LA Weekly Web Awards Party!

Last Thursday, June 9th, we were happy to attend the LA Weekly Web Awards party as guests of JapanLA, who had won Best Retail Site. It was a casual little party held at Bardot, which had a super lush interior that I was overly interested in, haha.

Bardot has a cool Moroccon feel to it, with draped ceilings and fabrics all around.
Yume poses with the new issue of LAWeekly... Such a cute cover..
Left to right, Elliot, Jamie, owner of JapanLA, and myself, posing with Jamie's shiny little plaque!
A totally way-too-dark photo of myself and True mee. haha, oh well!

Elliot practicing his "Glamor Shots" pose, haha!
Glenn, supporting the League of Steam's Best Website Aesthetic win, and Shannon Cottrell, photographer for LA Weekly
Banana man is the winner of "Best Restaurant Site: Maximalist", and a totally awesome dude. I look kind of insane.
Fancy shot of the bar, photo by LA Eater. Glenn is in the center, True Mee to his right and my back (with the white bow) to the right.
Yume Ninja, Jamie, and myself! Photo by Shannon Cottrell for LA Weekly
Me and Banana man again! Photo by Shannon Cottrell for LA Weekly

It was a good night! Anddd here’s an obligatory shot of my hair and makeup for the night.. it took a while!

You can read about other award winners, and their thoughts on the party here!

LA Weekly Official photos

LA.EaterThe Streets Are Calling

Street Gourmet LA

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