Korea Day 0 & 1: Airline woes and Pokin around

I’ve got a few minutes to kill before we have to go meet our friends at the station, so I thought I’d do a quickie post describing our first epic day of traveling!

We left on Friday September 31, for what was supposed to bea 2 leg flight- first from Los Angeles to San Francisco, then from there to Seoul. WELL. Thanks to United, and the weather in SF and the fact that they only had ONE LANE open for incoming flights that morning, our plane was about an hour and a half late to SFO, which meant we totally missed our connecting flight. They rescheduled us and we had to take a later flight from SFO to Narita (JAPAN!!! WTF) THEN switch again to get to Seoul. It was a lovely, very late flight, and we luckily made it in time to Narita with 10 minutes to spare before boarding started. Needless to say, it was a stressful flight. Also, the food was so incredibly terrible on the flight that I had stomach aches all night and all morning :/

Once in Narita, I needed an alcoholic pat on the back.

My neck pillow is doubling as a mohawk, and my yummy alcoholic chi-hi is helping me not kick every United Airlines employee in the face.

Thank you chu-hi for existing.

We got to Seoul about 4 hours later than planned but considering our unplanned trip to Japan before Koera, I’d say that’s not too bad!

We took the airport bus to Sinchon ($10! SO cheap!) and hopped off, got lost for about 30 minutes before finding our hotel.. it’s super cheap and really nice for the price! That’s because it’s in the “love hotel” district in Sinchon! haha. Sinchon is the area that’s between to major universities in Seoul, Hongik University (the leading arts uni in S. Korea), and Ehwa Women’s university. SOOO there are a lot of love hotels in this area for those college kids who wanna get their mojo on, haha. Anyway the hotel is pretty cool! I did some pics and a little video tour of it this morning if you’re interested in our love-hotel-ness.. haha.

Hotel fron. It's French, yo. Except.. not really at all.

Konked out, and got up pretty early today (Oct 2nd!) and went exploring..

We had breakfast at the luxurious Paris Baguette.. nomnom.

Will and I split an english muffin sammich, french toast with honey, and a weird sausage may corn thing. DELICIOUS.
The innards of my French toast.
This paris baguette was pretty posh!

We were admiring our STACK of Korea won currency. Apparently they only recently made the 50,000 won bill, but when I changed my money over they didn’t have any so I got a whooole bunch of 10,000 won bills instead (approx $10 bills)

Rollin deep.

After that, we headed down a shopping street that leads from Sinchon to Ehwa Women’s university and saw lots of cute things on the way…

Baskin Robbins halloween ad.. why isnt the Baskin Robbins in america this badass? I want cute halloween cakes!!
Hello Kitty Cafe! We shall be back....

We actually poked around Ehwa University a little bit. The grounds were really beautiful. Check out this amazing structure built into a hill!! There are class rooms, student gathering area, and shops inside either side of the hill!
Will is impressed by this hobbit-like feat of architecture.
On the way back to Sinchon, we totally saw this. Geez, THANK GOODNESS I WAS WONDERIN WHERE I WAS GONNA GET MY BLOOMIN ONION FIX! haha.
A view of the big intersection by Sinchon station

I’m really excited to see our friends Liz and Nara again! They moved to Seoul earlier this year and we’ve really missed them! We’re meeting up with them in… uhh an hour! YAY!

I’m sure my posts will get to be a little more exciting than this later on down the road πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned, kids!

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