Yet another July adventure! Little Tokyo Design Week

18 Jul

This past Saturday, July 16 , my friends and I headed out to Little Tokyo Design Week, to check out the sights for this awesome festival. Little Tokyo is, let’s face it, a LITTLE sad, since a lot of the Japanese businesses in the area moved out during the recession in the 1990’s, and parts of the outdoor shopping centers are starting to look rundown or out-of-date. Little Tokyo Design Week was first conceptualized as an event to help rejuvenate the area, as well as encourage the support of both the public and Japanese companies to help bring people and interest back to Little Toyko.

A little about Little Tokyo Design Week itself via their website:

Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City (LTDW) celebrates the power and energy of cutting edge design and technology now emerging from Japan and its intersection with current trends materializing in Los Angeles. Design’s ability to move us towards a more sustainable and creative urban lifestyle is at the heart of this four-day festival, which will be open to the public from July 14 – July 17, 2011 (VIP Preview Night: 7/13).

Organized thematically and geographically around four Design Zones, Little Tokyo Design Week will engage local and international designers, artists, architects, filmmakers, corporations, and students from the Southern California region to explore possible scenarios for a “New Urban Lifestyle.”

Throughout the festival, symposia featuring progressive talent in the fields of design, technology, and the environment will be sited throughout the plethora of interesting meeting and plaza spaces Little Tokyo offers. Pecha Kucha nights (a series of presentations of 20 slides, each shown in 20 seconds), outdoor film screenings, fashion shows, product demonstrations, performances, music, and awards ceremonies will round out LTDW’s exciting schedule.

It was certainly interesting and educational, but done in a festival style so it was still fun for those who don’t know much about architectural design, but still want to support the efforts.

We headed down to join the fun on Saturday! An old work friend of mine invited us to join the VIP party with our friends that night. There was lots of free sushi, drinks, and fun friends to have fun with 🙂

There was this cool recycled cardboard installation in the middle of JACCC Plaza! Onch and I stopped by to take some pics before heading to the party

More photos of the fashionable fun, plus some pics from the exhibits in the JACC plaza after the jump!

TJ, Onch and Jenny looking pretty at the entrance to the garden party

It's too bad this photo is super blown out, but at least I got a photo of all of us! =D Left to right: True Mee/Yume Ninja, Onch, Tavuchi, Caro, me and Jenny

Sometimes girls want to wear short skirts and not have their undies show. We choose giant bloomers to hide those moments haha! Me, Tavuchi, and Caro were all sporting different safety shorts that night, totally by coincidence

There were a ton of trays of delicious sushi at the party... Tavuchi was pretty ravenous and took charge of demolishing some of them throughout the night haha

After the VIP party, we poked around at some of the exhibits that were on display in the JACCC plaza.There were giant metal container boxes (like the kind loaded onto trains) that each had a different exhibit, mostly focusing on eco-friendly design, or reflecting on how to rebuild after the Tsunami that occurred in Japan in March.

One exhibit focused on ecological house design, that would be adaptable to both LA and Tokyo residences, and showed scale models  of some of these ideas.

In a bit of random happenstance, we bumped into our friend Adam, who recently launched his photobooth business and was taking photos for the event! of course we all crammed in there and took some photos!

There are tonsss more crazy photos from the photobooth, which I won’t subject you to just now, but are up on my Flickr.

After that, a bunch of our group had to split to do some work-related stuff, but it was another nice night out. Such a busy weekend I had! After popping over to Jenny’s apartment for some after hours drinks, we headed our separate ways for sleepy bye times. Phew! Starting to feel ALMOST CAUGHT UP on blog posts from happenings this weekend! I know I’ll have a ton to post about once I’m in Japan so I have to go there with a clean slate of BLOGGING!

Just a few more mini posts and I’ll be all caught up this week!


As always, these photos and more from the night can be found the Flickr set I made here!


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