The Gamer In Me is the Gamer In You.

12 Aug

A little break from all of my Japan posts to bring you this quick update on a fun little adventure I had yesterday!

Yesterday, August 11, I hopped on over to the SUPER iam8bit art exhibition opening party with some of my pals and relished in my nerdy past. The show focused on retro 80’s video games and culture, exhibiting fine art, installations, a giant Galaga arcade cabinet, live paintings, and rad chip music throughout the night.

I’ve actually done a rather thorough event recap post over at Bubble Punch, so definitely check it out if you’re interested about details on the artwork and performances!

I was excited to go to this opening since 1) I was a huge video game nerd in my youth and love the nostalgia of this kinda stuff, 2) a bunch of my friends had pieces of work in the show or were attending 3) I was looking for an excuse to make these dumb 8bit glasses for a while!

Here’s a quick rundown of my outfit for the night:

Dress by Spank!, shoes by B by Aperire, tights by American Apparel, "Chubby Bunny" necklace by Cicely Margo, yellow ghost necklace by CocoLulu (it's flipped around in this pic, but you can see it better 2 pics down).

Photo by Shannon Cottrell! 8bit glasses are DIY by gluing felt onto some old glasses I had laying around, and adding stars and pompoms to them!

Back of my head! All hairpieces (except for the star clips) seen here are from my brand, available at You can also see the awesome print on my Spank! dress a little better here, too!

At the begninng of the night I looked pretty stupid because I thought you could step on the controls and it would move stuff on the projection screen. Really it was just a giant vinyl sticker and I am a dummy, haha.

Here's the projection! Fans could play at a refurbished Galaga machine and everyone who played got a free t-shirt! The little red shell on the floor there is scuttling along all by itself because it's attached to a Roomba vacuum! Isn't that awesome??

Will tried it out, too! hehe he looks so cute here ❤

This is a pretty dang cute pic of Shannon!! ❤ I like taking stalker photos of her at events because she's never allowed to be IN the photos she takes for LAWeekly so I make sure to take a bunch and put them up on my website to "make up for it" AKA be a creeper!!

This was pretty rad! "8-Bit Yourself!" A camera makes you into little shapes on screen!

Like so! I was pretty entertained by this thing, even though no one else seemed to be. It was always empty in front of it so every time I walked by I would run around in circles in front of it and jump up and down to see my shape moving on screen. Yes, I am 5 years old. Left to right are Will, me, and Caro in the background haha.

How cute is this DIY photo area? You could slide little panels in to create whatever retro game character you wanted and stick your head, torso, or legs in haha. I like how Toadstool looks super pissed in this illustration.

We had a great time, but had to Cinderella-it out of there around 9:30PM because Will had to go to work early the next day and I had a TON of work to do (this morning!) also! Had a really rad time and was happy to see some old friends and meet new ones too! Keep in touch cool peeps!


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