, as well as lots of behind the scenes film from the day!

Sweet Streets: Chubby Bunny + SPANK! Fashion Show and Pop Up store video!

Below are some pics from the Chubby Bunny x Spank! pop up shop, fashion show, and Sweet Streets opening!

Views of our pop up store before our fans ravaged it! hehe

The fashion show started with Tavuchi and I walking out while holding our brands' respective signs!
Next, the Cheerleader girls Kelli and India came out to pep up the crowd! I love this photo!
Candy Girls Shannon and Bryanna handed out special chocolates to the crowd!
Chocolates with our logos on it! Tavuchi had these made as a surprise...and I definitely was surprised to see my FACE on some chocolate, haha
Our Bubble Girls Selina and Anneline were super adorable!
Pop Idol girls Sydney and Amanda brought down the house!
Unicorn girls and Sandy looked great in their Spank! and Chubby Bunny collaboration unicorn horns! (still available for purchase at WWA Gallery!)
Our awesome models from the Spank! x Chubby Bunny fashion show!
Our pop up shop girl Jenny looks super cute in her Chubby Bunny Space Rangers top, and Chubby Bunny Rainbow Skirt!
Sweet Street's founder Caro (left) and Onch Movement jewelry designer Onch (right)!

More photos from the night can be seen here on my flickr!

And for even more photos, videos, and super cute coverage from the night, check out these links!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Streets: Spank! x Chubby Bunny event report!

  1. ahahaah the chocolates!! I’d feel bad taking a bite out of your face XD Sure wish I could have gone! Everything was so cute. I really love the dress you were wearing *3*

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