OOTD: Ducky Love

25 Aug

Today’s Outfit Of the Day is brought to you by the color YELLOW and the mighty DUCK, Haha. I had mentioned before that I was wondering if Nadia Harajuku’s famous platform sneakers were an exclusive item or not, but well… they’re not! At Nadia they only offer them in Black, White, and red, but I found these cuties in a fantastic yellow! I snagged these cute guys off of eBay by searching for “Platform sneakers.” It’s that easy! Crazy Ducky shirt is from Korea ❤

[EDIT: Oops so apparently on LookBook.NU you can only have a max of 3 shots per image sooo they deleted this entry haha OH WELL their loss!]

I usually post my Outfit of the Days to LookBook.NU, so add me there and Hype me and I’ll add you back!


2 Responses to “OOTD: Ducky Love”

  1. Zambi August 31, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    haha the color yellow XD Really loved this outfit when I saw it on Tumblrs! You have the best fashion sense :Q!

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