Japan Day 4: Drinking, Eatin, Fashion-ing, and Friends: DOG Harajuku store tour, Friend adventures, and Shinjuku Golden Gai

10 Aug

I’ve been getting some nice feedback on these posts I’ve been making 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s reading! Hang in there for quite a few more days of posts keke..

Some people were asking, but normally you are NOT allowed to take photos in stores at all. The only reason I was allowed to take photos was because all of the shop staff were either friends of the people we were with, they knew of me somehow (I blame Tavuchi’s blog, haha), or we asked them very nicely and explained it was for blog coverage or industry research. So don’t be a jerk when you go to Japan and just start snapping photos. Always ask permission! Anywhoo, on to the next day’s activities!

The next day, Caro and I headed to Harajuku to work on some projects (Can’t really talk about what exactly they were though, yet) and got a nice walk about Harajuku with friends.

We had a quick yakiniku lunch meeting in this Hawaiian-themed restaurant that overlooks Omotesando crossing. Quite the view!

We headed over to Takeshita Dori, also known as Cat Street, to do some location scouting kinda things, and took some fun pics. A bunch of our friends somehow or another showed up to play so it was actually really fun!

The entrance to Takeshita Dori/Street, from the view of the front of Harajuku Station. I don't know why but I really hate those balloons.

More photos, and the rest of the day after the jump!

We started our tour de force by popping into Faline, a very pink store that ironically only sells upscale foreign brands.

Caro (left) takes a quick pic while wearing a cute SPANK! dress she bought the day before.

Guess who showed up? My BFF Kensuke, haha. I really like his Broken Doll hat. Sort of makes me wanna start wearing baseball caps! Sort of.

We meandered over to the DOG Harajuku store (you may remember from my previous post that there is also a DOG in Koenji) to do some worky things, and took pics of all the awesome clothing. Lady Gaga’s former stylist was so so right to pull form here. Kickass stuff.

DIY jackets, pants, and shoes galore in DOG!

I'll take 5,000 pairs of these, please.

Myself and DOG shopgirl Ayaka, who is always plastered all over every issue of Fruits and any Street Snaps you see ever. She's super nice and SO SMALL. I look like a giant bear-type thing next to her! (She was in a recent post by Tokyofashion.com, too!

After we were done playing around in DOG and causing a ruckus (don’t worry, we had permission to take all these photos,too! We are industry professionals, yo!), we ended up at 6%DOKIDOKI again and had tea with our friends there. After the “meeting” we realized most of us were still hungry so we set off for some real food in Shibuya. By this time we had amassed quite the fun little party of kickass people.

Look at these GQMFs!! I had such a blast hanging out with them this afternoon!

Can I just say that Tim and Molly are just some of the nicest people ever? Shout out to my homies. Some of the coolest gaijin in Tokyo, for sure ❤

I was a little obsessed with Yumaranta's DIY clothing. (He's also in the band BrokenDoll with Ken!) He sells some of it in the Broken Doll store but all of this stuff he just made and DIYed for himself. KICKASS, NO?

We set off for a pleasant walk to Shibuya to go to lunch. On the way we saw this little gem on the side of the road, outside of an art school:

HAVE YOUR COURAGE. RAWR! This isn't really true grafittie since it's on the art school's campus. Grafitti in general is really not widespread/appreciated in Japan, because most artists consider defacing a building the same as defacing someone else's art, so it's disrespectful.

In front of Sora no Niwa, an amazing tofu restaurant that uses tofu in everything they make! Get ready for all the drool worthy photos! Ken was pretty excited and started throwing hand signs. I don't know what he's trying to spell here. LA?


Cheese tofu! Let's take something completely lactose free and shove cheese in it. I'M IN!

Tofu skewers with a dollop of shiso paste on top. YUMMM.

Tofu they stir up at the table and make for you right there! this was aaabsolutely delicious!

Dinner was super relaxed and I had fun making new friends and having chill bonding time. I will say this over and over again, but despite appearances, I really do prefer intimate hang out times with friends to huge parties. I LOVE going to big glamorous events, and throwing them too, but I always make sure I have spend equal amounts of time really getting to know someone> Bumping into people at events and talking for 10 minutes in a crowded area doesn’t really count as becoming real friends 😉

After a nice diner and a few beers, Caro and I had to jet and say goodbye! We hoofed it over to Shinjuku where we were to meet Tavuchi and have a neat nighttime adventure in Shinjuku’s famous Golden Gai bar district.

This area, having survived the 1980’s fires that burned down other buildings in the vicinity (the yakuza were apparently setting fires to buildings so developers could purchase the land), is comprised of a few dimly lit alleyways with buildings stacked almost on top of each other. Bars in this area usually can seat 10 people max, and are intimate enough that you can really get to know your neighbor. Architecturally and historically this area is super interesting, and I suggest you guys research it a bit if you ever plan on going to Tokyo.

We got to check out one of the bars with Tavuchi, because Shojono Tomo was helping out at a bar there part time. TOO COOL, TOMO 😉

Our fearless leader Tavuchi guides us down the little alleys to our destination.

I'm taking a photo against the wall of the bar. THIS IS HOW WIDE IT IS FOR REAL. I love it.

We met a lot of cool people in there. Well, also some doofuses. 2 Spanish guys rambled in super drunk and insisted we do group photos, but it came out pretty funny actually. Tavuchi is a super star back there with her hands on her head haha. The two women on the left study kimono making!

The bar cleared out a little bit, so Shojono Tomo was able to jump out from behind the bar and take some pics with us. I love this weirdo photo! Left to right: Tavuchi, Tomo, and Caro

We decided it would be funny to pose "with" the lady in the creep poster behind us. WHY IS ALL THAT HAIR IN HER FACE? WHY??

Another shot of the left side of the bar, by the door. Shojono Tomo mentioned she can't keep the door open because cats will wander in and go upstairs to hang out. WHAT??? CATS???

Last but not least, a portrait of the winners of the year: Me and Tavuchi haha. I love this pic.

And that concludes the end of Day 4 in Japan! I think I got a little tispy because I only have a vague recollection of walking home after this, haha. It was a fun relaxed day, and the people we were with really made a huge difference. Thanks again to Caro for introducing me to her awesome friends and for everyone I met for being super nice to me ❤

The adventure continues tomorrow so stay tuned!

Again, all photos here and waaay more can be found on my Flickr set here!


3 Responses to “Japan Day 4: Drinking, Eatin, Fashion-ing, and Friends: DOG Harajuku store tour, Friend adventures, and Shinjuku Golden Gai”

  1. bonkasaurus August 10, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

    This is so cool! i want to go to Japan so bad, but i have never quite had the money to go. I will keep your advice in mind next time i try and take pictures ina store. great Post.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

  2. Jenny (Hoot-n-Andy LLC) August 10, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    Why is Tavuchi SO cute?! Not fair! *pouts*

    Seriously though, it looks like you had such an amazing time! Looking forward to reading more! 🙂


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