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OOTD: You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman.

5 Sep

Does anyone else remember the lyrics to the cheesy 70s Wonder Woman live action show? I sure do!

This is a quick little number I made for the DC Relaunch party, which was held at Meltdown Comics onAugust 30! I wrote an extensive post about it over at the Bubble Punch blog, if you’d like to hear the sheer geekiness of my mind pour out onto the internets.

I wanted to quickly post my DIY cosplay outfit over here, though! I made this primarily out of some pretty metallic gold vinyl I found laying around, backed with heavy duty interfacing to make it stiff. I used the power of my brain and folding paper to make the patterns for the eagle chest plate, headpiece, choker, armband, belt, and wristlets! I was even nerdy enough to carve in the lines of Wonder Woman’s “armor” into the vynil too.

For makeup, I used Sugarpill Cosmetic’s Royal Sugar and Goldilux to create a patriotic yet Amazonian Goddess-type look!

I mostly based this outfit off of Wonder Woman’s new uniform which was designed for the re-release of all of the DC comic #1’s, but since DC had trouble deciding on whether she would have pants or not until the last minute, I decided to make some stars out of white vinyl and tack them onto a blue skirt I had laying around, haha. I even got a bit of gold wrope to make my LASSO OF TRUTH!

Wonder Woman outfit, and a closeup of my gigantic face!

Check out that etching hehe. Okay, it's not THAT impressive, I was just pretty pleased with my geometry nerd-ery that went into making it completely center and evenly etched 😀

The best part of my outfit, which is OBVIOUSLY THERE, is Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane.

Laugh & pat yourself on the back if you got that joke without having to click the link 😉

I usually post my Outfit of the Days to LookBook.NU, so add me there and Hype me and I’ll add you back!

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