Wet, Hot, Wild Japan Summer: Day 1 Shibuya curse broken: Broken Doll, Koudai, and Dom

23 Jul

I’m awake! in Japan! And only vaguely hungover! Congrats to e.

This morning is probably going to be a pretty rare opportunity for me to update while on this trip, so I figured I may as well make a post before I disappear for a bit.

On Friday, I headed to the airport and met up with Caro (of Sweet Streets, and my travel buddy for this trip!). We knew that Tavuchi was supposed to be on this same flight into Japan, but she was no where to be found as we were boarding. We even heard the desk announce her name over the PA system. Right before the doors to the plane closed, we saw her wander in at the very end with her heart sunglasses on her face looking pretty pleased with herself. We asked her why she was so late, and she just said, “Oh I was eating udon.”

Uhm. Best reason to be late for a plane? Hahaha.

The majestic California mountains as we fly away from Los Angeles.

TIt was my first time on Koeran Air, and I’ve gotta say, I am HOOKED on this airline!!  The seats are nice and roomy, the food is awesome, they give you free slippers and a toothbrush, you have an individual screen to watch both american and asian movies and play games for free on, and the stewardesses are actually NICE TO YOU. WUUT.

Bibimbap, seaweed soup, pickels, and oranges. And a glass for wine to make you sleeps haha.

I watched a really cute Japanese movie on the plane called Patisserie Coin de rue which features Yu Aoi, who was also Hagu in the live action movie version of Honey & Clover. WATCH IT BITCHES. But get ready to cry. About desserts and family and stuff.

Read on to see my first meeting with Broken Doll, Koudai and Dominika!

Anywhoo, we arrived in Tokyo with no real mishaps. I had a rental phone shipped to me to the narita airport post office. It’s a simple, much older phone, but has unlimited texting and super cheap calling, and cost me just under 35 bucks so it was a pretty good deal. Also it comes with the ability to “adopt a dog” for your wallpaper that runs around and says stuff t you like “HAVE A NICE DAY.”

I picked a Shiba Inu and named it Pekopeko.

We got to the hotel, and I made a little space for myself in the room’s hallway area to sleep. I’m floor crashing while Caro takes the bed, hehe. Caro’s friends rang her up pretty quickly once they realized we’d arrived and we got ready to head out for izakaya times with friends!

Outfit for the day! Pardon my jet-lagged face!

We met up with everyone at the Hachiko dog statue in Shibuya and went to this very Japanese-y place that had a super decked out interior that looked like edo-style Japan! It was called 京町恋しぐれ (Kyoumachi-somethingIcan’tRead)shigure). Anyway f you ever wanna go there, You can follow the link hehe.

There were multiple floors all paved in stone. This is the view from the private room we had.

We ate a TON and drank a LOT of beer. There is something so super tasty about Japanese beer in super hot weather. Love it.

Koudai (left) designs clothing and accessories for SKANK, and Dominika (center) is a musician/Dj. They were awesome drinking buddies and holy shit they spoke REALLY GOOD English!

Ken and Sachi, of the kickass band and store brand "Broken Doll!"

I had a ton of fun drinking and eating with everyone. We even got some crazy epic box of chicken that had to steam at the table:


Ken and I bonded immediately. When we walked into the seating area for the restaurant, we had to take off our shoes. And lo and behold WE WERE WEARING THE SAME GODDAMN SOCKS IN DIFFERENT COLORS hahaha. BONDING.

I think we all got a little LET’S ALL GO TO LA TOGETHER SOMEDAY after a few drinks. Everyone was so incredibly talented just at that table, and I felt really happy to be included in the group 🙂 We all exchanged info and stickers and buttons ❤ I made sure everyone got a Bubble Punch button, too hehe 🙂

We had d a nice quiet walk home after getting back to Shinjuku, and this scene brought a tear to my eye. Ramen stands on the streets. OH JAPAN.

Ramen times! Too bad I was already so full from dinner haha

Alright that’s all for now! Today is one of the busiest days we have planned with live shows, festivals, and sales to attend… so off we go! ZOOM.

All pics are on my Flickr as usual!


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