Bunny Booths: Tune in Tokyo’s “Back to School” night at Royal/T

30 Aug

On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, I was excited to bring Chubby Bunny products to the Tune in Tokyo “Back to School” event at Royal/T cafe, in Culver City.

It was a great chance to motivate me to finish up some new products I had been thinking about for a while, and to debut my new shirts!

The Chubby Bunny booth! My awesome friend and on-call assistant Jenny was there to help, too! Thank you Jenny!

A quick look at some of the Dinosaur shirts! These are just samples that were for sale. The real deal will be available online in just a few weeks!

Modeling the dino shirts! The Tune In Tokyo crew were taking "class photos" during the event. How cute! Photo by Tune In Tokyo.

More pics and event review after the jump!

Tune In Tokyo is a collective of DJs that holds monthly events around Los Angeles, as well as steps in to DJ at others’ events as well! There were a ton of vendors for their first crack at selling, and I was happy to see lots of tables of a wide variety of products. There were lots of cool fairy kei and lolita inspired goods, and even a booth selling h. Naoto apparel!


The back room of booths! I didn't get to visit here hardly at all since my booth was in the front area! Everyone's stuff looked so cute though! (They're playing the Ponponpon video on the big screeen, hehe). Photo by Elliot Trinidad.

I love working booths at events because I get to meet tons of my customers in person! Just take a look at this ADORABLE Slytherin Lolita couple!!!

Hell yeah! My buddy Misha made a Yankee bosozoku coat for the event! Her and Jenny match ❤

My buddies Tj and Onch showed up to show their support too! Thanks so much guys! Onch is wearing the limited edition Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny metallic bow that was released a few months ago by Sanrio ❤

As always, you can find the rest of the photos from the night that I’ve shot and collected on my Flickr!

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