Discover LA: Hacienda Heights and Round One! Who knew?

The birthday trio of Jamie, Robyn, and Di all had their b-days in a 3 days pan of each other, which resulted in a joint b-day bash at the Round One in Hacienda Heights! It was also my first time sporting my epic mermaid clip in weave straightened out and in casual clothes..!

Beforehand, Onch, TJ, Chrissa, and I had an epic hang out afternoon around Hacienda… the land of crazy asian stores! We ate delicious Chinese food then wandered over to some great stores that carried a TON of asian cosmetics, and adorable home goods…

Chrissa and I in awe of the insane amounts of food we ordered, haha
In front of the Piyo Piyo store! It's SO CUTE IN THERE!!! Really wanted that bear table.. couldn't justify it though... :/

We had some mega-relaxing times hanging around Onch’s house and watching TV (I don’t have cable so I always pay REALLY CLOSE ATTENTION to commercials and dumb shows when a TV is on around me. haha.).

I was pretty excited to go to Round One, because I had been to a bunch of them when I lived in Japan! I was hoping it was the same assortment of random gaming awesomeness, and I was NOT disappointed! This Round One had claw machine games, arcade games, bowling, ping pong, darts, pool, air hockey, purikura photobooths, karaoke booths you could rent out, and a bar! YEE HA! The only thing they lacked were massage chairs and a batting cage! Oh well, can’t have everything I guess…!

Knockoff capybara-sans! They were still pretty cute though ❀
Soo many Rilakkumas! Chrissa kept clinging to every UFO machine we walked past haha. I wasn't able to win anything though 😦 😦 I think this round one had the claw settings on really weak :/
I REALLY REALLY wanted one of these bee rilakkumas!!! ;.;
Giant strawberry Rilakkumas tempting me...!
Chrissa and I thought it would be a AWESOME IDEA to play DDR.... it was for about half a song and then we got really sweaty and gross!! HAHA. I like this artsy photo TJ took of my feet!
Jamie, with Robyn on the right, playing one of those drum rhythm games...! They're so insane! Eventually we gave up and let this other guy play who was waiting.. he had brought his OWN drumsticks and a towel! Super serious arcade drummers, they exist!
Jamie and I!
I was super jealous that my friend Jenna had won something from a claw machine! I am posing with it to show my intense disappointment haha.
EPIC COSMIC bowling took plae, in which I discovered I was a pretty kickass bowler! Jamie's boyfriend Elliot beat me by ONE POINT though... GRARGH! Anyway, here's our cute group photo... seriously there were about two or three times as many people, but most people had already left by the time we finished bowling at like 1am haha.
Another shot with the birthday girl!
I leave you with this weird photo. TJ pulling a T-Rex face over there, while I pose with a giant inflatable battle axe Jenna gave me (They won EVERYTHING that night!)

It was a pretty epic night of friend hanging, beer drinking, and oh god, I didn’t even take any photos during karaoke, because that was a whole other ballgame of crazy. I definitely want to go back again! It’s a bit far from me, but it’s totally worth it!

Does anyone else have epic arcades/entertainment centers like this in their towns?

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