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Wet, Hot, Wild Japan Summer: Day 1 Shibuya curse broken: Broken Doll, Koudai, and Dom

23 Jul

I’m awake! in Japan! And only vaguely hungover! Congrats to e.

This morning is probably going to be a pretty rare opportunity for me to update while on this trip, so I figured I may as well make a post before I disappear for a bit.

On Friday, I headed to the airport and met up with Caro (of Sweet Streets, and my travel buddy for this trip!). We knew that Tavuchi was supposed to be on this same flight into Japan, but she was no where to be found as we were boarding. We even heard the desk announce her name over the PA system. Right before the doors to the plane closed, we saw her wander in at the very end with her heart sunglasses on her face looking pretty pleased with herself. We asked her why she was so late, and she just said, “Oh I was eating udon.”

Uhm. Best reason to be late for a plane? Hahaha.

The majestic California mountains as we fly away from Los Angeles.

TIt was my first time on Koeran Air, and I’ve gotta say, I am HOOKED on this airline!!  The seats are nice and roomy, the food is awesome, they give you free slippers and a toothbrush, you have an individual screen to watch both american and asian movies and play games for free on, and the stewardesses are actually NICE TO YOU. WUUT.

Bibimbap, seaweed soup, pickels, and oranges. And a glass for wine to make you sleeps haha.

I watched a really cute Japanese movie on the plane called Patisserie Coin de rue which features Yu Aoi, who was also Hagu in the live action movie version of Honey & Clover. WATCH IT BITCHES. But get ready to cry. About desserts and family and stuff.

Read on to see my first meeting with Broken Doll, Koudai and Dominika!

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Yet another July adventure! Little Tokyo Design Week

18 Jul

This past Saturday, July 16 , my friends and I headed out to Little Tokyo Design Week, to check out the sights for this awesome festival. Little Tokyo is, let’s face it, a LITTLE sad, since a lot of the Japanese businesses in the area moved out during the recession in the 1990’s, and parts of the outdoor shopping centers are starting to look rundown or out-of-date. Little Tokyo Design Week was first conceptualized as an event to help rejuvenate the area, as well as encourage the support of both the public and Japanese companies to help bring people and interest back to Little Toyko.

A little about Little Tokyo Design Week itself via their website:

Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City (LTDW) celebrates the power and energy of cutting edge design and technology now emerging from Japan and its intersection with current trends materializing in Los Angeles. Design’s ability to move us towards a more sustainable and creative urban lifestyle is at the heart of this four-day festival, which will be open to the public from July 14 – July 17, 2011 (VIP Preview Night: 7/13).

Organized thematically and geographically around four Design Zones, Little Tokyo Design Week will engage local and international designers, artists, architects, filmmakers, corporations, and students from the Southern California region to explore possible scenarios for a “New Urban Lifestyle.”

Throughout the festival, symposia featuring progressive talent in the fields of design, technology, and the environment will be sited throughout the plethora of interesting meeting and plaza spaces Little Tokyo offers. Pecha Kucha nights (a series of presentations of 20 slides, each shown in 20 seconds), outdoor film screenings, fashion shows, product demonstrations, performances, music, and awards ceremonies will round out LTDW’s exciting schedule.

It was certainly interesting and educational, but done in a festival style so it was still fun for those who don’t know much about architectural design, but still want to support the efforts.

We headed down to join the fun on Saturday! An old work friend of mine invited us to join the VIP party with our friends that night. There was lots of free sushi, drinks, and fun friends to have fun with 🙂

There was this cool recycled cardboard installation in the middle of JACCC Plaza! Onch and I stopped by to take some pics before heading to the party

More photos of the fashionable fun, plus some pics from the exhibits in the JACC plaza after the jump!

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Culver City Adventuretimes! City Tavern, Tavuchi, and COOP at Corey Helford

18 Jul

On Friday, July 15, I continued my busy weekend with a “Welcome (back)” dinner that I organized for our buddy Tavuchi, owner of the brand SPANK!, who is visiting from Japan for some work projects. Tavuchi is a really fun gal to hang around, and I was lucky enough to get to know her during the Magical Girls’ exhibition weekend back in April, since my co-owned company Bubble Punch was working on projects in conjunction with her and Sweet Streets that weekend 🙂

I picked a fun gastropub place near my place called City Tavern, that I had been to before. I was excited because I was able to reserve a Beer Tap Booth for us! It’s… exactly what it sounds like. Three beer taps are installed into the wall next to the booth, and the small screen under the taps keep track of how much beer you consume, at 50 cents an ounce. Super fun!

I guess the only downsides to this would be: 1) you can only pour the 3 beers they have loaded up into the taps (but you can still order from their full drink menu), and 2) you look like an idiot when you fill your cup with foam because you’re not tilting your glass properly, haha.

Delicious beer fresh from the tap!

More from City Tavern, as well as COOP’s opening show after the jump!

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Hello Kitty’s “Graffiti Kitty” debut at Sephora!

18 Jul

This past Thursday, July 14, Sanrio debuted a brand new Hello Kitty makeup collection to add to their beauty line at Sephora! I was really excited to meet so many old and new friends and partake in the fun launch event!

Pose, the artist who created the signature art for the new Graffiti Kitty line, was on deck early in the morning creating 2 huge graffiti walls that were used to promote the event! There was one huge wall outside of the Sephora entrance, and one just inside, where “Kitty Mama” herself, AKA Yuko Yamaguchi, was doing signings for fans!

And of course, Hello Kitty herself was there, sporting her official Sephora mascot costume that I created in conjunction with my pals at Sanrio! I loooove this dress, and am so happy they’re using it for her official U.S. tour this year at Sephoras across the country!

Hello Kitty in her official Sephora mascot dress (slightly altered for this appearance) and myself!

Yuko Yamaguchi, the Kitty Mama herself, poses with Hello Kitty.

More photos of the event after the jump!

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Hello Kitty Graffiti Kitty debut with Yuko Yamaguchi (& Chubby Bunny!)

10 Jul

Hey Hello Kitty Fans!

You may remember back in March I posted about the Sephora Hello Kitty collaboration bows and mascot costume, but now there’s another chance for you guys to experience the Hello Kitty makeup love!

Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi is continuing her tour of the U.S. with her next stop happening in this Thursday, July 14 in Los Angeles at the Sephora Hollywood & Highland location! Sephora and Hello Kitty are celebrating the release of the new Graffitti Kitty collection, featuring art by artist POSE!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot done with POSE , Sephora, and Hello Kitty.

Celebrate the release with an evening of photo ops, treats, gift bags, and exclusive access to preview and purchase the latest Hello Kitty beauty collection items! Preview pics, details on the event and Chubby Bunny’s involvement, and more after the jump!

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