Hello Kitty’s “Graffiti Kitty” debut at Sephora!

This past Thursday, July 14, Sanrio debuted a brand new Hello Kitty makeup collection to add to their beauty line at Sephora! I was really excited to meet so many old and new friends and partake in the fun launch event!

Pose, the artist who created the signature art for the new Graffiti Kitty line, was on deck early in the morning creating 2 huge graffiti walls that were used to promote the event! There was one huge wall outside of the Sephora entrance, and one just inside, where “Kitty Mama” herself, AKA Yuko Yamaguchi, was doing signings for fans!

And of course, Hello Kitty herself was there, sporting her official Sephora mascot costume that I created in conjunction with my pals at Sanrio! I loooove this dress, and am so happy they’re using it for her official U.S. tour this year at Sephoras across the country!

Hello Kitty in her official Sephora mascot dress (slightly altered for this appearance) and myself!
Yuko Yamaguchi, the Kitty Mama herself, poses with Hello Kitty.

More photos of the event after the jump!

I arrived around 4pm, right after Pose had just finished doing the giant graffiti walls, and I took a nice relaxing lunch with the Sanrio and corporate Sephora crew over at Rolling Stone restaurant. It’s really good, and sort of tucked away in the back of the Hollywood & Highland center, but I really recommend it! After way too many delicious fried foods and meat plates, we hopped back over to Sephora so everyone could prep for the event! It started at 6pm, and there was already a line of people who had purchased $50 or more worth of the Graffiti Kitty collection and were waiting to meet Yuko Yamaguchi. The Sephora staff were all sporting their pink Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny bows, too! Check out the rest of the pics below!

The front display of the Graffiti Kitty makeup collection, and a look at the new brush set.
"Graffiti Kitty" artist Pose (left) and Roger Gastman of R. Rock Enterprises (right) in front of the freshlu painted graffiti wall done by Pose, along with Hello Kitty.

All of Hello Kitty’s Lolita friends were on hand to pose for photos during the event. There were 8 of them all together! I’m happy that they were all wearing the Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny bows I created to the event, too, and also glad to spend some time with them. They are all my friends from way before this Hello Kitty madness started, and it’s rare that I get to see them all in one place these days!

Hello Kitty, her Lolita pals, and "Kitty Mama" Yuko Yamaguchi (center) pose for a photo in front of the graffiti wall
The Kitty Graffiti compacts were so adorable! It house 3 tiers of eye shadows inside.
Posing with my awesome friends. I'm always happy to get these big group photos with them, especially since I see them so rarely these days! ;.; From left to right, Kim Melissa, Olivia, myself, Sandy, Julie, Lauren, and Emily!

There was event a cute photo booth where you could take free photos and get print outs! ❀

Silly photobooth photos with Olivia (center) and Melissa (right), haha. We SQUEEZED into that booth!
Adorabke Hello Kitty water and Hello Kitty Yanyan they were giving out at the event.

As always, you can see more photos from the event over at my Flickr!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and made the event a huge success!

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