Japan Day 8 & 9: By my one-sy to Osaka: Food, Rilakkuma, More Food.

I’m falling a bit behind with these posts (and it feels like it was a lifetime ago…!) but trying to catch up!

On July 30th, I woke up a little tired from a crazy night at the Harajuku Kawaii event, I packed up, said goodbye to Caro, and started the “vacation” portion of my trip! I had buffered in a few extra days at the end of my Japan stay to spend time with my old friends in Osaka, and I was really glad to have the chance to relax and not think about business things for a few days.

Nice long quiet train rides are the bees knees. I tucked into my delicious bento lunch I got and finished most of Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” book in the 2 and a half hours it took me to get to Osaka.

Sushi "sandwiches" with ride and nori on the outside. So yummy!
Yakisoba sandwich, and salmon roe onigiri. I was a little piggy and ate all of this.

More of this post after the jump!

It was a sunny and pleasant view the entire way out to Osaka.

I arrived in Osaka and switched over to the Subway…. and was greeted by this guy:

Hello Kewpie Mayo-sponsored subway car!

I met my friend Nicole in Hommachi and we had some delicious lunch before heading over to Osaka Castle park (known as Osakajou Koen)Β  for a barbeque. Yeah, that’s right, we ate lunch then went to go eat again cos that’s how we roll.

Osaka Castle has a huge park built around it with moats and things, so it’s a really nice place to setup a barbeque, drink a bunch of beers (no open container laws in Japan! Still a novelty to me after all these years haha), and enjoy the view.

Lots of peeps running and exercising in the park. It was about a billion degrees outside, so it was pretty hardcore to see so many people out in the heat moving around, and most of the runners we saw were elderly, too! HARDCORE.
Yay new friends! Yuya (the guy in the ironic "I ❀ Bob" shirt) is also one of Nicole's housemates. His Kansai dialect is FRIGGIN RIDICULOUS. It's SO heavy it was like it was out of a cartoon! I LOVED IT!

We ate lots of meat, consumed tons of beers, and got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes well after the sun set. After a few rounds of “throw balls around and try to hit them back, except we’re all non-athletic so we kept hitting passersby,” we decided to hit up some cheap karaoke near their apartment.

Nicole and I. Did i mention this was the first day on this entire trip i didn't wear ANY MAKEUP. Ahhh. Truly a vacation.

We were all getting pretty tipsy since the karaoke had all-you-can-drink included in the room rate. We had assembled this mass of people that are all either Nicole’s roommates, or friends of them. We danced around a lot and played tambourines and sang SO SO SO many songs.

The madness.

After our 2 hours of karaoke madness was up, half of our group decided to keep the party going and head to a bar called “Bambi” nearby.Β  It was really cute, because inside, there were a ton of cute Disney Bambi plushies and decorations inside. I’m really kicking myself for not taking any photos in the bar, haha.Well, the main reason I didn’t take photos was because I spent half of the time trying not to kill this belligerent drunk random guy.

Some jerk in the bar decided he needed to get all up in my face and keep calling me a Yankee because of my hair. Wow, what? Japan, why you make me fight you? Also, what the hell kind of insult/dumb thing is that to say? I kept telling him to back off/also, I’M NOT JAPANESE and he kept following me around the bar, saying it over and over, and starting the whole “WHY DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH IF YOU’RE ASIAN?”-thing. Ughh. What is it with the combination of me + bars + creepy guys in Japan who follow me? The last time this happened, I had to throw a drink on a guy, but mind you this was back in 2006. Or maybe it was 2007.

AAaaannyway, the guy eventually got pulled away by some of my friends and that was the end of that. I’m pretty proud of myself that it didn’t disolve into violence πŸ™‚ Instead, it ended in us going to a 24-hour diner-type place, and getting awesome food. I ordered a corn mayo pizza in honor of Will, because he loves those haha.

Behold its glory.
The kids' menu had instructions on how to properly eat hamburger steak, and how to draw a legit Anpan man face on your pancakes. Educational!
The kids' menu is pretty intense. Sort of regretted not ordering any of this awesome stuff. I love when food comes with tiny flags!

I think we must have wandered back to Nicole’s apartment around 4am or something ridiculous. I passed out on the couch to ready myself for another day of sweet sweet hanging out for the next day.

The next morning, I woke up freakishly early, like around 9am or something, and of course, everyone else in the house was dead asleep. I rolled around for a bit in the heat before I finally headed outside to grab some breakfast and bask in the air conditioning at the convenience store.

Japan convenience store food is awesome. Picked up some cold noodles for breakfast!
Obviously SINGLE leaf tea won't cut it. I needed DOUBLE LEAF TEA to make the day happen. Another one of those cases where the English makes no sense on packaging.

Everyone else in the house rose from the dead much later after that while I entertained myself with my noodles and finishing off reading “Bossypants.”

Nicole tossed me a scrapbook that our mutual friend Theryl had made for her for her birthday a few years ago… it was full of totally awesome and cry-worthy memories of our time living in Japan together. Nicole, Theryl, and Michelle K. (2 michelle’s, one group! Madness!), and I were a really tight-knit group of friends and were totally family to each other back in the day. It was nice to have a surrogate family when everyone’s real relatives were a whole world away.

Haha a super old photo of us from 2006. the top left is from when we were in Bali in a crazy Butterfly garden, so those were our butterfly faces. From left to right is Nicole, myself, and Michelle K. The photo on the right is from when we went to the Gion Festival in Kyoto in 2007. In the back is Theryl and Michelle K, and in the front is Nicole, myself, and our Japanese friend Tomomi who lives in Yokohama with her husband now ;.;
The photo on the left is from May 2007, when we were hiking around a volcanic island in Kagoshima, and the bottom pic is from some random day that summer, I think when we were tyring to learn how to do calligraphy? haha. What.

Wowww yeah sorry about that tangent there, but nostalgia!! I love it! It’s great to have friends that I can always immediately reconnect with no matter how long I haven’t seen them or how far apart we are physically.

Right around when I finished looking at the scrapbook, Nicole and her fiance Tashi were raring to go for some sushi lunch times in Umeda. Nothing like a little kaitenzushi to start the day!

Kaitenzushi! You just take what you want from the rotating conveyer belt in front of you!
A little corn mayo to get started
Quail egg and tuna! Hell yeah!
Nicole and Tashi like to make stupid faces in every single photo... NOW YOU KNOW WHY WE ARE ALL SOULMATES, haha!

We went off to poke around Umeda, and I remembered that there was the Rilakkuma summer fair happening, thanks to these billions of posters all over the station:

Mysterious things are coming out of that rainbow...
Oh, the rainbow is erupting with toy flowers, monkeys and things. Of course.
Whoo hoo! There were little areas you could make Rilakkuma crafts for the kids here, too.
I reallllly wanted this pillow but knew I didn't have enough room in my suitcase for it. DAMMIT ALL TO HELL.

In this section around Umeda station, there are lots of cute character goods stores! Get ready to die of cute:

Giant cat-head bags!
There was a cute Capybara-san store that was up in honor of the 5 year anniversary! So cute! I wanted EVERYTHING >.< I love Capybaras!
Capybara display!
Alice in Wonderland has always been really popular in Japan. These cute collectible setes were SO AMAZING! I know a ton fo my friends who would kill to have the full set! Alas.. I am poor.
Recognize this bro? I was so confused, but apparently not only in Japan, but also in the UK, he's WALLY and not WALDO. WTF!!!
Uhmm I have never heard of this character before, but, what appeared to be a very very short person or large child, was posing for photos in this mascot getup! So cute, yet WOW look at how short the person inside the costume must be!
We stopped at Mister Donuts during our shopping trip so I could eat some of the lovely Pon-de-ring mochi donuts that I love so much! I also got this guy, which was a random bear-shaped donut with matcha frosting!

After shopping a bit, we walked over to a new shopping building called Luca, which was about 20 stories high and built in to the huge addition they made to the JR railway station there.

Last year, the tracks were there, but NONE of the structures over top of it were. This all was finished just 3 months prior to this photo.
This platform is built entirely over the tracks, and has a sort of European nouveau feel to it. I can't believe how much this station has changed in just year. Absolutely none of this was here when I was last visitng in 2010.
There were a lot of cute stores in the Luca building, but the best part was the outside park areas that were built into the roofs of the building.
Took thi ssuper dramatic photo. And then it started POURING DOWN CRAZY RAIN onto us, haha.
While it was still raining crazyhard, we nipped out to get dinner at an all-you-can-eat kushi katsu place! Kushi means "stick" and "katsu" is a method of cooking of flouring then frying things. You basically pick out the raw versions of everything you want out of a glass case, then you batter and fry them right at your table! SOOO delicious and SOOO fatty.

After that, we headed back to Nicole’s place since it was pretty late. On the way home, we saw a funny ad for a manga… I cannot understand what this is saying.

This is one hell of a "before and after" photo montage!

Can anyone tell me what the hell this manga is about?

Alright, that’s it for now. I realize this post is ridiculously long at this point, haha. WHOOPS.

I’ll continue to interrupt these Japan posts with updates on actual Chubby Bunny design things, too ❀ Don’t you worry! As always, more and more photos of this day and my previous days in Japan can be found on my Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Japan Day 8 & 9: By my one-sy to Osaka: Food, Rilakkuma, More Food.

  1. Man those Sushi sammiches look so good <:Q !!! But that sushi you had later….I…could not even try that XD

    Those cat bags are adorable!!! I want one. '3'

    Anddddd I'm so jealous! I love Korean BBQ but I've never heard of kushi katsu before ; ; I …love all things fried….

    1. Yeah man SUSHI SAMMICHES. I mean it tastes the same as regular sushi but the format is so cute. I am the queen of eating weird looking food lol…

      Cat bags = I KNOW RIGHT? I wish they had bunny shaped ones…!

      Kushi katsu is usually just one sorta thing thats served at some japanese restaurants in the states, i’ve found. Usually if you go to any place tht has yakitori, there might be some kushi katsu items on the menu, but I’ve noticed they might list it like “Fried thing on stick” instead of in japanese, haha.

    1. Thanks so much lauren! Sometimes when I get tired of blogging (it takes FOREVER to make a post with the slow-ass wordpress interface) I think about the people who actually read it hehe… I thought about your comments when I wrote this the other day, too! I try to make it informative with links and stuff so people can do the same things in the future if they want, too! πŸ™‚

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