Event Report: James Philip Ribiat-Finley Arts Endowment Fundraiser

1 Sep

AUGUST 26 — On a summery evening in the outdoor courtyard of Sancho Gallery in Echo Park, friends, family, and supporters of the arts gathered to help raise money for the James Philip Ribiat-Finley Arts Endowment .

Organized by Stephanie Inagaki, designer of Miyu Decay,  the Endowment was started in memory of James Philip Ribiat-Finley, her late fiance. The endowment is used to support local teens who are interested in a career in the arts. Stephanie asked many of her friends for donations and help with promotion and production of this event, and ended up with a wonderful turnout.

I donated several Chubby Bunny items to be used in the raffle, as well as helping with setting up the space earlier that afternoon. The event had performances, art for sale, a silent auction, and an epic raffle!


A wall of the artwork for sale in the silent auction

Bubble Punch showing their support! (True Mee and Myself <3)

TONS of items up for the raffle

This man actually mentioned to me before the raffle that he really wanted to win the Hello Kitty bow! AND THEN HE DID. Crazyyyy!

Stephanie (center) announces raffle prize winners. The piece being held is from Michelle Romo!

The winner of one of my bunny ear hair accessories!

There was a really good turnout and it was so nice to see so many people supporting a worthy cause! Congrats to Stephanie and all of those who supported this event!

More photos of the event are on my Flickr!


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