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Forever21 x Hello Kitty Debut Party in Los Angeles!

18 Nov

Wow! Last night was such a whirlwind of crazy fun!

I’m actually running out the door to continue preparations for Sweet Streets (This Saturday! You should come!), but wanted to show you guys photos since everyone’s been asking ❤

There were fans lined up all the way up the stairs and throughout the shopping complex of Hollywood & Highland waiting for entry into the big event! At 7pm, a steady stream of Hello Kitty fans were let into the store to shop to their heart’s content! The party featured the new items from the Hello Kitty x Forever 21 collaboration, free nail salon, Hello Kitty herself, and live models courtesy of the Jenner twins. There was even a nice relaxing VIP room for friends of Sanrio, too 🙂

Fun group shot of myself, my cute Lolita friends, the Jenner twins behind us, and Hello Kitty herself!

Yay Hello Kitty and me! I'm wearing the polka dot bow that I had made for the rest of the F21 staff also ❤

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SPANK! x Chubby Bunny Pop Up Shop Preview Pt 2!

14 Nov

Hey everyone! We’re working day and night making super cute products for you guys for the big pop up store and fashion show coming up this Saturday at Sweet Streets! <–RSVP here!

Here are more preview pics of the items that will be in the pop up store! Each item is extremely limited in run so please be sure to arrive EARLY to get the best choice of goods!

We're happy to announce the launch of our "Space Rangers" series! Sorry we don't pics of the real shirt ready for preview just yet ❤

Our new "8-Bit Bunny" series!

Lost more after the jump!

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Event Recap: Chubby Bunny at the Locketship Anniversary “Galactic Glitter” Party!

13 Nov

On Saturday, November 12, we were excited to bring our Chubby Bunny booth to help Locketship celebrate the anniversary of their brand! We have a few space-themed items of our own, and were happy to bring them along to the themed event! We also provided neat Chubby Bunny prizes for the costume contest giftbags!

Everyone dressed up in their most out-of-this-world garb to get into the Galactic theme!  This was my outfit for the night! My awesome friend Jenny made the skirt and I did the star cut outs and bolero. Super fast super simple and super space invader-like!  Threw it on over another dress I already own for good sparkly measure, haha.

Here, I'm pictured wearing the Chubby Bunny Purple Star Bow, and the Bunnies In Space Collaboration Bow in my hair!

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Chubby Bunny x Hello Kitty x Forever 21! Plus event photos from the launch in Tokyo!

11 Nov

Hooray!We are so excited to be able to finally announce all of the fun projects that we have in store for our fans who like Chubby Bunny, Hello Kitty, and Forever 21!

Chubby Bunny was recently contacted to construct another super fun mascot costume for the famous Ms. Kitty for her debut at the Hello Kitty x Forever 21 collaboration launch party! As some of you may know, this is not our first collaboration with Sanrio! We have also created a Hello Kitty mascot outfit for Hello Kitty’s Bats & Cats Masquerade, as well as the Sephora x Hello Kitty Beauty Collection Launch. And, of course, the officially licensed Hello Kitty Bows in pink and red! (Not to mention producing several Sanrio parties with my other company, Bubble Punch!)

If you guys haven’t taken a gander at this ridiculously cute collaboration line of clothing, you need to now!

One of the cutest images of Hello Kitty from the new line is this super MOD looking outfit she wears here:

Using that, I created a super mod version of the Hello Kitty mascot costume! Additionally, Chubby Bunny created a series of custom headband bows for Forever 21 employees to wear during the big launch event!

The first launch for this line was held in Tokyo, at the Shibuya Forever 21 flagship store. (But not to fear my friends! They are also hosting a super sweet launch party here in Los Angeles next week! Details at the bottom of this post)

I sent my friends at over to the Tokyo launch party in my stead (since I’m busy here in LA making lots of cute stuff for my fashion show next week!)  Here are some of the pics they snapped of the Hello Kitty mascot outfit I created, the fans, and the adorable fashion!

Hello Kitty in her new dress! Check out the matching headbow on the cute F21 staff member!

Hello Kitty posing with the shirt that has the image that inspired her outfit for the night!

Hello Kitty titdies up the store before her guests arrive (the huge line outside!) How cute is this!

F21 shop staff wear their matching dot bows by Chubby Bunny and pose with the famous Kitty outside of the Shibuya Forever 21!

Another image of the inspiration behind Hello Kitty's outfit!

Kitty posing with the Sanrio staff! I just want to hug everyone in this picture.. I've been working with them for a long time (since 2009!) creating collaborative Hello Kitty Bow accessories ❤

Complimentary nail salon!

You can see a more in depth report at so scoot over there! A HUGE thanks to my friends there who made it to the event in my stead and totally rocked out with AMAZING photos and video!

And don’t forget, officially licensed HELLO KITTY BOWS in red and pink are available for purchase on my online shop!

Okay, and the moment you’ve been waiting for! The secret weapon that will get you into the Los Angeles Hello Kitty x Forever21 launch party for all of you lucky enough to be in the SoCal area! The same Hello Kitty costume and more of the super cute bows will be on store staff that night, too! Also, Chubby Bunny will be helping to create a super neat Hello Kitty-inspired window display for the store! I’ll be sure to take lots of photos!

Thursday, Nov 17, 2011
Forever 21 x Hello Kitty Launch Party!
Forever 21 at Hollywood & Highland
7:00PM – 9PM
Secret Password: Hello Forever 21! (you MUST say the password!)
Some of the events happening:
* Meet Hello Kitty as she debuts her new Forever 21 outfit made by me!
* Special appearance by Kylie & Kendall Jenner!
* Free Hello Kitty goodie bags to the first 250 guests
* Hello Kitty Nail Art Station (while supplies last)
* Hello Kitty Sweets Station
* Raffles for one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty fashions!

Come early as capacity is limited. DON’T FORGET to say the secret password at the door! See you there!

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Locketship x Chubby Bunny Collaboration!

7 Nov

Although I last posted about my collaboration with SPANK!, 1 week before that happens, I’ll be participating in another fun event!

To celebrate the anniversary of my friend Maria’s brand, Locketship, we teamed up to make a super cute bow for her anniversary party, being held on November 12th from 7 – 11pm at Meltdown Comics!

Locketship provided me with a super cute bunny pendant which I fashioned as the centerpiece for a super cute bow! Take a look below!

The bows feature a rabbit in space, situated on a double bow. The top layer of the bow has glitter and stars in it, while the bottom layer has a marbled black and blue pattern on it that’s totally space-a-riffic! They’re are only 8 being produced for sale, and they are $24 each!

This super special item will debut and be for sale at the Locketship Anniversary party! They are super limited, so we hope to see you there early!



Chubby Bunny + SPANK! (A love story!)

4 Nov

Days at the Chubby Bunny workshop have been getting more and more hectic as we come closer to the big fashion show and pop up store debut at the Sweet Streets opening party on November 19th! [EDIT: Sorry guys, I keep messing up the dates. But it’s the 19th!!)

I’ve neglected to give some background info on this mighty awesome collaboration so I thought I’d say a few words before giving you all a sneak peek at the goods!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that SPANK! owner Tavuchi and I have been friends for a little while, with her coming to the US pretty often, and me hanging out with her and her friends in Tokyo while I was there a few months ago, and even staying at her totally cute apartment

We had been talking about doing a project together since spring of this year, and wanted to do a collaboration fashion show and pop up store. As the fates would have it, we were able to find a venue for our ideas at the Sweet Streets exhibition! It was a match made in heaven, since Sweet Streets (which I helped to produce and exhibited in last year) focuses on Japanese pop culture and art, and that’s sort of where SPANK! an Chubby Bunny fall in ❤

Working with Tavuchi these past couple of months prepping for the show have been really fun and interesting. It’s been really great to be able to work with such a distinguished brand in the Japanese fashion community, and it totally helps that Tavuchi and I totally think on the same wavelength of wierdness when it comes to a lot of things!

Our fashion show and pop up show are just one aspect of Sweet Streets. Make sure you guys take a good look at all of the amazing art that will be on display at the gallery that night!

The SPANK! x CHUBBY BUNNY POP UP SHOP will feature an array of items from our normal stores, PLUS exclusive items from our respective brands for this event! Chubby Bunny will debuting our APPAREL line at this event as well! But that’s not all! SPANK! and Chubby Bunny will also be releasing extremely limited COLLABORATION products! Photos and details about these products will be hush hush until closer to the event so stay tuned!

Additionally, the SPANK! x CHUBBY BUNNY FASHION SHOW will feature models selected from our nationwide model search, looking for fans of our brands that exuded personality, style, and general awesomeness! The fashion show starts at 8PM, and there is SURE to be a crowd, so we urge fans to come as EARLY as you can to line up!! The show will feature models wearing a mix of SPANK! and Chubby Bunny apparel and accessories, with makeup sponsored by our awesome friends at Sugarpill Cosmetics!

Alright, enough yapping! Check out the sneak peek of products from SPANK! and CHUBBY BUNNY below! (we’ll be doing another sneak peek post in a week so make sure to check back soon!)

Our new Chubby Bunny logo button!

Chubby Bunny coin purse!

SPANK! Item: "SPANK!" spelled out in Hiragana! An exclusive item made just for the LA show!

SPANK! Item: Call Me, by SPANK! Another exclusive item made just for the L.A. boutique!

Chubby Bunny x Spank! Collaboration buttons!

There are a LOT of new products coming out from both SPANK! and Chubby Bunny for this awesome show! Stay tuned and we’ll have another round of previews of our items soon!

2 Weeks until Sweet Streets!Yay!