Event Recap: Chubby Bunny at the Locketship Anniversary “Galactic Glitter” Party!

13 Nov

On Saturday, November 12, we were excited to bring our Chubby Bunny booth to help Locketship celebrate the anniversary of their brand! We have a few space-themed items of our own, and were happy to bring them along to the themed event! We also provided neat Chubby Bunny prizes for the costume contest giftbags!

Everyone dressed up in their most out-of-this-world garb to get into the Galactic theme!  This was my outfit for the night! My awesome friend Jenny made the skirt and I did the star cut outs and bolero. Super fast super simple and super space invader-like!  Threw it on over another dress I already own for good sparkly measure, haha.

Here, I'm pictured wearing the Chubby Bunny Purple Star Bow, and the Bunnies In Space Collaboration Bow in my hair!

Here's the Chubby Bunny booth for the night ❤

This night, we also released our colorful army men earrings at the event!

Our awesome cute friends that run Lil' Rae Cakes! Jenny Rae and her assistant Emily had to RUN to this event after working the premiere of the Muppets Movie! Jealous!

Some of the space-themed Lil' Rae Cakeballs!!! I LOVE the princess leia ones on the left!!

Our friend Bebe made a super cute Buzz Lightyear girl!

Awesome friends who had art in the show, too! Zambicandy (left) and YumeNinja (middle) both had super cute pieces in the gallery! My friend Mel (right) also showed up for the night's festivities ❤

The party had a curated art section featuring friends of Locketship's original work!

Apologies that these are not super great photos 😦

Apologies for my wretchedly over-excited face in this photo! I was able to finally get a picture with Maria (middle) owner of Locketship, and Traci Hines (right) who performed during the night. These girls are TOO CUTE!

Our friend Jessi Jae Joplin performing with her band "Jessie Jae Joplin and The Ruckus" inside Meltdown comics!

It was a really fun night! Thanks again to Locketship for inviting us out for the event!!

As always, you can see more photos from the event on my Flickr!

And don’t forget.. the BIG NIGHT for the SPANK! x CHUBBY BUNNY fashion show and pop up store is only a week away! Show up EARLY to avoid the inevitable CRUNCH of peeps!

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One Response to “Event Recap: Chubby Bunny at the Locketship Anniversary “Galactic Glitter” Party!”

  1. Zambi November 14, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    You outfit and booth were just the cutest things everrrr! So glad I got to see you 🙂 ❤

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