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A Chubby Bunny Graduation

27 Jun

Last weekend, I graduated from FIDM, with a degree in Visual Communications (visual merch, planning retail interiors,styling, etc. Hard field of study to describe in one sentence..!)! This is my second post-high school graduation, so I was a little wary of going at first (I previously graduated with a B.A. in English, Advertising and Japanese from Penn State University many eons ago),  but I’m glad I went and experienced it!

Thanks for Will, True Mee, Alcuin, and Chrissa for coming to the graduation to support me! I felt like the odd man out since everyone else’s parents were there haha. Mine Were too far away to make it, and frankly, I think I’ve subjected them to enough boring ceremonies in my childhood to make them sit through another one.

The graduation was at fancy schmancy Staples center in downtown Los Angeles, home to the Lakers, and other sporting events that I have no clue about 🙂 I loved their projection screens though. That would be the one thing I notice haha.

Pictures ahoy!

Customized my boring black mortarboard (aka graduation cap) with blue and pink glitter gradient, bunny hears, a bow, rhinestones and sequins! I even cut the head cap part in half to fit more like a proper ladies' hat!

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DIY: A Boom Box Can Save The World

19 Jun

I recently customized a boom box for a photoshoot I did with Yume Ninja for Bubble Punch. We had a pair of cool pink headphones, but wanted to have another piece of matching equipment to add to the shoot. Hence, the Bubble Punch boom box was born.

This is super easy, and maybe doesn’t even merit a DIY blog about it, but the idea is really cool, and I’m sure lots of us have old equipment laying around that would look a lot better customized!

Step 1: Using painter's tape (or any medium stick tape), tape off the areas of the stereo that you would like to remain black. Use and X-acto knife to cut around the buttons so it looks clean when spraypainted.


Step 2: After cutting the tape, peel off the excess.


Step 3: To make letters on the stereo that look clean, I printed them out on regular paper, then cut them out.


Step 4: Spray the back of the letters with spray mount and attach to the stereo where you want them. (If you have photo spray mount, that would be best because the stick is weak enough that it won't permanantly attach the letters there and tear off later on).


Step 5: Spray the boom box with your desired color all over! It takes a few coats. Do one coat, and let it dry before applying on others.


Step 6: When paint is completely dry, peel off the tape and letters carefully. I had some glue residue from the letters after I peeled them off, so I just covered it up with a black sharpie. You can also touch up the edges of your letters if they're not sharp enough with the same method.


DONE! You now have an epic customize boom box!


Shannon Cottrell shot myself and Yume Ninja last week, and the boom box looked great! Here's a teaser pic for now... The rest are coming soon!

Art Openings: “Internally Yours” & “INNARDS”

16 Jun

Last Saturday, on June 11, 2011, I checked out two exhibition openings with a ton of talent around Los Angeles.

First, I headed to Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, to see the opening for Nouar’s “Internally Yours” show. This was Nouar’s first show at Corey Helford. The show featured 3D gelatin molds with sinister faces eating themselves, other people, and each other. A little creepy, but overall cute, it was a really fun show to take in. Nouar’s show will be up until June 29th, so get over to CHG asap! They are also showing Joshua Petker’s “Celluloid Constellations” upstairs.

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

LA Weekly Web Awards Party!

13 Jun

Last Thursday, June 9th, we were happy to attend the LA Weekly Web Awards party as guests of JapanLA, who had won Best Retail Site. It was a casual little party held at Bardot, which had a super lush interior that I was overly interested in, haha.

Bardot has a cool Moroccon feel to it, with draped ceilings and fabrics all around.

Yume poses with the new issue of LAWeekly... Such a cute cover..

Left to right, Elliot, Jamie, owner of JapanLA, and myself, posing with Jamie's shiny little plaque!

A totally way-too-dark photo of myself and True mee. haha, oh well!

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Discover LA: Hacienda Heights and Round One! Who knew?

12 Jun

The birthday trio of Jamie, Robyn, and Di all had their b-days in a 3 days pan of each other, which resulted in a joint b-day bash at the Round One in Hacienda Heights! It was also my first time sporting my epic mermaid clip in weave straightened out and in casual clothes..!

Beforehand, Onch, TJ, Chrissa, and I had an epic hang out afternoon around Hacienda… the land of crazy asian stores! We ate delicious Chinese food then wandered over to some great stores that carried a TON of asian cosmetics, and adorable home goods…

Chrissa and I in awe of the insane amounts of food we ordered, haha

In front of the Piyo Piyo store! It's SO CUTE IN THERE!!! Really wanted that bear table.. couldn't justify it though... :/

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Mundane Life: Outfits, friends, doing things!

9 Jun

I haven’t done a “personal” blog post in a really long time! I know I’ve recently gotten a lot of new subscribers and followers, so sorry if the blog has been feeling too “promote-y” lately!

I’ve been blogging since I was about 12 years old (back in 1992! AOL STYLE!) so I’ve been into the hobby of sharing my day with the internet before it was ever considered a marketing tool.

So here are some little life updates since the last time I had a chance to talk about my personal life!


  • I’ve been updating my Tumblr quite a bit with my outfits or hairstyles of the day.

Shorts, leggings, skull shirt and blazer for a night out in Venice. Casualll!

  • Gettin tea and working on projects with friends..

    Julie Doll and myself out for a quick bite!

  • Got some extension wefts, which I made into clip-in extensions! I bleached them out, dyed, and diluted them to match my current hair color.. it was a TON of work but I am LOVING having the option to have long mermaid hair that’s style-able ❤

    Trying on my "Kitten Lace" cat ears I made to sell at the JapanLA "Kittens & Ice Cream" event!

  • I did a few shots modeling the Kryolan’s high gloss pastel colors for my buddy Shrinkle to use for her listings on eBay.

    Kryolan High Gloss Lip Gloss in Starfruit, Blue Lagoon, and Candy

  • I made a small display to have my Chubby Bunny bows displayed at JapanLA behind the counter

    Made from a frame I got at Goodwill, then painted, tufted, and added ribbons to

  • I had my work displayed in an art gallery for the first time..

    Me and my little art piece, on VIP preview night for "Kittens and Ice Cream" at JapanLA last Friday..

  • I caught up with Twinkie-chan and Hairy (his real name is not Hairy, hehehe.) for a delicious brunch last Saturday before the epic preparations for the Kittens & Ice Cream opening. We loooove Beach 26 Cafe! They have PAGES AND PAGES of French Toast!

    Twinkie & Hairy ❤

  • I got all glammed up for Bubble Punch to execute the Kittens & Ice Cream opening that night..!

    Myself and YumeNinja, the other half of Bubble Punch!

    And then consequently changed right out of that dress for the after-hours hanging out times with friends.

    Super casual!

  • And right now, I’m catching up on work, blogging, photo uploading, and a couple of presentations! I’ll be done with my stint at FIDM in just 1 week! Scary! I already have a B.A. from Penn State in Japanese, English, and Advertising, but went back to school to FIDM in their Professional Designation program (1 year study course) to learn about Visual Merchandising, building retail interiors, window dressing, styling, digital rendering and all sorts of amazingly useful stuff!

Hope you enjoyed the mini-updated! As always, feel free to comment below with questions, or hit me up on:

The Official Chubby Bunny Facebook Page

Winners & Prizes for the “Bubble Bunny” contest!

9 Jun

I just finished up packing up the prizes for the Bubble Bunny contest winners!

I’m really happy that we had so many entries and so many AWESOME and creative ones, too! It’s always nice to have some sort of impetus to create something new, and I’m glad that we could give that to others this time<3

Here are the winning entries along with their prizes!

I shipped out some awesome prizes from myself and Kerli to the winners ❤

The entries were all so awesome! We’re really happy that so many people participated! Thanks again everyone for your support! ❤