Korea Day 1 Continued: Cheese,Shopping, and Beer, Repeat.

So to continue our day from the last post!

We met up with our long lost buddies Liz and Nara at Sinchon station! It’s been ages since we’ve seen them… Hello Kitty Nerd party, I think??

We headed straight on over to CM Box for lunch, which is home of the AMAZING SCOOP CHEESE PIZZA THING. The pizza is in a little pan and it’s mostly cheese and other ingredients on top of a super thing crust )kind of like a flour tortilla?). We got a Camembert cheese pizza, and a sweet potato pizza. DELISH. We also split a plate of creamy seafood pasta and carbonara pasta, too… DROOL.

Camembert pizza comes with a random pentagram on it made with mayo. NICE.
Liz and Nara looking totally adorable ❀
In total contrast to this photo fo Will and I, where I'm holding a plate of pickles and forcing myself to have a double chin. I rule.

More on the day after the jump!

There was this adorable stray kitty who was hanging out outside of the restaurant before we went in, and when we came out, he was laying all nicely tucked in to this box! There was a little plate of bacon bits next to him, too. Nara and Liz said he was the shop's kitty. So cute!

After lunch, we took the train to the Hongik University area, where there were tons of people crowding the bunch of cute stores lined up nearby. The area is rife with cafes, bars, and karaoke for the student nightlife scene, and lots of clubs, too, apparently. We ventured over to the Free Market area, where artists had little tables selling their stuff.

There were some pretty cute crafts there... some of them had "no photo" signs on their tables, though, so I just took ambiance shots of this part.
There was definitely no lack of customers.
I would really like to know what the hell is going on here. And yet I don't. This was next to a table that had a raffle thing going on with it. I just.. yeah. WOW.
The shopping streets in Hongdae (which is short for "Hongik University") were totally packed... Liz said that it's usually MORE crowded than this at night, though!! so cool! Here is a photo of Will looking.. I dunno, pensive or something haha.
This is a random doggie was saw layin on the sidewalk in front of a store. Store pets are awesome. Look at his lounging!
Doggie butt.
On the facade of a random building in the Hondae area, we see this. WHAT. IS. GOING. ON??
Hello random drink! You have a fancy name,, but you just taste like lemon Lipton teatto me! For shame!

Will and I headed back to our hotel for a bit after this to relax our old tired feet in our swank room. Breaks during heavy-walking vacations: They are super important, yo. Will power napped while I played around on the internet and read more of our Seoul guide book.

After a good rest, we regrouped and met up with Liz and Nara again for dinner, this time in Sillim, which is where they both live. Their town is really awesome and full of cool things like totally kickass food, random dudes doing karate chops on tiles in order to win giant stuffed bears (WHAT?) and boozin. All these things. They are important.

Liz and Nara are in charge of cooking the giant bacon, as well as sucking up all the smoke from it using this springy tube haha. THEY ARE AWESOME TROOPERS!
Check out all our meats. Be jealous. MEEAAAT.
Out in the back, they have this insane fire pit where they heat these circular cinder block things that they use to heat all the bbq grills at the individual tables. When you sit down, they bring a hue metal pot with a flaming disc in it, throw it in the hole in your table and cover it with a grill. Pretty. Bad. Ass.
Will is doing one of his Zoolander looks and I'm jus tbeing goofy. No normal photos of us yet, folks.
So obviously, after eating and drinking at the bbq place, we had to hit another bar. This one is called I LOVE SCHOOL. What does it have to do with school? NOTHING YET AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL.

I’m dumb for not taking photos of our drinks and food, but we got a giant PITCHER of grape soju.. and extra bottle of soju to throw into it to make it stronger…cheese corn, and a plate of kimchi pancake (I think). Nothing like eating and drinking after a couple of hours of eating and drinking. WINNERS.

If you happen to be in Sillim and looking for a bar, THIS IS THE SIGN TO LOOK FOR, haha.
So, obviously we had to make stupid poses in front of the bar. Will, Nara, and Liz, looking fabulous.
aaand one more time, with me in the middle and the guys doing a deedle-dee daffy duck dance pose on either side, haha.

After this, I was convinced I needed to test my might on one of those arcade machines where you punch a bag so it can tell you how “strong” you are. Kudos to Liz for reminding me I promised I would do it, and fronting the 500won for my public embarrassment. I am no sure why a photo of this does not exist, but I’m not complaining.

After this… we… went to another bar. I’m not sure what is wrong with us, but apparently 2 eating/drinking establishments were not enough to contain our awesome. I think it’s because Korea is full of establishments with signs that look like this:

That's right. This man is mainlining a bottle of beer and a bottle of soju. Drinking: The Korean national pastime.

We seriously had a really great time hanging out with Liz and Nara and are happy they were around on Sunday to show us around and take us to fun places for dinner! Hooray for Sunday drinking (the following day was a national holiday so they had off work and were able to hang out late, yippie!).

I think we finished up at the last bar round 1am and took a taxi back to our hotel that night. It was so unbelievably cheap, I was convinced I had received some sort of discount when it came time to pay. Approximately $17 bucks for a ride that was about 20 minutes AFTER the prices were increased after the train system stops at night. COOL.

So that’s the end of our first official day in Seoul! Super awesome! Don’t worry, we get a little more cultural after this.


Check out more photos from this day on my Flickr set!

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