Culver City Adventuretimes! City Tavern, Tavuchi, and COOP at Corey Helford

18 Jul

On Friday, July 15, I continued my busy weekend with a “Welcome (back)” dinner that I organized for our buddy Tavuchi, owner of the brand SPANK!, who is visiting from Japan for some work projects. Tavuchi is a really fun gal to hang around, and I was lucky enough to get to know her during the Magical Girls’ exhibition weekend back in April, since my co-owned company Bubble Punch was working on projects in conjunction with her and Sweet Streets that weekend πŸ™‚

I picked a fun gastropub place near my place called City Tavern, that I had been to before. I was excited because I was able to reserve a Beer Tap Booth for us! It’s… exactly what it sounds like. Three beer taps are installed into the wall next to the booth, and the small screen under the taps keep track of how much beer you consume, at 50 cents an ounce. Super fun!

I guess the only downsides to this would be: 1) you can only pour the 3 beers they have loaded up into the taps (but you can still order from their full drink menu), and 2) you look like an idiot when you fill your cup with foam because you’re not tilting your glass properly, haha.

Delicious beer fresh from the tap!

More from City Tavern, as well as COOP’s opening show after the jump!

The "Cheesy Poofs" from City Tavern. Delicious fried cheese tubes with spciey mayo dipping sauce!

Caro (left) and True Mee (right) looking cute ❀ True mee was definitely the master of beer pouring that night. I hang my head in shame!

Me (looking a little gross, not gonna lie) and Tavuchi

Unfortunately, I was not being a very astute photographer that night, and didn’t even document everyone’s dishes 😦 sad! I had a really delicious pork belly that was KILLER. Oh, and a ton of beer.

With our bellies full and happy to all be reunited again, we headed over a few blocks to Corey Helford Gallery to check out the opening of COOP’s show, called “Idle Hands.”

COOP, AKA Chris Cooper, does this really kickass comic style, which we really enjoyed. COOP’s work is self-described as “hillbilly sex crime pop art,” reflecting art styles seen in old pulp magazines. His first solo show since 2009, COOP mentions that he is trying to experiment more with text and texture in this body of work. I didn’t take a ton of photos unfortunately, so I nicked some from, but I gave them credit below the photo πŸ˜‰

"American Woman (Jasper's Flag)"

"Challenger Drawing," Ink on paper

Tavuchi admiring his ink on paper pieces, which were displayed in the upstairs area of the gallery.

"Startling" Photo by

"WITCH (Is She Weird?)" (left) and "Startling" (right). Photo by

COOP poses in front of "GUN/CLUN/PUNCH (triptych)". Photo by

Β “Idle Hands” will be up at Corey Helford Gallery until August 3rd, so drop by, as entry is always free and the people are always awesome πŸ™‚ If you’re interested in more info about this show check here:
Arrested Motion

It was a really nice chill night full of a ton of girl talk, food, booze, and art. The perfect night! We carpooled back to Tavuchi’s rental car and before we all split, she gave us each Spank! souveniers! I was super amped!

Mega cute button that you always see peeps in Tokyo wearing, and lipstick leggings, designed by Tavuchi herself ❀

Socializing/work night outs are pretty cool, especially when everyone is so laid back and awesome πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for a few more posts coming up soon, since I’m trying to get all caught up before I leave on a business trip to Japan this Friday! EEK! It’s so close, I’m nervous =0

Thanks for sticking to the end of this post. Here’s your prize: a random kitty I found on the walk home that night. So cuddly!


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